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Victoria Chart Company Reward Charts for positive child development


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Award winning reward charts for positive development in children.
Fun and visually appealing for children, designed to suit different age groups.
Our charts can be customized to the individual need of your child.
Support children through life-stage developments.
Creates great adult and child interaction.
Help parents feel good about their child’s progress.

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Victoria Chart Company Reward Charts for positive child development

  1. 1. Reward charts for paren Reward charts for positive development in children and families “Making parenting that little bit easier!” ©The Victoria Chart Company
  2. 2. Our Charts …        “Award winning!” are fun and visually appealing for children clearly show children how well they are doing are designed to suit different age groups can be customized to the individual need of your child educate children through life-stage developments encourage great adult and child interaction help parents feel good about their child’s progress. ©The Victoria Chart Company
  3. 3. Our Consumer Range … “Also available wholesale” Good Night Sleep Tight Reward Chart (2yr+) Create a healthy, solid bedtime routine Ultimate Potty Training Reward Chart (4yr+) Help young children to successfully accomplish potty training Tooth Care Reward Chart (2yrs+) Help children to regularly brush their teeth and to educate on general tooth care ©The Victoria Chart Company
  4. 4. “Also available wholesale” Our Consumer Range (continued) … My Big Star Chart (1yr+) Ideal to support the life development of a toddler My Growing Up Chart (4yr+) Ideal for children taking the big step into elementary school My Credit Chart (7yrs+) Ideal to build self-esteem encouraging independence and motivation You may also like … My Vacation Journal (4yrs+) A fun activity book for children to complete during school vacation ©The Victoria Chart Company
  5. 5. “Get your message across” Our Business to Business Service …  We create bespoke products on behalf of organizations and charities whose focus is helping and educating children  We design each product to support your required field and oversee the manufacturing  We work closely with health and education professionals in the development of every product  Our products prove to be an innovative way for organizations to educate, support and engage with their families  Organizations we have worked with include: - pharmaceutical companies local government authorities schools and preschools police service family law association premature baby and maternity units football clubs military. ©The Victoria Chart Company
  6. 6. The Kiddlies®…      “Because every child is different!” Our range of Kiddlies® characters support all of our products Like all children each Kiddlies® character has its individual quirks and personality. Read each Kiddlies® character profile on our ‘Meet the Kiddlies®’ page of our website. Our Kiddlies® characters can be used on bespoke business to business products to help get a message across The Kiddlies® are easily adaptable for any media. ©The Victoria Chart Company
  7. 7. Why us … “Experts in the field of positive development in children”  We have seven years experience in producing charts and products supporting children’s life-stage development  As well as a registered office in the Florida and access to full production facilities, we also have UK headquarters in London   All of our charts are designed with our ‘Encourage & Praise®’ ethos to help parents and caregivers focus on the positives when nurturing their children through everyday life Our charts carry our Kiddlies® range of characters  Our products are consumer tested with product liability insurance. Intellectual property is protected by ACID  Our products have won various awards. ©The Victoria Chart Company
  8. 8. “We’d love to hear from you!” Ways to reach and connect with us …  US Office: The Victoria Chart Company LLC 4500 140th Avenue North, Suite 101 Clearwater FL 33762  UK Office: The Victoria Chart Company Ltd PO Box 388 Sevenoaks Kent TN13 9GX (727) 466 4719 08451 302 334 ©The Victoria Chart Company