iPhone Live Video Streaming Software


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iPhone Live Video Streaming Software

  1. 1. Break Through Mobile Live Video Streaming Limitations! WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION •Akamai •CDNetworks •Limelight •Level3 •Other Premium CDN’s LIVE STREAMING SERVERS •HTTP Web Servers PLAYER PLATFORM •iPhone™/iPad™ Live SD/HD video encoding and Stream full screen to iPhone at only streaming software for iPhone and 200Kbps or stream 720p to iPad. iPad without breaking your distribution budget. Broadcast quality H.264 video with AAC stereo audio Integrate iPhone streaming with your existing Windows based Windows Accepts HD-SDI, SDI or analog Media and Flash streaming hardware inputs (via capture card) as well as and software. DV input over 1394 iStream Live 2™ is a live video encoding and video quality than any other encoder on the streaming software solution for streaming to market, while maintaining a lower uplink iPhone with next generation HTML5 based bandwidth requirement. iStream Live 2 HTTP Streaming. It is designed with flexibility provides an easy to use encoder GUI including in mind for live event production, IPTV, church an encoding preset selector and a video streaming, media publishing, telepresence, preview window. A preset builder GUI newsgathering, and sporting event production. application is also included for easily creating Achieve a better viewer experience, longer customized encoding profiles by selecting audience retention, and lower distribution cost preprocessing, audio and video bit rate, HTTP with the highest quality per bitrate H.264 video publishing point, and encoding mode. For streams in the industry. Utilizing Kulabyte’s users with more advanced needs, XML preset proprietary encoding technology, iStream Live 2 files may be edited directly providing access to provides significantly higher live streaming all available encoder variables and settings. Live iPhone Video Streaming. Transformed.
  2. 2. Input Support •Video Formats • SD: 480i 29.97 (NTSC) & 576i 25 (PAL) • HD: 720p 50, 720p 59.94, 1080i 29.97, 1080i 50 •Blackmagic Intensity Pro (Analog only)* • HDMI 4:2:2 • Composite TECHNICAL SUPPORT • Component HD iStream Live 2 comes with 2 • 2-channel Unbalanced Audio (RCA) hours of installation support and •Blackmagic Decklink SDI (Digital only)* training. Quarterly upgrades, • HD-SDI/SDI email and telephone support • SDI embedded audio package is optional. •Blackmagic Decklink Studio* •Digital • HDMI 4:2:2 • HD-SDI/SDI • SDI embedded audio WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION • 2 channel AES/EBU Stream from and stream to anywhere in the world over •Analog broadband. • Composite • S-Video • Component • 2-channel Balanced Audio (XLR) Output Support • Supports up to 1280x720 output resolution • H.264 / AAC HTTP Streaming • H.264 / AAC MP4 archive file Pre-Processing • De-interlace • Frame rate conversion (for 720p 59.94, 720p 50 & 1080i 50) • Crop & Scale Interface • Encoding preset selector and a video preview window GUI • Preset builder GUI • Remote via VNC or RDP Recommended Hardware Configuration • Quad Core Intel or AMD processor 2.66 GHz or higher • 2GB physical memory • Discrete Graphics Controller • 1394 DV Devices • Canopus ADVC 110/300/700/1000 • 1394 DV Cameras • Capture Cards *Please refer to Blackmagic • Blackmagic Intensity Pro or DeckLink SDI/Studio documentation for exact • AJA Io Express with PCIe card or ExpressCard interface card specifications. • AJA Xena 1917 Dutton Dr. Suite 110 | San Marcos, TX 78666 | Phone 512.878.4228 | www.kulabyte.com
  3. 3. Acquire Encode Internet or Private Network Content Distribution Apache Web Server Internet or 3G/4G Network Private Network Mac (QuickTime) iPhone 1917 Dutton Dr. Suite 110 | San Marcos, TX 78666 | Phone 512.878.4228 | www.kulabyte.com