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  • Blogging and guest posting alone is free but takes time, Facebook Ads are a fast track to building a community and trust
  • Mari smithfinal

    1. 1. Facebook Ads Case Studies Victoria Gibson Facebook Ads SpecialistFacebook Page:
    2. 2. Why Facebook Ads? User Control - You create the ad and control the budget and the targeting Superior Targeting - Built off the back of the world’s largest social network Value - Much cheaper than traditional media - Starts an ongoing relationship
    3. 3. What Can They Do?Engagement Awareness Traffic Likes List Building
    4. 4. First Ask• WHY do you want to advertise?• WHAT do you want to advertise?• WHO do you want to advertise to?• WHAT action do you want them to take?• HOW MUCH do you want to spend?
    5. 5. Case Study 1James Wedmore, co-founder of Video Traffic Academy, teaches his students how to generate massive resultsusing simple little videos on YouTube. Hes written books, created products and taught live from stage and throughhundrends of webinars. And even though hes done all while maintaining a “real life”, the best part is seeing hundreds ofhis students take action on what he teaches and literally TRANSFORM their businesses and their lives.
    6. 6. Objectives• Webinar Registrations• List Building• 10 Program Sales @ $97 each
    7. 7. Ad Executions Only 3 Ads Per Campaign - Facebook Will Favor One Split Test By Image First, Keeping Other Variables Constant Include Clear Benefit and Call To Action Targeted Social Media Marketers Via Precise Interest Targeting:Social Media Today, Mari Smith, Social Media Examiner, Amy Porterfield Demographics: US Males & Females 25-45
    8. 8. Results: No. Of Imp/No. Of Clicks Cost Per 1000 Displays No. Of ClicksNo. Of Times Ad Is Displayed No. Of Likes Amount Spent Avg. Cost Per Click We Sent Clicks Off Facebook
    9. 9. Results:• 4 Week Campaign• ROI =1.44• No previous advertising, only marketed via one-time launch• No. Of Sales = 20• List Increased by 559
    10. 10. Image Is Everything• High Impact• Relevant• Faces• Text Overlay• Graphics
    11. 11. Case Study 2 Juice Detox Delivery Based In Australia Online & Offline Business
    12. 12. Objectives• Brand Awareness (Brand Less Than 1 Year Old With New Brick & Mortar Store)• Increase Page Likes• Increase Detox Deliveries
    13. 13. Ad Executions Combination of Social Ads (Sponsored Stories & Page Posts) & Traditional Ads Contests were also used Targeted Women’s Lifestyle Brands Including Magazines and Workout Wear Women 25-50 In Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, Australia Split Test Age Bands and Targeting (Separated Lifestyle and Exercise Brands)
    14. 14. Results 2-Month Campaign Results vs.2-Week Campaign Results with “Sweet-Spot” Targeting
    15. 15. Results• These results show the effectiveness of refining your targeting as you go• Testing different target groups allowed us to find the optimal group (the “sweet-spot) and this yielded much better results• You can only improve your ads as you test and optimise, so you need to be prepared to invest upfront in testing• This 10 Week campaign has increased Likes by
    16. 16. What Should Your Ads Say?• Ask A Question or Make Statement• Include A Call To Action• Focus On Benefits• Connect To Target Audience
    17. 17. Where Do You Send Them?• On Or Off Facebook• Capture The Lead & The Like• Use Video• Sell By Webinar• Make It Relevant To Ad Copy
    18. 18. Who To Target? Go to Get granular Power in Keep your reachPrecise Targeting under 200,000 Research your audience online
    19. 19. How Much Will It Cost?• Bid CPM?• Use Advanced Bidding Mode• Bid in Suggested Range• Watch Impressions and Adjust Your Bid
    20. 20. Optimization• Test Campaign Groups• Refresh Ads• Increase Bid To Get More Impressions• Follow a Theme or Category for Precise Interests
    21. 21. Test Your Offer• Not testing is the biggest single mistake people make• Make several variations of each ad and test• Pause under-performers• Only put a couple of ads in each campaign• Targeting and testing have the most influence on performance • Performance = Value
    22. 22. Take Action NowWant More Detailed Hands OnSupport Or Campaign Services?