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6621 Destinationcapbrochure (2)

  1. 1. Target Your Marketing Dollars on ThomasNet.com Make vertical search part of your industrial company’s Internet marketing strategy ThomasNet.com is the Internet’s leading vertical destination site for buyers of industrial products and services – with over 2 million visitors each month. ThomasNet.com:IndustrialDestinationSite “While general search is being used by B2B buyers, the vertical search category is quickly being adopted.” eMarketer, Inc. “For advertisers, vertical search provides the security of knowing that each user is a prequalified buyer within the specific industry.” DMNews.com ThomasNet.com users include: • Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies • Engineers, buyers and business owners • Government and educational institutions
  2. 2. Bring Qualified Buyers to Your Business Destination Site + Detailed Product Information = High Quality Opportunities When ThomasNet.com users link to your website will they be able to quickly determine that you sell what they need? Will they find detailed information that helps them decide to buy from you? ThomasNet offers a complete range of Web Solutions – from basic websites to complete redesigns, searchable online product catalogs and downloadable CAD drawings. ThomasNet.com offers a stable yet flexible priority of position model. Your ranking in the search results holds in the same position for at least a 3-month period. As business needs change, you can adjust your ranking in industrial categories to support your strategy. Get Priority Placement in Filtered, Focused, Industrial Search Results Read your company profile Search your product catalog View or download your CAD drawings Link to your company’s website Call, e-mail or send you an RFQ ThomasNet.com gives you many ways to provide industrial buyers with decision-making information so they can move forward in their buying process: Select Your Categories What products or services do you sell? Target Your Coverage Areas What geographic areas do you serve or want to serve? Customize Your Listings What details do buyers need to know before they contact you? Over 4.5 million conversion actions are taken on ThomasNet.com each month.
  3. 3. Local Industrial Search – Only on ThomasNet.com Get found by buyers looking for local suppliers. ThomasNet.com is built for buyers to search by state or zip code. Plus, ThomasNet’s Branch Program lets you promote the fact that you have mutiple branch locations in the ThomasNet.com search results. With one click, buyers can find the most convenient location for them. Target qualified industrial buyers for your products all over the world. On ThomasGlobal.com, buyers can search for your products in their language. ThomasGlobal.com helps international buyers find you online by having a strong presence on international search engines such as Google.com.br, Yahoo.de, Baidu.com, and more. Buyers also reach ThomasGlobal.com through targeted e-mail marketing, e-newsletters and banner ads. Deliver your company’s message in the context of news related to your business. ThomasNet Industrial News delivers the latest new industrial product news on news.thomasnet.com, online news sites and portals, and through targeted e-mail marketing. In fact, ThomasNet Industrial News supplies 52 of the 97 industrial news feeds on MyYahoo! Stand Out from Your Competition Online: Locally, Around the World, In the News Grow Your Business Globally on ThomasGlobal.com Extend your ThomasNet.com program on ThomasGlobal.com Increase Your Brand Awareness on ThomasNet Industrial News Search by state Search by zip code Find a local branch Search by state Reach industrial decision-makers on news.thomasnet.com
  4. 4. “I’ve seen a 327% return on my ThomasNet.com investment.” Mike O’Connor Owner Innovative Components A targeted presence on ThomasNet.com, the leading industrial destination site, helps bring qualified buyers to your website – where you can convert them into customers. Find out how you can make ThomasNet.com a key part of your Internet marketing strategy today: Don’t Miss Out on Sales Opportunities – Put ThomasNet.com to Work for You “We are realizing a 200% increase in business from the Internet. We get an average of five leads per day, of which we are closing 2-3 each day.” Ted Jass President Equipment Direct • Contact your local ThomasNet representative • Go to ThomasNet.com/goodcustomers • Call 1-800-879-6757 “We have quoted more than $2 million in business in the past two years that is directly related to ThomasNet.com.” Patricia A. Kirk Vice President SpinTek Filtration, Inc. “We’re averaging $700,000 a month in sales. About 25% of that is generated as new activity from ThomasNet.com.” Rich Stilley Sales Manager AccuTherm, Inc. Thomas Industrial Network • Five Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001 Achieve Greater ROI on the Internet with ThomasNet.com © 2006 Thomas Industrial Network, Inc. 6621-0506