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Selfies: The Pinnacle of Self-Expression in the 20th Century


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Selfies: The Pinnacle of Self-Expression in the 20th Century

  1. 1. By: Victoria FultonPhoto  by  author  Photo  by  author  
  2. 2. Photo  by  Re-cula-ng  (Flickr)  
  3. 3. Photo  by:  Jeff  Palacois  (Flickr)  
  4. 4. Photo  by:  jkdksh  (Flickr)  
  5. 5. Photo  by:  eldh  (flickr))  
  6. 6. Together, these tools allowUsers to not only Communicate,but shape they we are and howthey are perceived
  7. 7. Photo  by:  shu>erbox  (flickr)  
  8. 8. THE SELFIEDun, dun, dun….
  9. 9. Photo  by:  Wes-­‐cpmg  (Flickr)  Photo  by:  Wes-­‐cpmg  (Flickr)  
  10. 10. Photo  by:  Ashley.L.Shea  (Flickr)  
  11. 11. “with2/3Of womenadmitting To the self-snaps” - Jillian McHugh
  12. 12. Photo  by:  nar.sins  (flickr)  
  13. 13. - Jillian McHughPhoto  by:  Alex_pioV3san  (flickr)  
  14. 14. Does this make us Narcissistic?Express ourselves… some would argue we simply seek reassurance orConfirmation; others feel we simply want to…
  15. 15. Photo  by  author  
  16. 16. Selfies are expressions and statementsThat can help show others who you are
  17. 17. We rely heavily “on the Judgments, appraisals, and perceptions”of our friends to develop our sense of self…-Christine EricksonPhoto  by  author  
  18. 18. Photo  by:  RebekkaO-llie  
  19. 19. There then, becomes ad I s c o n n e c tBetween ones online self and theirReal life identity
  20. 20. Photo  by  author  
  21. 21. Photo  by:  cpowell607  
  22. 22. Photo  by:  shu>erbugamar  (flickr)    
  23. 23. As technology grows, we must be wearyOf how social media influences ourSelf-identity, and ensure are weexpressing Ourselves in a way thatstaysTrue to who we are…
  24. 24. Photo  by:  Brennana93  
  25. 25. CREDITSAll photos are downloaded from Flickr and licensedUnder the Creative Commons Non-Commercial share-Alike 3.0 agreement or taken by author
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