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Victoria falls


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This presentation covers the basic information about Victoria Falls a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the seven natural wonders of the world .It suitable for investors ,tourists and travelers.Find more at

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Victoria falls

  1. 1. VICTORIA FALLS All you need to know presentation
  2. 2.  BRIEF DESCRIPTION  -The Victoria falls are the world's largest waterfalls  -Shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia  -Zimbabwe has approximately 75% of the view points and Zambia 25%  -It is a unesco world heritage sight.  -Stretching over a width of 1700m and standing 108m high  -It ls the only place that rains 24/7 in the world  -It is one of the seven wonders of the world  -Receives more than 150 000 000 visitors annually  -Was discovered by David Livingstone  - The falls are twice as high as Niagara falls
  3. 3. LOCATION  Matabeleland North Province on the Zimbabwean side  Southern bank of the Zambezi river.
  4. 4. HISTORY  They were discovered by David Livingstone in 1855  The Tonga people lived along the Zambezi river and named the falls 'Mosia oa tunya‘  The Victoria falls town began to attract attention from as early a 1901  .In 1905 a bridge was constructed linking Zimbabwe and Zambia  The falls were inscribed in the world heritage list in1989 by unesco
  6. 6. The spray of the falls causes rain to rain 24/7 non stop This is the only place on earth that rains 24/7 It has plenty flora and fauna and they are rare spices that are only found on this forest. Rain forest
  7. 7. FASCINATING GEOLOGICAL LANDFORMS  Geologists and scholars interested in the study of unique landforms are always intrigued by the falls  Most visit for study purposes ,some for experiments, some for proof and many other reasons  These landforms always attract academics from different fields.
  8. 8. WEDDINGS AND HONEYMOON  most couples from royal families and celebrities choose this place for weddings and honeymoon due to  Unique landforms, beautiful rainbows  luxurious wedding cruises in the Zambezi
  9. 9. WWW.VICFALLS-ADVENTURES.COM  WE HAVE PREPARED A MORE DETAILED ARTICLE ON OUR WEBSITE AND A PDF  VISIT FOR MORE INFORMATION OR CLICK LINK BELOW  -The Contents on the article include  -Tips on health and safety  -Accommodation -Activity booking  -Best deals available and many more