Facebook Ads What's Working Right Now November 2013


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Presentation as part of the Social Media Superhero Summit

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Facebook Ads What's Working Right Now November 2013

  1. 1. What You’ll Learn The Top 3 Strategies working RIGHT NOW on Facebook Insider tips on getting Facebook Ads to work for you How changes to Facebook can influence how your ads perform and why they keep disapproving your ads
  2. 2. Generate more leads • Tap into the ads that get you the best value clicks • Get real with your targeting • Leverage your email list to attract like-minded clients
  3. 3. Why Facebook Ads? Highly Targeted You Control How MuchYou Spend Over 1 billion users
  4. 4. Which Facebook Ads Work Best? You want clicks to your landing page where you can get your leads
  5. 5. LINK ADS Right Placement Newsfeed Placement 55c Clicks 25c Clicks Which gets clicked on more?
  6. 6. VIDEO ADS More Social Engagement Newsfeed Placement 10c Clicks to Play HIGHEST CLICK- THROUGHS
  7. 7. IMAGES
  8. 8. Easy Targeting • Graph Search • Refine The Search
  9. 9. Power Editor • Download as a Chrome Extension • Custom Audiences (Lookalike) • Partner Categories • Unpublished Page Posts
  10. 10. Top 3 Strategies Working Right Now • Link Ads That Go Direct To Landing Page or Website • Video Ads • UploadYour List to Custom Audiences using Power Editor Targeted Email Leads Should CostYou Less Than $5
  11. 11. DONT’S • BOOST posts • Use Page Likes as an ad objective
  12. 12. Disapproved? • Images - too racy or offensive • No shock or scare tactics • Promise easy money making or work from home opportunities • Promote gambling or alcohol outside legality • No impression of non-existent functionality
  13. 13. Disapproved? • Too much text in Page Post Image • GRID TOOL http://www.facebook.com/ads/ tools/text_overlay
  14. 14. Disapproved? • GRID TOOL http://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay
  15. 15. Don’t Waste Money on Facebook Ads • Go for LEADS over Likes • Choose the right landing page • Test, optimize and monitor - don’t pay more than $1 a click • Limit your initial ads, you will see if it is working once you spend $50 to $100 This is general advice, but if you need specific advice you need a someone to take you by the hand and offer CUSTOM advice.
  16. 16. SELL MORE WITH FACEBOOK ADS • MODULE 1: Customer Targeting • MODULE 2: High Impact Copy & Headlines • MODULE 3: Creating Winning Campaigns • MODULE 4: KeepYour Costs Down VALUE $297 Video training...
  17. 17. YOU ALSO GET... • PRIVATE Facebook Group for more Questions and Access To Me • Victoria’s Insider Resources & Hacks VALUE $500 SPECIAL PRICING $97 + THESE BONUSES JUST FOR SMSS
  18. 18. What They’re Saying...
  19. 19. ALL THIS? Quick Start Guide - LaysYOUR Foundation and SetsYou Up PLUS 4 Facebook Ad Training Modules: FindYour Customers $497 Create Great Ads $297 Set Up Effective Campaigns $397 Manage Them To Pay Less! $497 AND LIMITED PRICING & ACCESS TO PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP DON’T PAY $797....
  20. 20. All You Need + Me Guiding You ACT Now To CLAIM SPECIAL PRICING $97 http://smss2013.com/victoria *Only Open For Next 100 Orders*
  21. 21. EXTRA Bonuses Go Now To http://smss2013.com/victoria 1. Updated Customer Audience Method 2. HowTo UseVideo Ads 3. HowTo Get Phone Numbers
  22. 22. 60 Day Risk-Free Guarantee If you don’t believe after completing the course that you have the tools and knowledge to blitz your own Facebook Ad Campaigns then I will happily refund your money after 60 Days http://smss2013.com/victoria
  23. 23. Q&A’s