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Global Voices Local Classrooms


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Global Voices Local Classrooms

  1. 1. Global Voices Local Classrooms Video Conferencing the Easy Way Julian Westerhout- Carleton College Joachim Rennstich - Fordham University
  2. 2. What is Video Conferencing? Video conferencing technology allows people at two or more locations to see and hear each other at the same time.
  3. 3. Early Attempts - the Picturephone Publicly unveiled at the 1964 World’s Fair
  4. 4. The Jetsons: Video Conferencing of the future ?
  5. 5. Why Video Conference? Bring in an outside speaker Virtual Field Trips Multi-School Projects International Projects Or?
  6. 6. Guest Presenters Invite colleagues or students from other schools Invite field experts About 50% presentation About 50% questions and answers Consider inviting a larger audience
  7. 7. Planning is Key Test and test again Be sure the ethernet ports are open for iChat All academic network ports “should” be, but check beforehand! Do a trial run at least a day before the event Lights and sound Good lighting helps a lot Remind class to speak up and to face the camera
  8. 8. Tips for Success Assign readings relevant to conference at least one class in advance Have students prepare questions for conference; check at least one class in advance Group work; collaboration Engage quieter students through breakout assignments Have them give group input as group’s video spokesperson
  9. 9. Have a Plan “B” Class needs to know what to do/where to go if connection is interrupted, etc. Supplemental Communications E-mail, Listserv, chat Website assignments In-class writing assignments Group sessions
  10. 10. Available at Carleton Polycom or...
  11. 11. A Mac, Apple iChat AV and AIM and...
  12. 12. An Apple iSight Webcam or... A Firewire Camcorder pple iSight Webcam
  13. 13. Why iChat? Essentially free, no specialized setup needed Better standards than Polycom H.264 vs H.263: better quality at lower bandwidth Flexible Hardware Can be used with most modern Macs and a wide assortment of cameras Easy to use interface for video and audio Multi-party video and audio chats possible
  14. 14. Getting Started with iChat Can do cross-platform with AIM and Windows Not such a great experience Mac to Mac easiest and best experience Fast connections better Fast hardware better But it will work on slower units Get a dedicated AIM account
  15. 15. Get a new AIM screen name
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Open iChat by clicking on its Dock icon
  18. 18. Add your “Buddy” by clicking on the + and then selecting New Person
  19. 19. Initiate a chat by clicking on the camera (or phone for audio) icon
  20. 20. Accept a chat invitation by clicking on Accept in the window that pops up
  21. 21. Make the video full screen
  22. 22. You can mute/pause
  23. 23. iChat Enhancements iChatUSBCam $10 software add-on that allows use of USB webcams with iChat iGlasses Terrific $8 software add-on that allows control over video setting on iSight Conference Recorder A $15 software add-on that allows you to record your audio chats and save them to your Mac. Best used with fast hardware. These are all available at
  24. 24. SightSpeed Multi-platform USB, Firewire Web Cam or iSight Free & Subscription versions Multiple Users Works over many firewalls Not very smooth
  25. 25. Video Conference Links iChat: AIM: Polycom: SightSpeed: