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RealSpeaker ENG for MTS


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Offer for MTS

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RealSpeaker ENG for MTS

  1. 1. US Patent 13/942,689 With enhancementOnly audio 60-70% 90-100% Google, Nuance + RealSpeaker
  2. 2. dictation banking security mobile automotive smart things telecom
  3. 3. $1M revenue 1M downloads Jan. 2015 $80k revenue 250k downloads Apr. 2014
  4. 4. + 2 business angel from the US
  5. 5. Seeking for round “A”: audio-video processing open editing database global expansion
  6. 6. Offer for MTS: agent-assisted automation
  7. 7. ovi@realspeaker.netCEO/Founder Viktor Osetrov THANK YOU!