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3D Printing & Crafts


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On November 17, 2016, I joined the Delaware 3D Printing Meetup Group for a discussion on 3D Printing and Crafts. These are my slides where I highlight some of the projects I have done with 3D Printing and crafting, as well as an overview of my own personal design process, including clearances I use for moving parts.

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3D Printing & Crafts

  1. 1. 3D Printing & Crafts VICKY SOMMA @TGAW VICKY@TGAW.COM
  2. 2. Crafting Design Process
  3. 3. Crafting and 3D Modeling  Learn the base skill set and part of the creative process is to exploit that to make what you want  Fails  Design Revisions  Often Gifts  Sometimes the inspiration is not your intellectual property.   3D Modeling is BETTER Once a design is refined, the printers do the grunt work.
  4. 4. Simple Things Add Up Crocheted Eevee by The Nerdy Knitter Library of Congress Ornament
  5. 5. Simple Things Add Up Gazebo – One Side, Copied 8 Times and Rotated (Simple Math – 360/8 – Each Side is Rotated 45 Degrees)
  6. 6. Simple Is Fine  My Best Seller on Shapeways is my Simplest Design!  I’ve had Custom Orders on Etsy– that are simple in nature. University of Minnesota Jewelry by Patti Tiedemann
  7. 7. 3D Printing and Crafting Glue Print On To Things Low Temp Glue Gun is Surprisingly Fine with PLA!
  8. 8. 3D Printing and Crafting  Gluing/Adding Things to Prints (Split Rings, Magnets, Pins, Keychains, Strings, Ribbons, etc)  With Magnets, I like Superglue the best  Wine stoppers, Goop  Putting Together a Lot of Keychains? Use a Staple Remover! SS 302 From Niles Bottle Stoppers
  9. 9. 3D Printing and Crafting  Gluing Prints to Print (Bird Ornaments)  Use the Slicer to Mirror  Glue two back to back  Superglue is my preference for this
  10. 10. 3D Printing and Crafting  Embedding Prints (Or Other Objects) in Prints  I use Multiple Processes in Simplify3D and customized ending and starting gCode
  11. 11. 3D Printing and Crafts  Upcycling  Old Wine Corks  Old Filament Spools
  12. 12. My 3D Modeling Design Process  Ideas (Not All Good, Trust Me)  Google Searches to See If It Already Out There  Reference Images  Sketches, Plans (MEASUREMENTS!)  Modeling  Inaugural Print  Iterations
  13. 13. Reference Images/Sketches  Think and plot with my hands, via sketches  Reference images can be pulled directly into Blender
  14. 14. Measurements  Almost always start with measurements– it dictates my line of attack, particularly with details.  Important when you are fitting in and embedding other parts.  Google Conversion Tool and my Calipers are my friends.
  15. 15. Light Math  Sometimes I do use light math.  Subtraction  2 π r  360 / x (For rotations)
  16. 16. Design Considerations - Customizing
  17. 17. Design Considerations - Orientation Mirrored Candle Holder Prints Upside Down, For the Legs…. But Also the Hearts
  18. 18. Design Considerations – Slicing While Modeling / Fail Fast  When fine detailing, I often slice the model as I work to make sure my details are translating well.  I regularly print small sections of a model to check fit.
  19. 19. Design Considerations – Holes for Parts  Typically 0.5mm clearance on all sides.  Wine Stopper Stud 3/8” (9.525 mm) My hole is 10.525 (0.5 on each side)  Exceptions Cheapie mirrors with lots of variation in the sizing. 
  20. 20. Design Considerations – Multi Colors  My preference is to keep the final piece as flat as possible  Color Detailing – 0.10mm layers  Typically 3 layers (for a total height of 0.30) Exceptions:  Light color over a dark  Translucent color  Small odd shape sections where you can see infill doesn’t always cover.
  21. 21. Design Considerations – Moving Parts  Shapeways, my parts are 0.5mm part  Gyro Cube – I used 0.6mm (for better spin)  PokeStop – 0.7mm (to account for spreading on the first layer)
  22. 22. Post Processing - Painting  Not my strength  Primer Helps  Miniature Brushes and Miniature Paints Help
  23. 23. Post Processing – Sanding  Disposable Emery Board Nail Files are Good For Tight Spaces : )