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6617 Promoting Thomas Net (2)

  1. 1. [ ] [ ] How ThomasNet is Being Promoted to the Customers You Want Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ThomasNet buys thousands of keywords and phrases that industrial buyers and specifiers use to source products and services via the search engines. The words and phrases purchased are constantly being analyzed and adjusted to make sure ThomasNet is bringing the most qualified buyers to ThomasNet.com – and to your business. According to Hitwise.com, ThomasNet.com is the top vertical destination site for industrial products and services. Through integrated marketing programs, ThomasNet stays top-of-mind among B2B and industrial buyers by having a strong presence wherever they are online…throughout their workday. Highlights include: [ [ ThomasNet delivers several free e-newsletters to buyers, engineers and executives who opt-in to receive them. These e-mail updates keep readers informed about the latest industry news, trends and innovations – and reinforce ThomasNet’s role as a reliable source of information. Industrial Market Trends (IMT) Delivers in-depth industry news and relevant feature stories centered around a specific theme – on a bi-weekly and daily basis. The Link This monthly update for ThomasNet.com users highlights the latest time-saving features, tools, and enhancements to the site. Product News Alerts (PNA) Subscribers can select the product categories they want to read about, and how often – daily, twice a week, or weekly. PNAs have real impact on purchasing behavior. In a recent survey, 60% of subscribers said they purchased or specified a product/service found in a PNA. 74% have passed along a PNA to friends or colleagues. e-Newsletters
  2. 2. Targeting buyers on industry-related websites ThomasNet text and banner ads are being displayed on over 60 hand-picked vertical industrial websites through the Google Content Network. This includes news sites, job sites, discussion sites, and trade magazine or association websites. Reaching industrial buyers on other sites they frequent ThomasNet is capitalizing on the latest behavioral marketing techniques through a large advertising network. This involves running a variety of banner ads on websites that ThomasNet.com users visit on a regular basis. Connecting to buyers where they network ThomasNet is now running banner ads and text links on the business networking site LinkedIn. These ads will be viewed by LinkedIn users with industrial job functions, such as purchasing agents, procurement professionals, facilities managers, engineers, design engineers, and others. Search: ThomasNet Toolbar The new ThomasNet Toolbar is loaded with new features that make ThomasNet.com an integral part of buyers’ online experience. The Toolbar also reminds users of the ThomasNet brand – every time they open their Web browser. ThomasNet Search Button for Google Toolbar Industrial buyers can customize their Google Toolbar to include a ThomasNet button. This allows them to search ThomasNet.com utilizing the Google search box. ThomasNet.com Search Box on Google Desktop This new gadget available for the Google desktop puts the ThomasNet brand on the desktop of buyers and engineers. It saves them time by enabling them to start a ThomasNet search without opening a Web browser. ThomasNet Industrial Search Plugin for Firefox Firefox users can download a ThomasNet Search Plugin that allows them to search ThomasNet.com via the box at the top of the firefox browser. Add ThomasNet.com Search to Your Site Industrial and B2B companies can add value to their websites by enabling visitors to search ThomasNet.com right from their homepage. Engineering: 10-in-1 Conversion Calculator ThomasNet has created an online gadget for Windows Vista that automatically calculates conversions for area, energy, flow rate, force, length, mass, power, pressure, velocity and volume. This free tool is proving to be popular in the engineering community. Information-Gathering: RSS News Feeds ThomasNet News delivers streaming industrial product news and press releases directly to the desktops of buyers and engineers who subscribe to this service. This keeps ThomasNet top of mind with buyers even when they’re not active searching for information. Sourcing: ThomasNet’s Purchasing Tools A Web-based application, developed in cooperation with our partner Source One, gives ThomasNet.com users free access to request for information/proposal and quote management tools (RFX Tools). This gives buyers a way to increase the speed, organization and efficiency of their purchasing process. Innovative Online Advertising ThomasNet is constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to reach the most qualified B2B and industrial buyers online. Tools and Gadgets ThomasNet is increasing brand recognition through technology tools that meet the varying search and information-gathering needs of industrial buyers and engineers. [ ] [ ]
  3. 3. BtoB Media Power 50 ThomasNet.com is featured in BtoB magazine’s latest “Media Power 50” for 2007 in the Internet category. Codie ThomasNet.com was one of the top five finalists for the 2007 Codie Award for “Best Online Directory and Business Leads Service.” DMA International Echo Awards ThomasNet won of a 2007 DMA Bronze Echo Award for “Internet/Interactive Media in the Business-to-Business/ Consumer Consumer Advertising category.” Entrepreneur.com ThomasNet.com is listed as one of the top 10 vertical search sites for helping Internet users find the business information they need. Outsell Inc. ThomasNet is called a rising star in Outsell’s 2007 Market Forecast and Trends Report. WMA Awards ThomasNet.com won an award from the Web Marketing Association for setting the standard of excellence on the Internet among business-to-business sites, online directories and search engines. ThomasNet in the News Media coverage continues to spread the word about ThomasNet. It helps increase the value of the ThomasNet name as a company that you want to be associated with. Awards and Accolades ThomasNet has received these recent recognitions – raising awareness among potential customers and the general public. [ ] [ ]
  4. 4. [ ] Integration into CAD Software Strategic Search Partnerships ThomasNet provides industrial search results directly within vertical destination sites used by B2B buyers and engineers – helping more customers find you online. Supplier Search on ASME.org Members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers search ThomasNet.com via a Supplier Search box on this site’s homepage. Search Industrial Products on eFunda.com A ThomasNet.com search box is featured prominently on this destination site for engineers. Engineers can sort their results according to company type, the availability of catalog content or CAD drawings. ThomasNet Products and Service on ANSI.org ThomasNet.com search results are featured in the American National Standard Institute’s Web store. ThomasNet has an active presence at industrial trade shows nationwide. Representatives of ThomasNet are on hand to answer questions, get feedback, and connect with suppliers and buyers. After the show, ThomasNet follows up with the people we meet – creating new relationships that can result in new business for you. For more information on how ThomasNet can help you get more customers: • Contact your local ThomasNet representative • Go to http://promoteyourbusiness.ThomasNet.com • Or call 1-800-879-6757 [ ] [ ] [ ] Trade Shows ThomasNet makes millions of CAD drawings available to engineers through the CAD software they use on a daily basis – making it easier for them to buy and specify your products. Did you know? Over 80,000 CAD drawings from ThomasNet clients are downloaded/inserted per month by potential customers. 6617.7/08.7.5M