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Question 3 - Audience Feedback


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Question 3 - Audience Feedback

  1. 1. Question 3What have you learnt from audience feedback?
  2. 2. Feedback from my trailer…PositiveO ‘The music fits in really well with the trailer’O ‘I like the edits and camera angles they help tell the story very well’O ‘Order is great and music works well’O ‘Good variety of shots and soundtrack works well’O ‘A good use of steady and handheld shots to add to the tension.’O ‘The soundtrack used helps create suspense and links to the storylines used.’O ‘The edits make the trailer look professional and the audience is left wanting to watch more.’O ‘The transitions work well and the music fits in very well with the story’O ‘The order and soundtrack tell the story really well and create a lot of suspense’O ‘There is also a really good variety of shot types.’O ‘Really good story line that’s easy to follow’O ‘Music helps create tension and makes audience want to watch the show as it is intriguing’
  3. 3. NegativeO ‘Make the characters voices louder over the music’O ‘If you want put the E4 logo in.’O ‘Make sure the backing music doesnt drown out the dialogue to much’O ‘You just need to make sure the characters voices are louder so we can here them more clearly’O ‘Just make sure that the characters voices can be heard clearly over the soundtrack and add a title’O ‘Dialogue could be louder’O ‘In some scenes make the dialogue louder over the music so it is clearer to the audience’O ‘Dialogue is hard to hear at time so make music quiter in the background’
  4. 4. How I learnt and acted upon my feedback…After receiving audience feedback, I acted upon this toimprove my products.The trailer feedback made me learn that the music isclearly a distraction to audiences. So, to improve thiserror I reduced the level of the soundtrack and increasethe volume of the actors voices. It also made merealised the E4 logo wasn’t involved in my trailer so Iadded that on as well. Finally, the audience feedbackpraised the transitions so I made sure to have clean cuttransitions from beginning to end – including the titlecard – as I understand it helped the audience follow thestoryline.
  5. 5. Feedback from Ancillary 1 – Magazine Front Cover
  6. 6. How I learnt and acted upon my feedback…I worked together for my ancillaries with a groupmember – Catherine Tansey.For our second draft attempt, we decided to use a morebrighter colour to accent the front cover story more. Wechose the colour yellow and think it made the covermore distinct. Also, we took out the borders thatcovered our characters face as we learnt it crowds herimage. We added the price to make the magazine morerealistic. Finally, we learnt it was important to haveyour soap name on the cover which we hadn’t included.So, to finish tweaking we added our soap name andmade sub headings more appropriate and sharp.
  7. 7. Feedback from Ancillary 2 - Billboard
  8. 8. How I learnt and acted upon my feedback…Again, I worked together with Catherine Tansey onthis Ancillary.We learnt from this audience feedback that weneeded to adjust the billboard to fit in with oursoap and brand criteria. We did this by adding anE4 strap using the E4 style guide to help us. Thisbenefited us as we learnt the width of the strap andwhere it needs to be placed on the poster. We alsochanged the font to the correct E4 branding oneand edited the image on Photoshop to make itmore professional.