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CI/CD for everyone else


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This material was used during a presentation for the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona

Published in: Engineering
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CI/CD for everyone else

  1. 1. INTEL® CLOUD OpenStack* CI/CD for Everyone Else Victor Morales
  2. 2. INTEL® CLOUD 2 • Work for Intel since 2011 • OSIC Cloud engineer • OpenStackGDL co-founder • Passionate programmer Victor Morales
  3. 3. INTEL® CLOUD Solution and/or Idea
  4. 4. INTEL® CLOUD 4 Journey to production InfrastructureSolution/Idea to
  5. 5. INTEL® CLOUD
  6. 6. INTEL® CLOUD 6 Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently... • CI/CD Continuous Delivery is about keeping your application in a state where it is always able to deploy into production. Continuous Deployment is actually deploying every change into production, every day or more frequently. •
  7. 7. INTEL® CLOUD 7 Development Infrastructure
  8. 8. INTEL® CLOUD Put an idea in production in less than one day… that can be maintainable through application lifecycle. 8
  9. 9. INTEL® CLOUD 9 Components Implementation
  10. 10. INTEL® CLOUD 10 Components Evaluation CI/CD components  Automation server  Version Control Software  Build System  Bug Tracking System  Notifications System  Code Analysis Reports • Points to consider • License • Features • Level of integration • Installable
  11. 11. INTEL® CLOUD 11 Automation Server  License MIT  Features: – Easy installation (java –jar jenkins.war) – Easy configuration – Rich plugin ecosystem – Extensibility – Distributed builds  Email Notifications and publishing reports.  Revision Control System Integration (Git*, CVS*, Subversion*)  Authentication (Jenkins User Database, LDAP, Unix database)Jenkins*
  12. 12. INTEL® CLOUD 12 Bug Tracking System  License GPLv2  Features: – Customizable workflow/fields – Plugin API – Multiple Projects – Full-text search – Test planning integration  Notification Interfaces (Email, RSS, Atom, XMPP, Twitter)  Revision Control System Integration (Git, Mercurial, Bazaar, CVS, Subversion, Perforce, Darcs)
  13. 13. INTEL® CLOUD 13 Version Control Software  License GPLv2  Features: – Branching and Merging model – Small and Fast – Distributed – Data Assurance – Staging Area
  14. 14. INTEL® CLOUD 14 Version Control Software II  License Apache License 2.0  Features: – Git* integration – User interfaces (Web, CLI) – Support different databases – Authentication methods  It’s based on the assumption that each commit is reviewed separately Gerrit*
  15. 15. INTEL® CLOUD 15 Architecture cicd-router Hostname: gerrit Floating IP: ${gerrit_floatingip} Hostname: jenkins Floating IP: ${jenkins_floatingip} Hostname: redmine Floating IP: ${redmine_floatingip} Hostname: redmine-db Network: cicd-private Subnet: cicd-subnet( External Gateway(${var.external_gateway})
  16. 16. INTEL® CLOUD 16 Deployment Implementation
  17. 17. INTEL® CLOUD 17 Deployment tool Terraform  License Mozilla Public License v2.0  Features: – Execution Plans – Resource Graph – Focused on bootstrapping and initializing resources – Cloud-agnostic (e.g. AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack) – Provides a simple, unified syntax,
  18. 18. INTEL® CLOUD 18 Setup
  19. 19. INTEL® CLOUD 19 Demo
  20. 20. INTEL® CLOUD Future plans  High Availability (Load balancers, Clusters, etc.)  Security Improvements  Support more Cloud Providers  ImmutableServer (
  21. 21. INTEL® CLOUD 21 Thanks 
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