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Trivia for "Trees on Mars: Microbes and Football


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Some trivia for "Trees on Mars - Microbes and Football", a short story published in Issue 10 of Luna Station Quarterly.

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Trivia for "Trees on Mars: Microbes and Football

  1. 1. If you haven‟t done so yet–read the story at Luna Station Quarterly.
  2. 2. The narrator is named after a good friend and hiking buddy of mine – Tony Airaghi
  3. 3. The orchard is named after Steve Sillett and Marie Antoine, redwood canopy researchers (who also fell in love!). I first read about them in Richard Preston‟s The Wild Trees.
  4. 4. This is a finding by E.O. Wilson. He actually put the pheromone on a live ant to see what would happen. Even though it was clearly kicking and moving, his colony-mates kept picking him up and returning him to the graveyard. See „Hey I‟m Dead!‟ The Story of a Very Lively Ant.
  5. 5. Inspired by my sister‟s husband. One time we visited a Wendy‟s with an extremely messy restroom. My brother-in-law reported thinking, “Why bother aiming?”
  6. 6. I learned this from Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan in “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”
  7. 7. Inspired by the never ending complaints about the BCS I heard over the years, I replaced it with a College Playoff system. When I wrote this passage, I had no idea just how numbered the BCS days were. 7 months after I wrote this passage, College Playoffs became a reality.
  8. 8. Paraphrasing my husband who was greatly moved by a 2009 study. See Dead athletes brains show damage from concussions
  9. 9. This is me paraphrasing my husband paraphrasing a comic from The Oatmeal See Why Working From Home is Both Awesome and Horrible
  10. 10. In the 2006 Chic-Fil-A Bowl (Georgia vs Virginia Tech), little stuffed cows actually did parachute into the crowd before the game.
  11. 11. Memory from a trip to the Virgin Islands in 2008
  12. 12. Virginia Tech football players do this (and Michelle Obama!)
  13. 13. In 2005 ESPN‟s Kenny Mayne did a hilarious “The Mayne Event” segment exposing all the quarterbacks who licked their fingers before handling the ball. I still remembered it seven years later.