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These Aerospace Companies Use            and Could Become Your CustomersAerospace            3M Company     ...
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Aerospace Fact Sheet 2011


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Aerospace Fact Sheet 2011

  1. 1. Aerospace Aerospace Companies Source on The aerospace industry has seen year-over-year growth since What Aerospace 2004 and, despite a challenging business environment, sales in and Defense 2010 are estimated at $216.5 billion, with another increase in Professionals 2011 to nearly $220 billion. Exports are expected to reach more are Saying About than $80.5 billion.1 features hundreds of different product and service categories that serve the sourcing needs of the “ hethingIfind T aerospace, defense, avionics and aircraft manufacturing markets. mostusefulabout istheaccessto Do Business with Aerospace Companies vendorwebsites.” at Multiple Locations Charles Diemer, Programmer 2 major indicators show the strength of the Aerospace audience Tell Tool, Inc. coming to Manufacturer of Aircraft Engine Components • 10 of the top 20 Visitors to are from the Aerospace industry: “ T U.S. Army NASA ismyfirstchoice U.S. Navy Honeywell whenlookingfora U.S. Air Force Raytheon manufacturer.” Boeing L-3 Communications Ricky Blicharski, Manufacturing Engineer Raytheon Missile Systems Lockheed Martin Defense Contractor • Many Aerospace companies have hundreds of buyers and engineers looking for suppliers on “t’smoreofaone-stop I, including: shopthanothersites. BAE Systems Lockheed Martin Mygroupsareusing Boeing Northrop Grumman Corporation it–tobuildairplanes.” General Dynamics Corp. Raytheon Operations Manager Boeing Honeywell International United Technologies Aircraft Manufacturer 1 Aerospace Industries Association: 2010 Year End Review
  2. 2. These Aerospace Companies Use and Could Become Your CustomersAerospace 3M Company Draeger Aerospace Liberty Aerospace Top Performing AAI Corporation Driessen Lockheed Martin Corporation Aerojet DRS Technologies MD Helicopters Aerospace/Defense Aerospace Systems Group DuPont Company Moog Companies Use Aerospace Technologies, Inc. Dynamic Aviation NASA Air Canada DynCorp International National Research Council of Canada The Fortune 500 includes 14 Air France Eaton NATO aerospace companies, half of Airbus Industries EFW Inc. which are in the top 100, and Northrop Grumman Alcoa Elliot Aviation many of which are among Corporation American Airlines Embraer Aircraft Holding, Inc. Oracle USA, Inc. the most active users of BAE Systems Embry-Riddle Aeronautical, including: Owens Corning University Barnes Aerospace Pacific Aerospace Federal Aviation Administration BASF Parker Aerospace Alliant Techsystems Fedex Boehringer-Ingelheim Parker Hannifin Flight Safety International, Inc. Boeing Pratt Whitney Bombardier General Atomics Boeing Raytheon Company General Dynamics Corporation British Aerospace Australia Rockwell Collins General Electric Goodrich Canadair Science Applications Goodrich Corporation Cinergy International Corporation Gulfstream Aerospace Cobham Aerospace Systems Shaw Group Honeywell International Corporation Group Tektronics Hawker Beechcraft Corp. Crane Aerospace Electronics Teledyne Technologies ITT HEICO Corporation Cubic Corporation Textron Inc. Honda Aircraft Company, Inc. Dassault Aviation Triumph Group - Sungard L-3 Communications Honeywell Dassault Systemes AG United Airlines IBM Corporation Delta Airlines United Technologies ITT Industries Lockheed Martin DHL Systems Corporation L-3 Communications Dow Corning ...and more Corporation Northrop Grumman Raytheon Aerospace Buyers and Engineers Search for Suppliers Who Sell: Rockwell Collins Aerospace coatings Aerospace solenoids Aviation, Aerospace and Aircraft lubricants United Technologies Aerospace fasteners Aerospace thermistors Aircraft and Aerospace shims Aerospace seals Aviation and aerospace cylinders Aircraft and Aerospace CNC Aerospace wires machining Aircraft and Aerospace Aerospace adhesives composite structures ...and more Aerospace metals Aerospace insulation For more information: Contact your local ThomasNet representative or call 800.879.6757 5701.3/11