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Support of containerized workloads in ONAP


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This was an overview of the things that we're woking on ONAP to make possible the execution of VNFs in Kubernetes

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Support of containerized workloads in ONAP

  1. 1. Support of Containerized Workloads in ONAP Victor Morales Cloud Software Engineer
  2. 2. Provides a comprehensive platform for real-time, policy-driven orchestration and automation of physical and virtual network functions that will enable software, network, IT and cloud providers and developers to rapidly automate new services and support complete lifecycle management.
  3. 3. Current status • Supports OpenStack based remote • Windriver Titanium • VMWare VIO • Native Kilo, Newton, Ocata, Pike… • Only VM based VNFs.
  4. 4. Proposal • Support for containerized VNFs or CNFs. • Kubernetes can be used for both VMs and Containers • Avoid multiple controllers. • Reduce number of compute nodes.
  5. 5. Uniform Storage ONAP Multi Cloud Service APP Orchestrators OSS BSS SDNC (Fabric Control) Compute Servers – Hardware (CPU/Memory/SRIOV-NIC/FPGA/GPU) etc… NFVI/VMM VM VM C C POD C POD Cloud/Edge Ceph Storage K8S Master Network Controller
  6. 6. Uniform Networking ONAP Multi Cloud Service APP Orchestrators OSS BSS SDNC (Fabric Control) Compute Servers – Hardware (CPU/Memory/SRIOV-NIC/FPGA/GPU) etc… NFVI/VMM Network1 (VLAN/VXLAN/GENEVE) Network N (VLAN/VXLAN/GENEVE) SRIOV networkingvSwitch (e.g OVSDPDK) networking VM VM C C POD C POD Cloud/Edge K8S Master Network Controller
  7. 7. MultiCloud/k8s plugin Phase 1 : - Come out Multi-Service changes - Test with VMs and containers. - Test using scripts on top of Multi-Cloud Service(simulating SO actions) - Identify TOSCA modeling changes. - Provide feedback to bigger architecture to support K8S. - Testing - DP Container: DPDK based Router - IOT infrastructure: EdgeX services as containers - Ensure that both VM and containers can exist on same networks. Model Driven API: - TOSCA fragments in API - API categories : Compute, Storage and Networks. K8S Plugin (Go lang) - Converts TOSCA to K8S API data. - Converts TOSCA VL fragment to OVN API - Uses OPNFV TOSCA parser (Python Service – Modifications are needed) Edge : - Virtlet for VMs, Dockers for Containers. - OVN for networking ONAP Run time Test Service (Simulating SO) Multi Cloud Service Existing API Openstack Plugins – VIO, Titanium, OS ocata & newton Model Driven API K8S Plugin + OVN Plugin K8S Master OVN N Controller Minion Docker, virtlet, OVN S Controller, OVS-DPDK VFW VM Router Cntnr EdgeX TOSCA parser
  8. 8. Plugin - Create VNF Workflow
  9. 9. KRD – Default configuration
  10. 10. How to contribute it? 1. Using the Kubernetes Reference Deployment (KRD) to setup an environment • 2. Attend weekly meetings • 3. Do code reviews and submit patches: • 4. Improve the documentation • • ud+regions 5. Clone source code: •
  11. 11. Collaborators Name Email Srinivasa R Addepalli Munish Agarwal Ritu Sood Shashank Shankar Ramamani Yeleswarapu Bin Hu Victor Morales