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Victory Town Hall


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Slideshow for Victory Town Hall.

Published in: Sales
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Victory Town Hall

  1. 1. Victory Town Hall
  2. 2. Outgoing Message to Universe • View Town Hall dial progress • Participants will receive a brief pre-recorded message explaining why you are calling and then will be automatically connected into your Victory Town Hall • Participants who do not answer will receive a pre-recorded voicemail
  3. 3. Event Statistics • Keep track of call data • Participants • Hands-raised • Call results
  4. 4. Screener View • Once a participant raises their hand, screeners have all the tools to ensure the host has the best and most topical questions • Easy to use and understand • Type question and other important information for host and moderator’s use
  5. 5. Moderator Function • Able to view and keep track of entire call • Chooses participants for live for Q and A • Panel allows for participant control
  6. 6. Host View • Easily view who the host is speaking to as well as their question or comment • Screeners and moderators ensure there is no surprises
  7. 7. Chat • A real-time chat with all screeners, hosts and moderators during call allows for messaging and keeps the call running smoothly
  8. 8. Real-time Polling • Receive real-time feedback from your audience that integrates back into Campaign Commander • Excellent tool for collection of ID’s, GOTV, issue identity and tags for future contact
  9. 9. Reports and Statistics • Allows for follow-up • Review all results from the call • Questions asked and answered • Dial results • Hands raised • Poll results