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Soap analysing


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Published in: Education
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Soap analysing

  1. 1. Website nestled in Strap at top caters for change in audience habits. Dates information ismasthead gives “FREEVIEW” in red draws eye of older loyal audience. valid for. This Mag isaudience another way published access the brand.This encourages brandloyalty. Simple, restrained colour scheme creates a high quality product. Red drawsMasthead extends readers eye as it stands outbeyond image and has a from the white.shadow behind it, so itstands out from thepage. All text except strap is in lower case - grammatically correct. More mature, modeOldest Trusted by of address. a wide Audience Headings in bold, sub-headings same font, but black.Produced by the BBC Star’s eye in centre of the page,Three features arranged breaking the rule of thirds, anddown side of the page part of his face is negative space nextto star. The star is famous enough to attract audiences even when he is hidden from view.Caption anchored onstars lapel. Name ofprogramme, day and Main Feature: “Doctor Who” is thechannel. Gives audience largest on the page, anchoring theeasy access. Barcode, price, region. Region is given star. because times and programmes change. “Is there life after...” creates a story for the audience to follow.
  2. 2. Star’s head intersects and “Supplement of the year”covers middle of masthead encourages audience to trust this new brandHolly Willoughby is anaspirational figure for theaudience Headings and sub- headings in upper case serif to separate thisMasthead is lower- case, magazine from other freelooks hand written or like tabloid supplementsit’s been written in lipstickto appeal to a youngfemale audience “Saturday Night Diva” overlaps star so she is clearly anchoredMasthead reaches beyond the edges of the page to Star is clearly displaying create a lively “organised dress, make up and chaos” accessories to create a need for material goods in the audience“Fabulous” implies aglamorous lifestyle Three colour scheme creates a controlled house style that implies high quality
  3. 3. Punctuation creates Dates information is Wide Banner at the toprhetorical questions valid for. This magazine catches audience’s eyeand excitement?! is published fortnightly. on news stand as it is different to other soapSIX images gives reader mag’s.value for money. Wide Banner, “2 weeksEIGHT colours make revealed” implies valuethis publication bright, for and cheerful. All CANTED text isShots are taken from tilted in the samethe soaps – freeze direction and to theframe. same degree. Nothing is random.It looks ripped at thetop and makes it look Website shown so giveslike it was constructed audience another wayin a rush – this is news to access the brand.fresh.Trying to create Size of font getsorganised chaos by gradually smaller whenusing boxes then descending the pagemanipulating features which gives theand images so they audience an overview ofextend beyond the edge. the size of each story. “Britain’s No.1 soap fortnightly”. Highlighting number one in read implying to the audience its the best choice to buy.