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Combo App Case Studies


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Combo App Case Studies

  1. 1. SingMyRing NameTones by SingMyRing (entertainment) March, 31st 2010 Background SingMyRing is a UK based company established in 2010. The company specializes in developing Iphone apps, producing 3 for the iTunes App Store. The company released two apps on the App Store in the Entertainment category. The app NameTones by SingMyRing   was released on March 29th in the Entertainment Category. The app didn't have any App Store reviews, no mentions on review websites, no blogger reviews, the description wasn't compelling enough, there was no App Store SEO analysis and the app was not generating the expecting number of sales. Challenge Being new to the App Store, the client lacked experience in marketing new apps on the App Store.  The client also had to contend with an array of competitive apps, based on similar principles. Solution The client chose our Base Marketing&PR package. ComboApp Marketing&PR services generated 5 free positive reviews, wrote a   new app description according to App Store rules, created targeted keywords, optimized App Store SEO and created and distributed a  press release which was published in more than 200 tech resources. Results NameTones was distributed to the media resources and was covered by entertainment related online media news and review sites, generating over 10,000 vies and 21 trackbacks.   This exposure helped the app, as it was subsequently discussed on numerous tech forums and generated buzz on twitter.
  2. 2. NYFX, Inc Whoodl by NYFX, Inc (social networking) April, 13th 2010 Background INYFX , based in Colorado Springs, is an App Developer for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Their latest app, Whoodl, allows users to save and recall anyone's name instantly, elevating them in business circles and allowing them to avoid awkward social situations. Challenge Whoodl has had 3 updates since its release and was falling from the Top list in the Social Networking category. The app had begun losing its position and wasn't generating enough sales as it had in the past. Solution ComboApp Marketing&PR services provided the client with a full range of iPhone App marketing activities from our Base Package. It included: a revised App description, creation of targeted keywords and the drafting and distribution of a press release to spread the word about Whoodl.   Results The App climbed to the 20th position in the iPad Social Networking category and currently maintains the 30th ranking.  Whoodl has been selected as a "New & Noteworthy" and "What's hot" app on Apple's iTunes App Store.  App sales jumped to 20x their previous number after the campaign was launched. We now have an ongoing relationship with the client, customizing additional marketing services to fit their needs. Testimonials "I think you did a great job. You got us out there. I couldn't be happier, thank you" - Ted Rubley, NYFX President.
  3. 3. Sascha Modersitzki Cafe World Notification (games) April, 23rd 2010 Background Independent app developer Sascha Modersitzki from Bangkok, Thailand , released Cafe World Notification on the AppStore for the iPhone and iPod touch on April  21st in the Games category. The  app allows users of the popular Facebook game Cafe World to optimize their gaming experience by setting notifications for game-related events.The client has previously released 3 apps in the AppStore.  Cafe World had no App Store reviews and there were no  mentions of the app on blogs and  review websites. Challenge The client needed to create awareness for his app and lead potential customers, who play the highly popular game on Facebook, to the app. Solution The client utilized our Base package, which included a revised App Store description, creation of targeted keywords, optimized App Store SEO and the drafting and distribution of a targeted press release.  ComboApp Marketing&PR services also generated 5 free positive reviews on the iTunes store. Results The press release received over 20,000 views and generated over 1000 direct sales leads.   The app was covered by iPhone Life magazine and  as well as over 20 gaming and media related news and review sites. 
  4. 4. Appwill Inc. iWallpapers - Fantastic Wallpaper & Background (entertainment) May, 12th 2010 Background  Appwill Inc., makers of entertaining apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch,  released iWallpapers Free on the iTunes App Store. The app has had 9 updates with the most recent on May 12th.  The current version had only one review, no mentions on review websites, no blogger reviews and the description was not correctly formatted or compelling enough to attract customers. Challenge The client wanted to bring more publicity to the free app and to position the company as an experienced developer of high- quality apps. Solution The client used our Base package. This included: detailed AppStore SEO containing a new description created according to the AppStore rules, the targeted keywords were generated and a   new optimized app name was generated by help of our SEO team. ComboApp Marketing&PR created and distributed a  press release which was published in more than 200 resources and brought more publicity to the app. Results The press release was distributed to over 200 news and tech-related sites where it generated over 10,000 views, 22 trackbacks and over 1000 links to their app's App Store page.  iWallpapers was covered by entertainment related online media news and review sites.    The app appeared on tech forums and was widely mentioned on Twitter.
  5. 5. Xisen Science Technology Co., Ltd Magic Multilingual Dictionary (reference) May, 17th 2010 Background  Xisen Science Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading offshore web & software development solution provider, well-established in Shenyang, China, international company. The company  specializes in Web Development, iPhone Application Development, and Custom Software Development.  The app Magic Multilingual Dictionary was released on the AppStore on February 19th, 2010. The app didn't have the enough amount of reviews and it needed to be spread to the media resources in the web. The new version was compatible with iPad. Challenge The dictionary had a great success only on the Korean market and the main goal was to attract the US market consumers and increase sales, by spreading the press release about the updated app. Solution  ComboApp Marketing&PR group started the Base package project on client's demand. The app description was  created for the US market accordingly to the AppStore rules, the AppStore SEO team generated the best targeted keywords and proposed the alternative app name which should had work together with keywords for achieving the highest ranking in the search results. However the client chose to change only the description and keywords. The press release about the Magic Multilingual Dictionary was sent to the main media resources in the web in order to attract more attention to the app of  the dedicated customers. The 5 positive reviews by independent writers helped to raise the rating on the appStore.
  6. 6. Results  The app received more visibility on the US market. The company received more publicity as a developer of AppStore apps with the help of the press release, that generated the buzz on the blogs and Twitter. Clamp Horn Island Stadium Sounds( entertainment) May, 24th, 2010 Background Clamp Horn Island is a  UK-based App Developer for the iPhone and iPod touch. To date the company had 3 apps on the AppStore. Stadium Sounds (formerly Crowd Goes Wild) was released on the 5th of May in anticipation of the World Cup tournament. Challenge The app proved noticeably less popular than  other apps Get Off! and Burn Rubber. There were a couple of competitive apps on the AppStore as well. The company wanted to use the professional marketing service to  have a worthwhile impact on the number of downloads. Solution   Clamp Horn Island asked for a customized package and ComboApp Marketing&PR group suggested our Base package combined with the Submission to 100 review sites. First the app was analyzed by our SEO team, which recommended changing the app name and keywords to facilitate better search results.  After all the changes were implemented and the app was updated with the new name, keywords and a compelling description, the app was submitted to the 100 review sites that give more visibility and media exposure for the app.
  7. 7. Among them were such popular resources as:,,, etc. Results   The app received great exposure on the web and through the media channels. The new name appropriately reflects the app's functionality and attracts dedicated customers. Intersog LLC ! Pocket CFO for iPad (Business) June 14, 2010 Background Located in Chicago, Illinois, INTERSOG is a leading maker of mobile apps, with almost 100 available on the iTunes App Store. The company released it's most recent business course, Pocket CFO for the iPad   on June, 12th 2010. The company has a wide range of Mobile Learning products which are in great demand among business people and entrepreneurs. Challenge The company had recently launched an iPad version of Pocket CFO, as well as an updated iPhone version, and needed to bring more publicity to the iPad users interested in Learning To-Go business applications.   The company also needed a way to highlight the range of enhanced featured that had been added to the app. Solution ComboApp Marketing&PR Group created a customized marketing  package. A detailed launch strategy consultation was provided to the client after analyzing the app. Our marketing team concluded that it was necessary to revise the App Store SEO by creating a new app description and targeted keywords. 10 reviews by independent writers added the awareness of the app on the AppStore among the iPad users.  A press release was also generated and distributed to coincide with the app's launch.
  8. 8. Results Pocket CFO reached the 18th position in the Top Paid iPad Business apps just days after launch. The app was subsequently chosen as a "New & Noteworthy" and "What's hot" selections on the App Store, which boosted sales further and established the app as one of the top mLearning  apps available in the App Store.
  9. 9. Silicon Studios ! ! ! iDownload (Productivity) June 16th, 2010 Background  Silicon Studios is an early stage global company that emerged from dynamic web development to focus on developing applications for iOS devices. Silicon Studios released 5 applications on the AppStore for iOS. iDownload was the first downloader in the app store. The company made a milestone update for iDownload and intended to start the marketing work exactly after the new version launch. Challenge Silicon Studios   had to exposure the information about the iDownload new iPad compatibility and a range of enhanced features. The dedicated customers of the app should been informed that the most functional and versatile app of its kind, iDownload made downloading and sharing files easier than ever before both on iPhone and iPad. The main goal was to attract the iPad users to the iDownload. Solution Silicon Studios applied to the ComboApp Marketing&PR agency with the marketing services request. After the detailed analysis of the app the Base package was chosen. Base package services were done step-by-step: while the app still were under update, the new compelling description was created and the AppStore SEO analysis helped to find the most searchable keywords. The client supplied us with all the new features were added to the new version and the press release was created on this basis. The press release was sent to the main media resources and had a high PR score of 100%. Five 5-stars reviews were written by the independent writers and added on the iTunes store.
  10. 10. Results The app keeps steadily in the Top-100 iPhone paid apps in the Productivity category and in the Top-100 Grossing category. The app reached the 30th position in the Top-100 paid iPad Productivity category and 34th place in iPhone paid Productivity category. Сlient's testimonial Thank you very much for your work on iDownload. We will definitely work with you again in the future. - Ana Cristina Afonso, marketing manager. The Interactive Institute iSpooks: the Mannor (games) June 23-d, 2010 Background The Interactive Institute is a Swedish experimental media research institute that combines expertise in art, design and technology to conduct world-class applied research and innovation. The company specializes in developing new research areas, concepts, products and services. iSpooks was released on June, 12th and conceived as a practical experiment in audio focused gaming. Challenge The Interactive Institute took some marketing efforts to publicize their app iSpooks: the Mannor on the web. Though the work has been done wasn't enough and the client wanted to cover all the types of marketing tools that will help the app to be spoken about widely. As the application has been released lately, it needed the Solution ComboApp Marketing&PR agency analyzed all the marketing activities had been done before and made a custom proposal. The Interactive Institute needed the Custom package involved the following marketing tasks: press release spread to dedicated media resources, contained
  11. 11. iPhone contacts in Europe, North America, Asia and News Agencies. 10 positive independent app reviews to ensure the app and secure the AppStore star rating. 100 review websites submission to exposure the app's visibility for the potential clients. Results iSpooks: The Mannor received the wide visibility on the web and was much talked about on the game forums and blogs. The app was noticed in the New&Noteworthy section in Games category. The positive rating brought sales up and increased the game ranking. Appacity Inc. Messagey! SMS/MMS Unlimited ( Social Networking ) June 25th, 2010 Background A start-up Canadian company - Appacity has published its first app on the AppStore - Messagey!. This app gives the ability to send SMS messages over the internet, rather than using up your carriers limited number of texts. As long as you’re on WiFi, all the messages you send and receive are completely free. Challenge Messagey! had a lot of competitors in Social Networking category with the same app idea as it has, that's why it needed to differentiate itself from the other similar apps. The company tried to make some promotion of the app with its own forces but gained no result. The main goal was to be reviewed on the major review websites for increasing the awareness of the app. Solution ComboApp Marketing&PR agency prepared a customized package for Messagey! app that included the following services: Video demo review creation and posting to the largest video resources.   Guaranteed reviews at 10 major review websites to exposure the apps visibility to potential clients.
  12. 12. Results Messagey! reached 18-th position in Top Paid Social Networking apps.  After video review promotion the app was mentioned on the major video related websites. Now ComboApp Marketing&PR agency continues cooperation with Appacity on the new project for Messagey!.  ONYX Apps iKeepTime - Rhythm Training ( Music ) June 25th, 2010 Background Software Development Studio   - ONYX Apps specializes mostly in development of music and gaming apps.  AppStore music category is very specific along with its potential clients. iKeepTime app was created for beat keeping skills improvement. Many users were not aware of what is the main intent of this app.  Challenge   iKeepTime app received lots of negative reviews because of its specific intent and needed to be reviewed by professional in music industry who realy understand what this app was created for. Solution For improving apps current review situation ComboApp Marketing&PR agency to prepare 10 reviews by independent musicians, who will qualitatively review the current app. Results iKeepTime got 10 independent positive reviews that improved the current rating of the app . Now ComboApp Marketing&PR agency continues cooperation with ONYX Apps on the new project for newly released iPad app - LadyBug Attack HD.
  13. 13. SID On  Dots 4 Tots ( Games ) June 29th, 2010 Background SID On specializes in development of educational and entertainment apps mostly for kids. It has developed 4 apps, the last one was Dots 4 Tots - universal app, including iPad version that  makes children believe they are just playing. Challenge SID On took some marketing efforts to get more exposure on the web for Dots 4 Tots game. But after some time asked ComboApp Marketing&PR agency to prepare the best marketing solution for this game. Solution A Custom package was offered with the following services included: submission to 10 major review websites such as AppShouter, 101 bestiphoneapps,   MacWorld and some others. Submission to 100 review websites to exposure the app's visibility for the potential clients. generate sales/ customer reveiws for making the app more attractive to other customers Results After completed marketing services, Dots 4 Tots reached 39-th position in Games- Educational Category, 77-th in Games - Kids category and reached New & Noteworthy Education games category. This gave SID On additional sales and made the release of new app more effective. Now SID On and ComboApp agency are working on the new project for the last released app - Share Board.
  14. 14. Ideateca Factory U.S. iBasket Free ( Games ) July  2nd, 2010 Background Ideateca specialties are web services and games (both for websites and mobile, Facebook, etc.). It has developed 3 games for App Store, including iBasket Free. It's a basketball game where you  gain more scores from hitting the basket. Challenge The company made great marketing campaign for iBasket Free, reaching TOP list in Sports Games category, but wanted to be among first ten apps in this category. Solution Therefore the most effective and popular among our clients service was offered - Generate Sales and Customer reviews. Only it could help iBasket free reach first positions in TOP List, adding rating and reviews for current version of the app. Results As a result iBasket Free reached the first position in Top Free Sports Games and keep holding it till now. It has also appeared at What's Hot Sports Games Category, that increased the number of downloads.
  15. 15. Graffiti Entertainment HTR High Tech Racing (Games) July 8th, 2010 Background Signature Devices create, develops and manufactures advanced information technology, including computer systems, software and electronics products. The company also publishes software including video games, and commercial products through its wholly-owned subsidiary Graffiti Entertainment, LLC, that has released HTR High Tech Racing game for iPhone and iPad.         Challenge Graffiti Entertainment were looking for company who will promote their new app and has chosen ComboApp Marketing & Marketing agency to prepare a marketing campaign for HTR High Tech Racing game. Solution After Hight Tech Racing release, Post-launch marketing package was applied. It included the following services: • 5 reviews by independent users to ensure the app increase the AppStore star rating. • Submission to 5 review websites to exposure the app's visibility for the potential clients. • press release spread to dedicated media resources, contained iPhone contacts in Europe, North America, Asia and News Agencies. Results As a result Hight Tech Racing received the wide visibility on the web and was reviewed by Worldappreview, Slidetoplay, 101bestiphoneapps and other major review websites. The press release spread helped the game to be mentioned on 148apps, iPadmodo, Crazymikeapps media resources.