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Business Model Canvas RealSpeaker

  1. 1. RealSpeaker - Audio-visual enhancement to speech recognition systems PROBLEM Inability to Suppress Ambient Noise (audio is not reliable source of information) High Cost of Voice Recognition Applications (Nuance licenses average costs from $100 to $1000) Issues with Accuracy (paintfull to use) Low Level of Security Speaker Verification Users must speak in unnatural fashion using fragmented speech (the problem with usability) EXISTING ALTERNATIVES Keyboard typing DragonDictation for PC or Mac (very expensive costs) Google Speech recognition (only for short voice commands) Windows speech recognition (the problem with accuracy) Siri voice assistent on iOS (only for short voice commands) SOLUTION RealSpeaker uses additional video information, which allows to improve voice recognition accuracy by at least 20-30 per cent More safety because RealSpeaker have function of audio-video verification speaker's speech from the overall speech flow RealSpeaker cheaper than Nuance. Licences costs from $5 to $35 RealSpeaker have functions of voice editing and sending - more usability than Nuance UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION The average typing speed is 33 words a minute. By the means of RealSpeaker can record over 100 words a minute Multilanguage Enter text of any length with the voice and video without keyboard at any text editor or website (Notes, Facebook, Skype, Evernote, E-mail, Microsoft Office etc.) We have paid users, working prototype and good traction HIGH-LEVEL CONCEPT RealSpeaker - audio-visual enhancement to speech recognition systems OpenCV - video processing library originally developed by Intel GoogleGlass SDK - video processing library We can integrate at any speech recognition SDK: Google API, Nuance SDK, Yandex Speech Kit UNFAIR ADVANTAGE US Patent 13/942,689: “System of video enhancement for audio speech recognition solutions to improve the accuracy of audio speech recognition due to the analysis of speaker lip movements” Our team is supported by such organizations and institutes as Microsoft Seed Fund, Skolkovo, Startobaza, Kazan IT-Park, StartupSauna (Finland) Our technology can be integrate at any electronic devices We are from Russia - cheap place with good professionals CUSTOMER SEGMENTS Adults group: disablity people Professional segment: SEO, journalists, writers, bloggers, students, teachers, coachers, mentors, research specialists, focus groups Active segment: businessmen, teenagers, geeks Our technology necessary for mobile devices, smart things, speech recognition, voice navigation in the car, online banking and others EARLY ADOPTERS Bloggers, journalists, robotic geeks, journalists - our first customers We have released beta version of our product for Windows OS, which is currently in use by about 250k downloads, out of which 2k users are paid users KEY METRICS Funding: - Current Burn Rate - $1M - Seeds Round: $0,5M in 2012-2013 o $0,3M – in 2012 o $0,2M – in 2013 - Seeking 1st Round: $1,0M CHANNELS Viral channel Social services: YouTube, Facebook or others Free Torrents (Trial version of RealSpeaker) Software Vendors (MailRu Group , Digital River, SoftLine and others) COST STRUCTURE Cost per license in time: $5 for 1 month, $10 for 3 months, $15 for 6 months, 20$ for 9 months, 25$ for 12 months, $35 unlimited version Integration at any service - royalty from sales REVENUE STREAMS Revenue: - 2012: $0,025M - 2013: $0,1M - 2014: $0,5M - 2015: $15M - 2016: $100M B2C segment Business Model: Try & Buy Free version – can recognize speech to text for 3 days; 1 % conversion. B2B We have NDA with Samsung, LG, Toyota, Itouchu.
  2. 2. Lean Canvas is adapted from The Business Model Canvas ( and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Un-ported License.