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Sports, entertainment, tourism pr


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A brief overview of the Public Relations field in the industries of Entertainment, Tourism, and Sports. A synopsis about the daily life for these PR professionals.

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Sports, entertainment, tourism pr

  1. 1. PR:Entertainment, Tourism, and Sports Victoria Moreno, Isaiah Alonzo, Mike Garza, Sabrina Robles
  2. 2. Entertainment
  3. 3. Entertainment Personality Campaign - 1. Get the client to fill out a questionnaire 1. Develop those facts as story angles 1. Prepare a biography 1. Determine what is to be sold
  4. 4. Entertainment Conducting the Campaign Best case scenario: Appear on multiple forms of media A pitch should feature a news story or angle Make public appearances End Goal: provide tangible results for clients
  5. 5. Promoting Events: “Drip-drip-drip” technique Hype and anticlimax Planters Bookers Cross promotion Entertainment
  6. 6. Entertainment Cross Promotion and Product Placement: IKEA hoverboard BTF: Pepsi/nike Fast food affiliates Conventions Alamo City Comic Con
  7. 7. Tourism
  8. 8. Tourism Three steps to Travel Public Relations: 1. Stimulating the public's desire to visit a place. 2. Arranging for travelers to reach it. 3. Making certain that visitors are comfortable, well treated, and entertained when they get there.
  9. 9. Terrorism in Tourism November 2015 Paris attacks From PR standpoint what do you do? Good way to promote PR through crisis
  10. 10. Sports
  11. 11. •Intense public relations efforts •Work with marketing specialist •Tools of public relations
  12. 12. Publicity Programs •Professional level •Image •Not about the money •College level •Alumni •School image •High school recruit
  13. 13. Big Business •$410 billion gross annual revenue •Sponsorship Management •Scan tracks
  14. 14. Top PR Firms •Taylor - NY - $10,600,000 •French|West|Vaughan – NC - $6,176,664 •Edelman – NY - $2,760,447 •Coyne PR – NJ - $1,978,945 •APCO Worldwide – DC - $1,588,600