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Convergect 2. act 6


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planning to put up a Filo Café.

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Convergect 2. act 6

  1. 1. Filo Café By: Victoria F. Nemenzo
  2. 2. Executive Summary  My mission is to provide a friendly, comfortable ambiance that my customers will enjoy, where as they enter they will somehow feel relaxed and care – free.  Filo Cafe will offer different kinds of coffee. Lattes, espressos, smoothies, cappuccinos, teas, sandwiches that will be available.  The café will also serve pastries, sandwiches and a few snacks like pastas, muffins and other tasty treats.  Filo café will be open from 6:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Sunday – Saturday.
  3. 3. Goals and Strategies  Short – term Goal: to be popular as soon as possible.  Long – term Goal: provide the best quality in both service and in food that the consumers will not get enough of it.  Strategy: To be the best in the business in order to achieving this, employees and owners must work hard so that consumers will have the best – tasting coffee, food and service.
  4. 4. Market Analysis  Target market will be anyone who enjoys and love coffee and food, but most especially people from ages 17 and above.  Market Trends: Coffee is a very popular drink across the world and a lot of people are after for a quick fix or meal before going to either work or university.
  5. 5. Marketing Strategy  I will do my best to make the Filo Café be very popular with the help of Facebook and instagram. In this way, people who loves social media will know the café and to those who loves to post their food and/or drinks will also serve as an advertisement. All details are listed in the webpage’s profile so that consumers will get all the details that they want to know including the map or location of the Café. Also, there will be some promotions to be posted to catch the attention of my current and potential consumers.
  6. 6. Accounting and Legal  There will be a daily accounting for sales and profits.  There will also be a weekly inventory in all supplies.  The system that I’ll be using is excel.  My lawyer will be responsible for all legal matters and the owner will be responsible for the final statements such as, balance sheet, cash flows and income statements.
  7. 7. Summary Financial Needs  I will be needing roughly 5,000AUD for putting up the business. In order to achieve this amount I will ask for an assistance through a bank in the bank loan of 3,000 AUD and another 2,000 AUD will be from my personal money. The amount of 5,000 AUD is a bit over for my café but this will serve as a buffer incase something goes wrong or if ever there will be a shortage. There will be no rent expense because the owner owns the lot.
  8. 8. Photos