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We Invite You Become Our Sponsor 2018


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Crypto Сapital News invites all interested investors to become sponsors in 2018.
The subject of the letter "Sponsor 2018"

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
Warren Buffett

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We Invite You Become Our Sponsor 2018

  1. 1. Kiev, 01001,Ukraine Mob : +38 063-628-37-35 E-mail: Victor Gryshchak Themed Forum Blockchain Technology Crypto Currency Social Networking
  2. 2. «Mathematics is the gate and key to the sciences» — Roger Bacon • Thousands of programs are developed every day, and what technologies we will see in the coming years is difficult to predict. But we know for sure that the advent of digital money will change our world. Today we are watching the process of evolution in the financial sphere, which, of course, will lead to new horizons of our life with you. Products manufactured using blockchain technology, like cryptocurrency, will become more reliable and attractive to the buyer. For a narrow circle of people, these processes are understandable and accessible. But how to convey this information to a wide range of people?
  3. 3. «Silence propagates itself, and the longer talk has been suspended, the more difficult it is to find anything to say» - Samuel Johnson • And we do not intend to remain silent. The team of Crypto Capital News is designed to inform readers and communicate complex technological processes in plain language. We strive to show the reader information directly from the source, and this in turn makes us better than the "yellow journalism". Our thematic groups in social networks along with the team of CryptoCapitalNews headed by our website are going to become the mouthpiece of the financial segment of the crypto currencies and the block chain.
  4. 4. «Don't leave a stone unturned. It's always something, to know you have done the most you could» - Dickens • If you, as well as we are completely immersed in a cryptocurrency and a blockchain, then this is the proposal for you. • If you want to achieve greater recognition, wider popularity, are ready to change the financial market and have an influence in the information environment, then this offer is for you. • You have a unique opportunity to join our team as sponsors for 2018.
  5. 5. Social Network We create a plan for promoting coins. The path is heavy and long. We will fight for everyone who is in the social network. We will fight for the youth, it must change the world of finance. Yes, our youth love an innovative product, like a new iPhone, a new gadget. And the digital currency is also a "new gadget". The digital currency is something that young people should be alerted to every day and with zeal. We Crypto Capital News are aimed to become a mouthpiece from the coin developers, and to communicate to everyone through social networks about YOUR coin. What place would you not occupy in the ranking, we will fight for YOUR idol.
  6. 6. Title Sponsor (100% of the project cost): Your advertisement on our website to the right of the name Crypto Capital News 728x90 Publications of sponsorship articles for the period of validity of the agreement. Information support at events, trainings, summits, conferences, etc. Maintaining pages, blogs, forums in social networks.
  7. 7. General Sponsor (50%): Your advertisement on our website internal block 728x90 or 300x250 right column above the rubric exclusive. Publications of sponsorship articles for the period of validity of the agreement. Maintaining pages, blogs, forums in social networks.
  8. 8. Official Sponsor (25%): Your advertisement on our site over the side bar 728x90 or 300x250 under the exclusive heading Publications of sponsorship articles for the period of validity of the agreement.
  9. 9. Sponsor-Participant (10%): Your advertisement on our website at the bottom of the right block 125х125 Publications of sponsorship articles for the period of validity of the agreement.
  10. 10. About Us CEO, Victor Gryshchak For sponsors: The subject of the letter "Sponsor 2018" Talented team of young journalists and professionals who love and appreciate his work. Unique relationships with partner organizations and citizens in our target regions. We are a team, we work together on an equal footing. We involve local professionals for collaborative creation and sharing of content. Our extensive network is not only a media production, but also with people. Our website is dedicated to the use of media in an innovative way, leaving behind the old model of broadcasting and news production. We help young media producers to connect with their audience in a specific community, using a compelling narrative. Our training center believes in creativity and unconventional approach to content. We keep up with the times and introduce our articles in such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others. Our team is glad that social media and online web brings people together. We will be glad to accept your financial aid to pay for the fees of our talented journalists working on pure enthusiasm but require a small payment of road expenses are and technical support delivery and production of unique content for our website. Contact
  11. 11. Crypto Capital News is your information partner N1!!