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Twitter webinar 12.9.15


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During this webinar, you will hear from social media strategists from USAGov and Salud America! They will share with attendees their experience coordinating and managing bilingual Twitter Chats. You will learn what is the best way to get started, how to choose the best topic and promote the chat, when it’s a good idea to partner with other organizations and how to measure success.

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Twitter webinar 12.9.15

  1. 1. #SomosSocial: Twitter Chats – How to Do Them Effectively
  2. 2. 11,700,000+ U.S. Hispanics on Twitter Sources: Twitter / DB5 / Ahzul, Hispanic User Profile, 2014; *U.S. Census, 2010; **Selig Center of Multicultural Economy Report, 2012; ***U.S. Twitter Users by Race/Ethnicity, eMarketer, 2014
  3. 3. 24%Of Twitter users are Hispanic 43%Prefer to tweet in English AND in Spanish 81%Of Hispanic users access Twitter through a mobile device
  4. 4. ¡Sí! Digitally Savvy! ■ Hispanics make up 24% of Twitter users an over index on Twitter usage by 30% ■ 81% of users check Twitter at least one a day versus 76% of general users ■ 81% check Twitter at least once a day ■ 61% tweet at least once a day Sources: Twitter / DB5 / Ahzul, Hispanic User Profile, 2014; *U.S. Census, 2010; **Selig Center of Multicultural Economy Report, 2012; ***U.S. Twitter Users by Race/Ethnicity, eMarketer, 2014
  5. 5. What We’ll Cover How to: 1. Fulfill your mission to do outreach 2. Identify key topics for your audience 3. Decide language elements 4. Build partnerships 5. Contact influencers 6. Measure your efforts
  6. 6. 1. Planning When a Twitter chat is a good idea
  7. 7. Choosing A Hashtag 1. Easy to Remember 2. Make It Unique 3. Short
  8. 8. Choosing A Topic 1. Launch of a new campaign 2. Relevant Topics 3. Know Your Audience 4. Know Your Partners
  9. 9. Choosing Partners 1. Research 2. Relevant Partners 3. Experts / Influencers On the Topic
  10. 10. Set the Time 1. Find a Time That’s Suitable For Your Audience / Partners 1. Make the Time Clear 2. Promote; Promote; Promote
  11. 11. 2. Content and Questions Focus on top themes
  12. 12. Anticipate Questions Preparation is always key 1. Be ready to answer questions live; have resources ready 2. Have questions and answers prepared 3. Look at what questions people are asking about the subject you’re intending to cover
  13. 13. Leverage Your Data and Audience Ideas: ■ Look at what’s performed well or what topics are really popular for your audience ■ Ask your audience what they’d like to learn more about ■ Research an angle that’s not already being covered widely ■ Leverage hashtags being used
  14. 14. 3. Partnering and Influencers When it’s a good idea
  15. 15. Jumping on Opportunities
  16. 16. 4. Language English? Spanish? “Spanglish”?
  17. 17. SpanglishEnglish Spanish Mix Matching Hashtags and Language
  18. 18. 5. Execution Make it count
  19. 19. Coordination 1. Pick a topic and hashtag - preferably unique unless this is part of a larger effort 2. Write out anticipated questions and answer them. 3. Figure out whom will answer what questions. 4. Draft messages that include your hashtag that drive traffic to your site. Communication 1. Promotion messages via social media channels, from a feature on our website, via e-mail 2. Make a conference call line available to discuss any technical issues or other topics during the chat. 3. Monitor for questions from the public or influencers. Post Lessons Learned ■ Regroup to discuss chat and what could be improved in the future ■ Take inventory of which tweets and topics did well and what resonated ■ Take note of who participated Three Critical Components
  20. 20. Images At the heart of every successful campaign. Pro tip: include partners or tag them on Twitter All Campaigns Should Feature Images People Can Share
  21. 21. Examples of Promotion
  22. 22. Examples of Promotion
  23. 23. 5. Metrics Measuring Impact
  24. 24. Salud Today
  25. 25. The Data
  26. 26. The Data
  27. 27.
  28. 28. Twitter Chat Storify + Promotion Use data to inform our content and social media strategy Content Lifecycle
  29. 29. Content Lifecycle Why Storify is a great way to recap a Twitter chat and archive your tweets for future content ideas. y
  30. 30. What we learn and apply Some things resonate, some things don’t. That’s OK!
  31. 31. Topics @GobiernoUSA and @USagov Has Covered Health #Asegúrate #Enroll365 #GetCovered #HHMSalud #NMHM15Storm #OurSalud #SaludTues #YesSalud Consumer #NCPW #FTCcharla #midinero Benefits #SSACharla #OurSalud #Vivienda Voter Registration #VoteUSA #HHMA #HazteCiudadano
  32. 32. Topics @SaludToday Has Covered Health #SaludTues Latino obesity—#BetterFood Latino obesity—#HealthierSchools Latino obesity—#ActiveSpaces Latino obesity—#SugaryDrinks Latino obesity—#FoodMarketing Health disparities Diabetes Cancer HIV/AIDS Parkinson’s Disease
  33. 33. Results of ACA and Cervical Cancer Chat #OurSalud
  34. 34. Other Key Takeaways to Keep in Mind Stay: CONSISTENT - don’t send tweets every three days or when you have a chat, send something at least every day CULTURALLY RELEVANT - don’t literally translate something ON MESSAGE - it builds trust, don’t suddenly switch from informal to formal use if you’re using Spanish. FOCUSED - send people to a good experience, try not to mix URLs. Unless you let them know the info is only available in English then say “en inglés” IN TOUCH - with your partners and influencers and of course...your audience!
  35. 35. Thanks! Any questions? You can find us at: @USAgov @GobiernoUSA @SaludToday
  36. 36. Credits Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ■ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ■ Photographs by Unsplash