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XPDays Ukraine: Legacy


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Presentation by Victor Polischuk for XPDays Ukraine. Describes refactoring specific of "legacy" projects and ways how to make it easy for developers.

Published in: Business, Technology
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XPDays Ukraine: Legacy

  1. 1. Refactoring: Legacy
  2. 2. Who am I? Victor Polischuk A man with a terrible character. Java architect, team leader and coach. 8+ years of software development experience. 6+ years of Java experience. Have participated in 6+ legacy projects. Have seen numbers of them. Employed in Luxoft
  3. 3. What is... Short Name DescriptionThe Highlander Old, mature projects, had been written ages ago. Paragon.Die Hard Nobody knows why it is still alive.Fashion Victims Nobody wants this sh%t anymore.Problem Child Nobody loves it.Sentenced Customer tired of supporting it, everything is up to you.Apathetic Nobody cares.
  4. 4. Rewrite or refactor?
  5. 5. What do we need...1.A legacy project2.A team of developers eager to refactor it.3.A customer convinced enough to pay for it.4.Smart tools (IDE, RegEx, File Manager etc.)5.Open mind
  6. 6. Customer vs Developer Be Honest Be a Friend Trust Do Care
  7. 7. Silly equals Budget + Time = Code + Time Ignorance = Risks Business Needs = Tech Needs
  8. 8. #1. Build procedure Target Oriented Model Project Oriented ModelEach build script is unique Every script looks like othersLow-level build instructions High-level goalsNo use of project information Reuse of project informationBuild flow or process issues Predefined build flow
  9. 9. #2. Inversion of control Reasons Reduce coupling. Increase testability. Makes further integration easier. Everybody use it.
  10. 10. Attach IoC library It is FREE!
  11. 11. XSLT Shell RegEx C# EtcJava Python Etc Etc
  12. 12. XSLT: Source<struts-config>…<action-mappings>…<action path="/logon" type="example.LogonAction"> <forward ... /> <exception ... /></action><action type="example.LogoutAction" path="/logout"/>…</action-mappings>…</struts-config>
  13. 13. XSLT: Template<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl=""><xsl:template match="/"> <beans> <xsl:apply-templates select="struts-config/action-mappings/*"/> </beans></xsl:template><xsl:template match="action"> <bean id="{@path}" class="{@type}"/></xsl:template></xsl:stylesheet>
  14. 14. XSLT: Result<beans>...<bean id="/logon" class="example.LogonAction"/><bean id="/logout" class="example.LogoutAction"/>...</beans>
  15. 15. #3. Fortify defence lineNew code Wall Old code
  16. 16. RegEx: Sourcepublic class UserQuery {...public static User getUser(String userName) {…}/** JavaDoc */private static void doSomething(Object obj) {…}/** JavaDoc */public static void saveUser(User user) throws MagicError {…}...}
  17. 17. RegEx: Interface introduction(?ms)(publics+statics+([^{]+).*?)(?=s+publics+|}s+z)public class UserQuery {...User getUser(String userName);void saveUser(User user) throws MagicError;...}
  18. 18. RegEx: Delegate methods 1voids+(w+)s*(((?:(w+)s+(w+),?s*)+))s*;void $1($2) {UserQuery.$1(<...>);}public class UserDaoImpl implements UserDao {...User getUser(String userName);void saveUser(User user) {UserQuery.saveUser(user);}...}
  19. 19. RegEx: Delegate methods 2(w+)s+(w+)s*(((?:(w+)s+(w+),?s*)+))s*;$1 $2($3) {return UserQuery.$2(<...>);}public class UserDaoImpl implements UserDao {...User getUser(String userName) { return UserQuery.getUser(userName);}void saveUser(User user) {UserQuery.saveUser(user);}...}
  20. 20. Integration StepsAttach IoC container.Convert a couple of similar classes.Develop a concept.Share it with the team.
  21. 21. #4. Transaction management Programmatic DeclarativeFull control Limited controlLow scalability High scalabilityNoise in code Clean codeHigh mistakes probability Rare mistakes
  22. 22. Shall be only one ruler TransactionManagerbegin commit rollback
  23. 23. Programmatic TM Declarative TM begin Data Access Tier commit Service Tierrollback UI Controller Tier
  24. 24. Programmatic TM Declarative TM begin get commit rollback
  25. 25. Still Working?Programmatic TM
  26. 26. Epilogue Do you really want it? Developer + Customer = Trust Just DO it Small steps Problems only