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Southern sawg panel on hemp production in arkansas - ford


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SSAWG Presntation

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Southern sawg panel on hemp production in arkansas - ford

  1. 1. PANEL ON HEMP PRODUCTION IN ARKANSAS Dr. Victor L. Ford Interim Associate Director – Agriculture and Natural Resources Cooperative Extension Service University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture
  2. 2. Introduction • Native of Northeast Tennessee • Grew-up Working Tobacco, Vegetables, and Cattle • B.S. in Forest Resource Management • M.S. in Forestry • Containerized Seedlings in Greenhouses • Ph.D. in Forestry and Forest Products • Focused on Soil Chemistry, Tree Nutrition, and Mycology
  3. 3. Introduction • Worked 15 Years for University of Arkansas • Extension Forester • Regeneration • Marketing • Shiitake • Director, Southwest Research and Extension Center • Horticulture Crops • Beef Cattle • Forestry • Plant Pathology • Interim Associate Director, Agriculture and Natural Resources
  4. 4. Introduction • Worked 20 Years for Westvaco and MeadWestvaco • Developed Land Mapping System for Over 2.3 Million Acres • Developed Weed Control Prescriptions • Fertilization Recommendations • Water Quality • Farm Leases, Land Acquisition, and Land Disposal • Director for Three Research Facilities • Seed Orchards • Pilot Eucalyptus Project • Fiber • Biofuel • Investment Analysis • Wetlands Consultant
  5. 5. Interest in Hemp • Agriculture Venture • Fiber • Questions from Potential Producers • Potential Research and Extension Programs • Not Enough Answers and Reliable Information