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Thomas Net Com Conversions One Sheet


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Thomas Net Com Conversions One Sheet

  1. 1. GetsGreater Results for Your BusinessConnect to the industrial/business-to-businesscustomers you want the mostRecent data shows that industrial businesses can get twice the conversion rate than through other online business searches.Conversions include buying actions such as phone calls, e-mails, Web forms submitted, onlinepurchases, and downloads.We analyzed the conversion rates of hundreds of industrial businesses that monitor their results usingThomasNet’s Mirror Site Tracking technology.Mirror Site Tracking is a comprehensive tracking tool that shows our clients the conversions users take on their websites.Here’s what we found: 8 Convert More Prospects % 3.7% into Customers With Mirror Site Tracking, clients can measure the return on investment from Here’s a representative sample: • CNC Machining Company 11% conversion rate (Florida) • Custom Manufacturer Automation Average Conversion Rate Average Conversion Rate 5% conversion rate (South Carolina) • Building Materials Distributor 9% conversion rate (Maryland) Buyers Coming from Buyers Conducting to Industrial Business Searches • Electronics Contract Manufacturer Business Websites on the Internet 21% conversion rate (Illinois) Source: ThomasNet Mirror Site Source: Marketing Sherpa 2009 Search • Rubber Products Manufacturer Tracking Analysis. Actual performance Marketing Benchmark Guide varies by company. 5% conversion rate (California)Get a strong online presence with measureable resultson≥ Contact your local ThomasNet Representative≥ Go to≥ Call 1-800-879-6757 6637/7.10/7.5M