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Makueni County Women Representative 2012 and beyond

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Aunty Vicky Profile

  1. 1. e Let om C U sR easo n To getherVictoria Kioko | Makueni County Women Representative Candidate | 2012/2013
  2. 2. victoriaKIOKOmakueni . 2012/13 reach out and touch “Let us the excluded, the poor, the lonely, the marginalized and the unwanted according to the graces we have received, and let us not be ashamed or slow to do this for though humble, it’s noble work.” I quote Elizabeth Candy Staton “Because man and woman are the complement of one another, we need womans thought in national affairs to make a safe and stable government”. This has been the quest of Aunty Vicky since her formal introduction into Public Service beginning with the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Heritage in Kenya in 1986, to the Department of Social Services of East Sussex County in Lewes, United Kingdom, and up to her most recent function in developing or enhancing capacities with Members of Parliament serving in various functions. Aunty Vickys Mission draws and builds upon the past 26 years work knowledge and experience in development work, and development work processes. It aligns and is in harmony with the on-going VOW Internationals Training Framework consisting of information, education and capacity enhancement training for skills and capacities across Political, Economic, Corporate, Socio-Economic and Cross- Cutting Pillars of activities of daily public and private life, cascading from International, Regional, National, sub-National and Grassroot levels, and vice versa. Aunty Vicky posits and believes in the inherent goodness of man and that given certain levels of knowledge and capacities, man insecurities can be reduced and transformed towards each other fellow mans well-being. She deeply believes that HOPE is not a deceptive but true living state of humanity.
  3. 3. Setting the DifferenceSpecific achievements so farCompetent Lobbyist and Advocate for the now Promulgated New Constitution, and ongoingimmediate, mid-term and long-term debates and understanding towards the domestication andincremental implementation of the Constitution and Constitutionalism;Development of a possible National Standard Tool/Guideline Framework for National Planning andDecision-Making and Constituency level Strategic Planning for consideration for adoption byGovernment in both National and Constituency Level Strategic Decision-making, Planning andReforms Implementation Processes; etcModel TORs for Members of ParliamentCompetent Lobbyist for the Governments newly created Women Enterprise Fund;Competent Lobbyist for the Governments newly created Ministry of Youth;Outreach and Capacity Enhancement of 17 out of the 22 Women Parliamentarians on the possibleNational and Constituency Level Strategic Planning Framework;Hosting of the Prime Talk-Show on Media Television on the Vision and Mission of VOW International;Successful Practical Application of VOW Internationals Framework Tool/Guideline by 3 WomenParliamentarians Workshops, and in one Constituency;Talk Shows on VOW Internationals Guideline Tool on Radio for 4 Months till June 2011;Coordinator of the Community Aid International Score-Card Programme targeting assessment ofincumbent Governments levels of service delivery as weighted by the citizenry opinions withinregular given periods;Was the Deputy Chairperson of the Technical Committee of the Kenya Elections Domestic ObserversForum (KEDOF) in the 2007 National Elections;Lobbyist for the newly started and ongoing welfare service pilot project for the elderly – those above65 years of age;SuccessesThe overseeing and production of the 1st Assessment andDelivery of the Score-Card Report;Competently coordinated the assigned 33 of KEDOFs 210 Constituency Domestic Observer activities;Facilitated in the compiling and production of KEDOFs Final Report on the 2007 national elections;Improvement and upgrading of the National Commissions National Strategic Plan to acquire 21stCentury Governance and Development Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Focus and Status;
  4. 4. Developed the Strategic Plans Implementation Concept and Plan, and its Strategic Financial ResourceMobilization Strategy;Participated ably in National Steering Committees on among others, the 2004-2007 EmergencyOperations in Kenya following the catastrophic drought situation in Kenya during this period;Mobilized and hosted an all attended Kenya Caritas Partners Meeting to address past and futurefunding cooperation towards its enhancement given the upgraded programming stated above;Developed and enhanced staff capacities for understanding the linkages and processes betweenInternational, Regional, National and sub-National MDGs;Participated competently and reliably as the Representative of the KEC-CS, and Women, as theConvener of the Democracy & Political Pillar Process of Kenyas African Peer Review Mechanism(APRM) Process – NEPAD/African Union - from Inception in July 2003 to submission of Final Reportin November 2007;Was In-charge of the Children in Difficult Circumstances Programme (CEDC), later referred to asChildren in Need of Special Care & Protection (CNSP);Establishment of the UNICEF-Kenya Government Programme of Co-operation with Ministry of HomeAffairs and National Heritage- Childrens Department;Re-Conceptualization and Coordination and Improvement of Government and Non-GovernmentalChildren Service towards their Improved Protection and Rehabilitation; including the eventualEstablishment of Non-Formal Schools, and the Non-Formal Education Unit in the Ministry ofEducation;Heightened and Enhanced Advocacy & Awareness Creation of CEDC/CNSP Plight and Rights inKenya;Sustained Lobbying and eventual Development and Legislation of Kenyas current Child Law Bill.Protection of Children as per Caps 141 of the Act of the Laws of Kenya;Advocacy & Awareness Creation of CEDC/CNSP Plight and Rights in Kenya;Raised National level Awareness on Family Counselling and Integration with Legal Services;Raised Awareness on Rights of Access, Maintenance and Custody, Foster Care and AdoptionProvisions;Contributed immensely and ably to the culmination of the ongoing above stated UNICEF KenyaCountry Office and the Kenya Government Programme of Cooperation from early 1990s. e Let C om Victoria Kioko U sR +254 0713 286 668 easo n To gether Makueni County Independent Candidate