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Nemo's Science Museum


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Published in: Science
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Nemo's Science Museum

  1. 1. { NEMO SCIENCE MUSEUM Victor Piña i Mikel Urnicia
  2. 2. Science Center Nemo is a science center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is located at the Oosterdok in Amsterdam- Centrum, situated between the Oosterdokseiland and Kattenburg. INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. Almost everyone recognizes the NEMO building as the striking, copper-green shape rising high above Amsterdam’s eastern docklands. Architect Renzo Piano had a clear vision for his design of the NEMO building, with its very own piazza 22 metres above water level. THE BUILDING
  4. 4. On Amsterdam’s largest roof terrace, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the historic city centre, 22 metres above water level. NEMO’S ROOF