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Car rental victoria falls pdf


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Car rental Victoria falls ,this e book contains tip on how to hire a car for your Victoria falls trip ,it also includes popular scams associated and solutions

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Car rental victoria falls pdf

  1. 1. 1 2018 FREE VISITOR INFORMATION E.BOOK BY VICTORIA FALLS ADVENTURES “To catch the reader's attention, place an interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”
  2. 2. 2 1.HOW TO USE THIS BOOK 3 2.INTRODUCTION 4 3.OPTIONS TO CONSIDER FOR CAR RENTAL VICTORIA FALLS 5 4.BRINGING A FRIEND 'S CAR OR YOUR OWN 6 5.USING COMPANY CARS FROM SOUTH AFRICA OR NEIGHBORING COUN- TRIES 7 (i)Other documents 7 6.RENTING A CAR IN SOUTH AFRICA THEN DRIVE IT IN 8 7.RENTING A CAR IN ZIMBABWE 8 (i) Requirements for online car rental in Victoria falls 9 8.OTHER OPTIONS OTHER THAN RENTING A CAR IN VICTORIA FALLS 10 9.COMMON CHALLENGES & SCAMS FACED BY PEOPLE WHEN RENTING CARS 11 (a) Documentation challenges . 11 (b) To much road blocks 11 (c) Credit card and passport withholding 11 (d) C.V.G (Commercial Vehicle Guarantee) Scam About $120 for Hire Vehicles (e)Hidden costs 11 10.CONCLUSION 12 CONTENTS NEWSLETTER TITLE
  3. 3. 3 How to Use This Book There are also hyper-links throughout the guide (blue text). Clicking on these will take you through to more in-depth information on our site or to relevant information in this guide. A lot of the information contained here will be useful to you once you are at Victoria Falls. Disclaimer All the information in this book is provided as a general guide only. We, the authors, Victoria falls adventures , do not express or imply anything regarding the accuracy or reliability of this information or its suitability for a particular purpose. We have made every effort to ensure the information contained within this book is correct, and we expressly disclaim any liability or responsibility for the accuracy of the information in this book or for any loss, injury or inconvenience by any per- son using this book. It is your responsibility to confirm the accuracy, curren- cy, validity and suitability of all the information we offer. WE DO NOT MAKE ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRAN- TIES, REPRESENTATIONS OR ENDORSEMENTS WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTIULAR PURPOSE) WITH REGARD TO THE BOOK, THE MATERIALS, ANY PRODUCTS, INFOR- MATION OR SERVICE PROVIDED THROUGH THE BOOK, OR ANY SERVICES LISTED THERE- IN, AND WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY COST OR DAMAGE ARISING EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM THE USE OF THIS BOOK
  4. 4. 4 Car rental in Victoria falls is very much pos- sible ,there are a variety of op- tions to consider for it to be possi- ble .We discuss some of these issues in this e- book, including some of the scams and chal- lenges and how to avoid them. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CAR RENTAL IN VICTORIA FALLS Car rental Victoria falls offers a wide range of choices. These in- clude but are not lim- ited to the type of car, budget, intended use ,which companies do you wish to do busi- ness with and many oth- er. This e-book will try to explore some of the best ways to use ,so that you are able to rent or bring a car smoothly as per your liking. BY VICTORIA FALLS ADVENTURES  BEFORE WE GO FURTHER ,ITS PROPER TO DISCUSS ABOUT US. We are a committed group of writers, who are interested in African tourism ,we have a Passion of tell- ing the whole world not only about "mosia o ya tunya"[the smoke that thunders]but the whole Afri- can story ,the deep African fascinating mystery tourist attractions, however we are fanatics of all the joyful and exciting moments of Victoria falls .Life is very short and we all need to enjoy every moment thus why we fill that the joy happening in Victoria falls must be shared with every one .Moreover, we give advise on how to prepare your trip ,accommodation, flight booking ,latest events ,news and many other helpful tips about adventure in Victoria falls.
  5. 5. 5 There are many issues and options to consid- er .Most people consid- er their budget first .Car rental prices in Victoria falls range from $250- $1000.There are a varie- ty of options for it to suite your budget.Most people argue that rent- ing a car in South Afri- ca ,through trust- ed South African web- sites like a and many other be- low .These give you options which una- vailable in Zimba- bwe ,whichinclude un- limited mileage and flexible daily rates from 150 km free and after that $1.50 per kilo- meter .In most cases some South African rental companies can also give you an option to pick the car at Harare international airport or Victoria falls international airport. On the other hand most peo- ple also prefer Rental cars South Africa ,because, it gives you the latter options but with flexible terms men- tioned before.However ,this option has its own merits and de-merits which we will dis- cuss on at a later stage. OPTIONS TO CONSIDER FOR CAR RENTAL IN VICTORIA FALLS Page 5VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 FLYING HAPPLY ,WITHIN OUR BUDGET AND IN STYLE VISIT CHEAP FLIGHTS.COM TODAY
  6. 6. 6 BRINGING A FRIEND 'S CAR OR YOUR OWN We’re on the web Hire Vehicles  Road Access Fee – US$10 per light vehi- cle per entry into the country. Purchase at the  border.  Zimbabwe law re- quires that all vehicles have 2 x white round reflective tape on the front  bumper and 2 x 6 inch red reflective tape on the rear bumper. You can get fined if you  don’t have these.  New law (effective June 2011) states that vehicles must have two red warning tri- angles  Original or Police certified copy of vehicle registration book and a certified letter of permission to use the vehicle if the registration book is not in the drivers name.  Non Zimbabwe vehicles pay a Carbon Tax valid for 30 days. Cost depends on en- gine  size.  Below 1500cc US$6  1501 to 2000cc US$11  2001 to 3000cc US$15  3001cc and above US$30  3rd Party Insurance - cost ap- prox US$30 for the 1 month. Purchase at the border.  T.I.P - (Temporary Import Permit) No Charge. Issued at the border  C.V.G (Commercial Vehicle Guarantee) About $120 for  and a fire extinguisher with SAZ ( Standards Association of Zimbabwe) approval.  Reflactory jacket Full details The official Zimra Web- site (Zimbabwe Revenue Authori- ty) has very useful up to date in- formation on Zimbabwe customs and immigration, duties and tax- es. Some consider this paper work to much there by opting to rent a car in Victoria falls. Other people usually consider bringing a friend 's car from neigh- boring countries mainly South Africa.Those who live in neighbor- ing countries usually bring their own cars.This option has its pros and cons.To effectively bring a car into Zimbabwe one needs to bring the following documentation and comply to the following regulations.
  7. 7. 7  If one opts to use a company car,in order to bring it they need the following docu- ments. The letter of authori- ty or company letter head for company vehi- cles and for your own company .  Letter of authority from financier if ve- hicle is being fi- nanced [often re- ferred to as the border letter by most financiers/ banks]. This is mandatory on the South African side. After that you have to comply with the above on the Zimbabwean side. USING COMPANY CARS FROM SOUTH AFRICA OR NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES Other documents On the Zimbabwean side you need to produce docu- mentation that include , bona fide visitor to Zimba- bwe meaning be a non citizen of Zimbabwe .If you are a Zimbabweans citizen resident outside Zimba- bwe you need to provide proof inform of a valid per- mit ,endorsed passport and immigration and stamp allocating the days to remain in Zimbabwe .Make sure that the vehicle is out of Zimbabwe as allocated on the temporary import permit. Failing to comply will attract a minimum of US400 or vehicle is impounded or both .To some people this process is tiresome and confusing hence they opt for other options
  8. 8. 8 This is one of the options mostly done by people who may want to al- so tour places in South Afri- ca ,Botswana and Zam- bia.This howev- er ,may depend on the company 's policies and regulations.In most cases it has some ad- vantages like ,most com- panies facili- tate border documents them- selves,moreove r ,if you en- counter chal- lenges the company may be of greater help .It has it's own disadvantages ,in most cases if not well calculated it can present a lot of challenges like time constrains,hidden expenses and many oth- er .Moreover ,when choosing a rental car company be cau- tious of the terms they offer eg. do they cover Zimbabwe or not .e.t.c RENTING A CAR IN SOUTH AFRICA THEN DRIVE IT IN RENTING A CAR IN ZIMBABWE els offered include hyndai au- tos.Europcar has of- fices in Victoria falls airport terminal it opens from Monday to Sunday.You can rent a car upon arri- val at the airport but this often presents some inconveniences like getting expensive cars,finding no avail- able car and many other challenges.We advice visitors to pre book cars online this gives them plenty of op- tions to look at.It gives you time to look for good deals and deals that suite you. Booking your car online serves you from headaches because Victoria falls is a small town and booking offices are relatively small hence physical booking upon arrival will not be guaranteed ,hence pre booking is better it serves 25% money and time. Although the country is considered to have the most expensive rental cars in the world .Renting a car in Zimbabwe can serve time and some- times it can be cheaper and conven- ient .The popular companies available in Victoria falls in- clude Europcar,impal a,Avis and many oth- er.The popular mod-
  9. 9. 9 Requirements for online car rental in Victoria If you successfully book through online plat- forms.Companies will need your driver's license ,valid credit card and additional proof of identity [such as passport if you are renting from abroad ]these are re- quired upon arrival at the airport for you to get your car.Europcar has offices in Harare[corner st Particks Rd &Airport Rd].In Bulawayo there are at Airport ter- minal.They offer a range of cars including Chevrolet aveo,Hyundai 120 etc.There are also other compa- nies that offer online booking like keddy,budget etc.Make sure you read carefully their rental terms before making any arrangements. We have selected a careful set of companies known to be good .We arranged some links both inside this article and below.Our thrust is to make sure that you encounter no challenges thus why we recommend you use rental for car rental Victoria falls.Rental cars is a trusted international car booking company .
  10. 10. 10 OTHER OPTIONS OTHER THAN RENTING A CAR IN VICTORIA FALLS .People who normally visit Victoria falls for other reasons choose not to rent a car.Some use buses and according to a review on lonely plan- et the buses are excellent .There is also an option to use a train that services the Harare-Bulawayo-Victoria falls route. Other people argue that Victoria falls is a small town ,which is easily accessible on foot .However,this depends with what you opt to do.Other people use the popular airport transfer methods which cost approx $14-40.Others use hotel shuttle services because normally if you book in advance they will arrange airport transfer for you .Other people use taxi that cost $5 per person .We have arranged quick online links for all these services
  11. 11. 11 COMMON CHALLENGES & SCAMS FACED BY PEOPLE WHEN RENTING CARS Documentation challenges . Usually people face this challenge when bringing a car from South Africa to Zimbabwe .Mostly this will be due to failure to comply with documentation requirements .To make sure you avoid this challenge check with your com- pany on the documentation issues and understand their terms .If you are bringing your own car make sure your paper work is up to date . To much road blocks Most people come un-prepared for this ,although the situation has im- proved Zimbabwe has a lot of police road blocks and some times they can be a menace because within the ranks of the police are some untrustwor- thy officers they may require tips and bribes.To avoid this make sure you have the correct documentation .If you are found guilty make sure you ask for a receipt-form called the Z69[S] Admition of Guilt.If you don't want to pay or cannot pay on the spot ask for a form called the 265 for payment of at any police station within 7 days .If you have any queries with the police ask for their name ,force number and contact the National Complaints 24/7 number [04]703631 Credit card and passport withholding There unscrupulous people who roam around the borders and the Victoria Falls town as booking agents and helpers.In most cases they need exorbi- tant amounts of money failure to which they withhold your valuable docu- ments.To avoid this never allow anyone to withhold these documents.Even car rental companies should not withhold these but should only verify and give them back.If you need assistance avoid getting it from everyone but go to official desks. C.V.G (Commercial Vehicle Guarantee) Scam About $120 for Hire Vehicles There are reports that some un-trustworthy individuals at the border and others in the police force force you to pay this money even if you are using your own car or cars that are exempted from paying this money .If you fill that you are being duped or if you find your self in this mess kindly and polity ask for the name of the official and point out that you want to forward them to the responsible authorities to confirm if what they are saying is correct.If you are liable to pay it ,it should not be above US$120. Hidden costs This challenge usually comes from Rental car companies .Also they may give you car with insurance that leaves you vulnerable in case of an emer- gency .To avoid this make sure you understand the company 's terms be- fore booking.
  12. 12. 12 CONCLUSION Thank You for reading our E-book feel free to com- ment ,make additions ,ask questions ,send feedback. We have done a summary below containing quick links. This is a careful selection of car rental companies and different service providers .We are happy to disclose that if you suc- cessfully make an arrangement through some of these links we get a commission. This motivates us to keep writ- ing good articles, it keeps our site alive and some of the proceeds go to charity . USEFUL LINKS ZIMBABWE CAR RENTAL COMPA- NIES Rental OTHER USEFUL RESOURCES Updated Road and town maps Tom-Toms Visit website today for more