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Charter MCU Review Project Group (Approved 7/2/2007)


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Charter MCU Review Project Group (Approved 7/2/2007)

  1. 1. MCU Review Project Group : Charter This page last changed on Feb 15, 2007 by Charter MCU Review Project Group (Approved 7/2/2007) Members Position Person Co Chairs Steve Cox (Flinders University) Kewin Stoeckigt (AARNet) Members 7 Representatives from the R&E Community Partners Steve Neville (Codian) Chris McKay (Codian) Support Officer Tanya Ballat (AARNet) Governing Body AARNet Advisory Committee (AAC) Communications mailing list: wiki: website: TBA Project term Commence: 7 Feb 2007 Completion: 1st AAC meeting of 2008 Budget Meeting, travel, admin - Max $20,000 Training allowance - $3,000 Infrastructure, systems - (server, software - AARNet Managed) $15,000. Document generated by Confluence on Feb 15, 2007 22:41 Page 1
  2. 2. Problem AARNet's survey on Video Conferencing recommended that AARNet increase Videoconferencing Interoperability, Improve user support, develop VC policy recommendations, collect and disseminate best practise information and provide industry support to the sector. With regard to AARNet's specific VC services, Universities perceive that AARNet MCU booking system is too complicated and not supported and managed. It also suffers from capacity issues in the booking system itself due to its design, and securing a conference with a PIN requires a manual reset. QoS, Firewalls, Security solutions, End point variability, accounting, billing are also issues that could be resolved through a number of strategies including AARNet 3 QoS design, AUSERT Certification, introduction of standards and quality assurance check and improvements to accounting and billing processes. Purpose The MCU Review Project group's major focus is to improve video conferencing within the R&E sector, through AARNet's Codian MCU system (in partnership with Codian). Our primary purpose is to review AARNet's MCU, determine future sustainable service offerings and consider/deploy enhancements. The group will assess and trial technology and systems and put in place a set of recommendations for the migration to a production ready service that includes details on how services will be supported and associated documentation. At the conclusion of 2007 we will have successfully trialed an enhanced and scalable conferencing system and service; we will have published a business case for the service and another report on the future direction and further enhancements. We will then be in a position for AAC to endorse the move to a production ready service for conferencing which will increase interoperability, improve user support, provide policy recommendations, best practise information and industry support. . Benefits to Members Direct benefits for members will be: • Increased interoperability through improvements in the MCU service (usability, support, accessibility, information tracking, recording, booking, scheduling and accounting). • Saving money (institutions do not have to buy duplicate equipment to provide redundancy). • Increase capacity by overflow to other available MCUs (Options to be in pool or not). • Standardised services (reduces support and maintenance requirements), • Shared knowledge, access to regular training, enhanced skills and access to a range of information (service, technical etc.) • Shared MCU port resources for Members with Codian equipment. • Buying club for equipment, systems, software, consulting expertise. Aims/Objectives 1. To gather a group of experts (ideally with access to Codian MCU equipment) to review current AARNet conferencing infrastructure and support services. 2. To develop and test new conferencing bridging (and other related products) as part of a group of Codian MCUs to assess integration of booking systems, scheduling systems, accounting systems and Document generated by Confluence on Feb 15, 2007 22:41 Page 2
  3. 3. video conferencing endpoints and provide feedback to AARNet, AAC and the R&E community across Australia. 3. To support and guide AARNet's new video conferencing support service, including support to an online knowledge base of video and conferencing information, training/workshops and the development of quality assurance standards. 4. To promote awareness and benefits of the MCU service. 5. To consider the impact of future requirements and technical developments in video and conferencing. 6. To provide a forum for exchanging experiences and knowledge. Deliverables Deliverable 1 Assist with the design, depolyment and testing of the new service between AARNet, Flinders University and other trial participants 2 Trial, assess(and write a report on) a commercial grade booking system that is able to:* Integrate with typical scheduling applications such as MS Outlook and Groupwise. • Support the aggregation of ports from MCUs for sharing to optimize Codian MCU port deployments amongst AARNet and AARNet customers. • Supply accounting and reporting information that can show details on the use of conferencing services and spare capacity, information to support cost recovery (billing) at institutions (if applicable), and any interoperability issues encountered by videoconferencing end points (Ozeconferences). • (optional) Support multiple forms of access controls to the booking system to limit use to Australian R&E customers (E.g. shibbolise the booking system). • Support other MCU enhancements such as IP VCR (video conference recording) and its storage and distribution. 3 Subject to a successful trial (Deliverable 2), document a viable business case for a suite of enhanced MCU services coupled with detail on how to migrate the trial service to a production ready service with details supplied on the infrastructure/systems, service processes and policy. 4 Track emerging requirements and technologies that can enhance video conferencing, e.g. desktop video conferencing services, support for collaboration applications, support for immersive Document generated by Confluence on Feb 15, 2007 22:41 Page 3
  4. 4. multimedia "telepresence" solutions and support for Access Grids and write a "video conferencing emerging technology impact and assessment" report. 5 Provide advice on Codian MCU conferencing systems via the public mailing list. 6 Assist AARNet by providing feedback on current and planned conferencing service offerings, workshops, training courses, quality assurance schemes and in defining AARNet's video conferencing support service (from a conferencing service perspective). Goals/Milestones/Activities 1. Start up the MCU Group a. Review current service and determine key outcomes b. Confirm charter and workplan with AAC c. Identify Universities with Codian MCUs and confirm additional participants d. Survey existing Codian MCU owners 2. Initiate technical setup a. Install and configure server b. Setup booking system 3. Design and document service a. Design/document network infrastructure b. Design/document support infrastructure c. Design/document booking scenario d. Implement/adjust local support scenario 4. Apply and test service a. Identify gaps b. Test interoperability through Ozeconfs 5. Policy recommendations/documentation a. Minimum requirements document b. Usage policy c. Quality assurance plan d. Checklist for trial participation e. Recommend solution for Firewall, Security,... f. Recommend training/best practice 6. Disseminate information a. MCU Review Group web page b. Questnet session/preparation c. CAVE training/preparation d. Obtain feedback from the community about the service e. Announce results of trial f. Document meetings Document generated by Confluence on Feb 15, 2007 22:41 Page 4
  5. 5. g. Report to AAC 7. Investigate Enhanced feature set/services a. Conduct/explore security review b. Setup and deploy usage reporting system c. Develop XML script to retrieve MCU data d. Develop accounting system for possible billing. e. Shibbolize service f. Consider additional services 8. Implementation, Review and Reporting a. Implement support service b. Review port capacity and service c. Write up trial report Document generated by Confluence on Feb 15, 2007 22:41 Page 5