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Phones and internet: Your rights – Lesson 1: Understanding costs and contracts


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Phones and internet: Your rights – Lesson 1: Understanding costs and contracts

  2. 2. Buying and/or connecting a service When you:  Connect a landline/home phone  Buy and connect a mobile phone  Connect to the internet
  3. 3. Agreement with companyThe company will want you to agree to pay themfor the service.
  4. 4. This agreement is called a CONTRACTThe contract may be paperwork that you have to sign.
  5. 5. It may be a verbal agreement, one that you talk about
  6. 6. Some contracts can be both in writing ANDa verbal agreement +
  7. 7. Contracts can be made with a company on the phone ormobile phone.They will ask you questions which you have to answer.
  8. 8. Contracts can be made by filling in informationon the internet and agreeing to questions
  9. 9. Fine PrintFine Print is small writing on contracts.Often this says what extra money you haveto pay for services that you may not knowyou have agreed to.Often this writing tells you extra money youmay have to pay that you did not know youhad to.
  10. 10. Before buying a mobile phone, connecting to a landline/home phone or connecting to the internet there are lots ofthings toUNDERSTAND AND THINK ABOUT.
  11. 11. Ask an expert to help you.
  12. 12. DO NOT sign any paperwork unless you understand it
  13. 13. Do Not agree to contracts that you do notunderstand.Do not be afraid to say NO
  14. 14. DON’T BE PRESSURED by salespeople whetherin a shop or at your door into signing paperwork.
  15. 15. DO NOT AGREE to any contract on the phoneor mobile phone that you do not understand.
  16. 16. DO NOT fill in anything or tick any boxes on theinternet that you do not understand.
  17. 17. People who can help youSettlement WorkersCase WorkersCommunity Legal Centres -Financial Counsellors - 1800 007 007Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman –Phone: 1800 062 058Write to: PO Box 276Collins Street West Vic 8007Visit: Level 3, 595 Collins Street, MelbourneOnline: 675 692National Relay Service133 677 or our consumer complaint form to1800 630 614