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Real speaker team for startup sauna - 2


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Real speaker team for startup sauna - 2

  1. 1. RealSpeaker - Executive Summary ( audio-visual speech recognition) Team We exists almost 2 years and have a team of 10 people. Keys members of our team for Startup Sauna Spring 2014: CEO/Founder Viktor Osetrov - Accountant/Economists Alia Musinaалия-мусина/82/30/339 25 years, 23 years, MarSU, MarSTU - Russia KFU-Russia SMARTIQ, DeepDive - USA Grantee of LG, NAIRIT (Russian Academy of Science) Winner of Zworykin Prize Our team is supported by such organizations and institutes as Microsoft Seed Fund, Skolkovo, Startobaza, Kazan IT-Park and 2 business-angels from the US. We have NDA with Samsung, LG, Toyota, Itouchu CFO/Co-founder Renata Akhunova - Attorney/Co-founder Pavel Pogodin - CTO Artem Ignatov - Right now, we are looking for partners as well as investors for our round "A" which will be used to further R&D and marketing.