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Screencasting - Odyssey 2014 (Langley, BC)


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Screencasting Session - Odyssey Conference 2014 - Langley, BC, Canada

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Screencasting - Odyssey 2014 (Langley, BC)

  1. 1. Explain Everything! Practical Uses & How-Tos For Screencasting on Your iPad Odyssey 2014 - School District #35 February 21, 2014 Victoria
  2. 2. About Me & Contact • Grade 3/4 & Side-by-Side Technology Teacher • Digital Literacy Coach - West Langley Elementary • UBC Master of Educational Technology Grad Student • EdTech Mentorship Network Lead Mentor Twitter: @MsVictoriaOlson Google+: +VictoriaOlson Email: Blog:
  3. 3. Housekeeping Tweet to #odyssey14 or #think35 Fill out this form to get today’s slides emailed to you: (Case sensitive!) Link to today’s presentation: (Also case sensitive!)
  4. 4. Outline of today’s Be prepared to session participate! & tech play Downloading apps time Sharing discoveries with the group Student examples of screencasting for visible learning Exploring pre-made lesson files How do you share lessons from the cloud? Create your own lesson file for your students
  5. 5. What You Need For This or iPad Mini An iPad Session Download a recent copy of Explain Everything ($2.99) from the App Store Other apps you can download to play with: Educreatio ns Draw & Tell ($1.99)
  6. 6. Tech Play Time 20 demo with Explain Everything min. Quick Exploration of the screencasting apps of your choice Explain Everything will be our “home-base” app, from which I will be doing all demonstrations later in the session, but I encourage you to try the others, too!
  7. 7. Sharing Discoveries Demonstrate what you’ve learned!
  8. 8. Student Examples Screencasting can be used to capture explanations or processes
  9. 9. Screencasting can also be used as a presentation tool due to the ability to record, listen, and re-record
  10. 10. And helping students to self-assess their own thinking and learning… and it’s a great assessment tool for us, too!
  11. 11. Downloading Files Online On your web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.), go to Demonstration of how to download and open a file in Explain Everything Explore the site for some lesson examples that might be relevant to your area. If none of them are, could you adapt some of the ideas to your own content?
  12. 12. Linking to Cloud-Based Technology What is the cloud? Storing files online Examples include Dropbox & Google Drive How to link Explain Everything to these third-party apps
  13. 13. Te xt Creation Station Create your own lesson with interactive student features in Explain Everything!
  14. 14. Thank you for your participation! Don’t forget to fill out this form to get today’s slides emailed to you: Twitter: @MsVictoriaOlson Google+: +VictoriaOlson Email: Blog: