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I love you, LIFE! You are the only one whoThe clock is ticking, time passes fast                                will never...
Dear Juliet.                                                     Romeo, my love.  That feeling that lives within my heart ...
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The Anglophile

  1. 1. February 2013 Fifth Edition Love does not dominate; it cultivates. Goethe I LOVE MY GROUP, I LOVE MY GROUP! IT MAKES ME FEEL SO GOOD! By Alina GAMUREAC Alecu Russo Bălţi State University is one of the best universities from our country. This is the place where you can find the best teachers, the best classes, the best subjects, the best groups, the best students and fellows. I am very happy that I have the possibility to study here. At the beginning ON LITERATURE IN A I had a bit of regrets. Everything was so new and unusual for me and it was a little STUDENT’S LIFE! bit difficult to become familiar with everything around me. What hurt most was that By Cristina LUPESCU my family and my sweet home were far away from me. Each student, when he/she comes But as they say “Time heals all wounds”, finally the university startedto the university, thinks that it should be a getting nicer and nicer. Now I like everything, the fellows and the teachers and thepiece of cake to study there. But the fact is classes and … the canteen.that the most respected quality in every My fellows, everyone special in his/her own way, are very kind, generous,person is his/her knowledge. Now, knowl- and beautiful and I love them. We get on well, we have become friends and, evenedge is the result of literature, i.e. of exten- more, we have become a family. We spend a lot of time together. We laugh, wesive reading. And it is not just about reading have fun, we study, we participate in different activities, we help each other and, asthe daily newspaper. If you really want to be in every group of people, sometimes, we quarrel.a personality you should read. Anyway, I like my group and my fellows and I am proud that they are my Teachers at the Faculty of Foreign friends.Languages want to make their bright student When I was asked to be their monitor, I was scared. In my opinion, toeven brighter. They have the habit of giving monitor is a great responsibility. You must keep everything under control, and I amto their students books to read at home, talking only about the register but also about one’s self-control. In addition, youwhen they have time. Somebody will say must keep everyone informed about the timetable, about the eventual changes in it,that it is a bad idea. But, I know for sure that about books, marks, exams, holidays, activities… To make a long story short, to beit is the best thing that they can do for us. a monitor means to be responsible for everything. It is a pleasure to read something That is why I would like to thank all my fellows for their support and un-interesting instead of talking on the phone or derstanding. They have always helped me and encouraged me. It is so nice tochatting. I agree that sometimes it is hard to know that there are people around you on whom you can a book when there are a lot of unknown I would like to thank our dear teacher of English too because she alsowords, but, this is the best way to improve helps me every time I need it and she is not angry with me when I bother her soyour English/French. It can also improve often.your communicative skills. Your vocabularybecomes richer and you don’t feel embar- There are no secrets to success. It is the result ofrassed because you can’t find the right preparation, hard work learning from failure.word. But above all, your mind becomes General Colin Powellfree. Your imagination doesn’t have limits. Don’t be lazy, read a book…and ON THE IMPORTANCE OF EXAMSyou’ll see how your head, mind and soul will By Nadejda ALBUget wings…wings to fly free! Learning is a process that never stops. An exam is a test to show the picture of the knowledge and skills we acquire during this process of learning. I am a student, and many people know that exams are part of a student’s life. To be honest with you, this part is the least pleasant, because exams bring with them a lot of tension, stress and they are not a holiday for us as some teachers like to say. A CHECKLIST :) The winter exams were not that stressful, because I was supposed to1. Do you like reading books? pass only three out of six (for the other three I was exempted). I was very happy2. Do you read at least one page a day? because I had more free time. At the same time, I saw that my work during the term3. Do you ponder over what you’ve read? was rewarded. I know that many teachers don’t like the idea of exempting some of4. Are you an active reader? their students from examination. In my opinion, if the student knows that he will be5. Do you revise your viewpoints on life exempted he will work harder to have this reward at the end. Scholarship is also after having read a book? an impulse for doing well in our courses and exams. It is a welcome help for a stu- dent. If your answer is YES to all the From my point of view, exams are the drive that makes us take our workquestions, then congratulations, seriously and do well all that we are supposed to do. It makes us realize that the you are A GOOD READER! key to success lies in our hands. 1
  2. 2. ON “FAHRENHEIT 451” By Ecaterina POPOVA Anna HARITONOVA The novel “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury depicts a world that looks more like a cage, which its inhabitants don’t want to leave. They are very strange. They don’t read books, because it is forbidden by law. They’re not interested in finding answers to essential questions, such as: the origin of the human race, nature. They never look at stars, at the moon. They don’t enjoy life. They consider that people, who enjoy life, who admire nature, help each other are insane. The main character of the book is Guy Montag. He’s a fireman. But he’s not a normal fireman we are used to. His work is not to put out fires but to burn books. At the beginning he is just like the other ignorant people inhabiting that town. He loves his job, he is eager to burn books. He even takes special pleasure in witnessing the process. But there happens something that turns his seemingly secure world upside down! He meets Clarisse. She is different. She admires nature, the moon. She walks at night. In addition he once witnesses something very strange. On one of his missions they set a fire on a house full of books. However, the owner of the books doesn’t leave the house. She stays there and burns alive together with her books. That makes Montag reflect on this limited world and realize the power a book may have. All of a sudden he sees the true picture of the town he is living in. He sees the distance existing between people. There is lack of communication between them, even between a husband and a wife. Montag and his wife couldn’t even remember when and where they met for the first time. Only, when he leaves the town, he remembers that they met in Chicago. Every man is locked in their own world, knowing nothing. Only few people are interested in what happens in the world, but they have to hide this. People like Montag escape, break the rules, not to degrade and live like a plant. Outside this town Mon- tag finds such people, who also escaped from this stupid world. He finally realizes that a fire is made for warming, not for burning. book noun [ C ] - (1) a set of pages that have been fastened together inside a cover SWITCH OFF THE TV SET WORDS AND PHRASES!!! AND LEARN SOME NEW to be read or written in; e.g. I took a book with me to read on the train. / She wrote a book on car maintenance. (2) one of the parts into which a very long book, such as the Bible , is divided; e.g. the book of Job. (3) a number of one type of thing fastened together flat inside a cover; e.g.a book of stamps/tickets/matches (4) books the written records of money that a business has spent or received; e.g. At the end of the year, the accountant goes over (= checks) the books. (5) [ S ] when a bookmaker accepts and pays out sums of money which are risked on a particular result; e.g.Theyve already opened/started a book on the result of the next World Cup. be in sbs good/bad books If you are in someones good/bad books, they areCambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 3rd Edition pleased/not pleased with you; e.g.Hes in Melanies bad books because he arrived 2 hours late. / I cleaned the bathroom yesterday so Im in Mums good books. be on the books to be employed by a company, or (pay to) belong to a organization, society, sports team, etc.; e.g. There are 256 people on the books at the cement works. / The nursery has 30 babies on the books and 13 on the waiting list. go by the book/do sth by the book to do something exactly as the rules tell you; e.g. My lawyer always goes strictly by the book. / This is a private deal - we dont have to do everything by the book. in my book in my opinion; e.g. Shes never lied to me, and in my book that counts for a lot. ˈ book ˌ club noun [ C ] (1) a group of people who meet regularly to talk about a book which they have all read ; (2) an organiza- tion in which members can buy books more cheaply than in the shops be an open book If someone is an open book, it is easy to know what they are thinking and feeling. bring sb to book UK to punish someone and make them explain their behavior. have your head (buried/stuck) in a book to be reading; e.g. Rose always has her head buried in a book. You cant judge a book by its cover. SAYING said to show that you cannot know what something or someone is like by looking only at their appearance. take a leaf out of sbs book to copy something that someone else does because it will bring you advantages; e.g. Maybe I should take a leaf out of Ricks book and start coming in at ten every morning. have your nose in a book to always be reading; e.g. Shes always got her nose in a book. turn-up for the book(s) UK ( US one for the books ) a surprising or unexpected event; e.g. Well, thats a turn-up for the books - I never thought hed get the job. 2 every trick in the book every possible way; e.g. Ive tried every trick in the book to seduce him and still no luck! the oldest trick in the book a way of tricking someone which is still effective although it has been used a lot before; e.g. It was the oldest trick in the book - one man distracted me while another stole my wallet.
  3. 3. “FAHRENHEIT 451” ECHOES By Nadejda ALBU Alina GAMUREAC Montag: My name is Montag. I am a fireman. My favorite perfume is kerosene. You don’t know why, this is because my work is toburn books. One day, when I was going home I met her. She was a beautiful girl of seventeen. Montag: - Hello! Are you my new neighbor? Clarisse: - Hello! Yes, I am. And you must be the fireman. Montag: - What is your name? Clarisse: - Clarisse. Clarisse McClellan. And yours? Montag: - I’m Guy Montag. We discussed about my wife and how she was always complaining about my smell of kerosene, about my work, abouttrees, about grass, about the dew and other things. But she was different from others. When we said goodbye to each other, sheasked me something that changed my present life. She asked me if I were happy. Then I told myself that I was happy but thisquestion made me think deep about my happiness. I met her often when I was going home after work. Then one day she disappeared. I asked my wife about Clarisse andshe said that she was dead and that her family moved out somewhere. Ooohhhh! By the way, my wife’s name was Mildred. She was interested only in TV shows and she was often takingsleeping-tablets. Mildred: I am Mildred. I like to watch TV shows and have big screens on the walls of the parlor room. I can’t understand: Why does my husband become interested in books? Why does he bring them home? Why does he read me poems which I don’t understand? Why doesn’t he burn them? Books are banned!!! Why doesn’t Montag like watching TV with me and take sleeping-tablets just like me? Why can’t he be normal? He is sostrange. One day he even asked me when and where we had met for the first time but I couldn’t answer this question. The onlything that I could say was that it had been so long ago that I couldn’t remember. We weren’t quite as close as it should be betweena husband and a wife. We didn’t have any children. Montag: I was so disappointed with my life. I understood that even if my wife had died I wouldn’t have cried. I began to realize that reading is essential for life ant it can change people and bring them to life. My wife didn’t under-stand this and reported my hidden books to my firemen team. My house was set on fire, the war started and my wife died. I es-caped from the city and met Granger in a forest across a river. Granger introduced himself and other ex-university professors tome. They told me that they wanted to change this world with the help of books and asked me to join them. I agreed. Now, I will do everything to change the world. I’ve realized for the first time that I’m ALIVE. THIS IS MY MESSAGE TO THE WORLD By Artiom LUPOI Hello, my name is Montag, and today I would like to speak about books. What do YOU know about them? I know something! They burn well! And it’s not just my opin- ion, nowadays more than 90% of people use books for that purpose, and it’s not a meta- phor, it’s true. Smart, thinking people are of no help to the government, who needs just bio-robots, animal fear, and submission. Uncle Sam created for us comfortable cage with excellent zombie TV. We don’t need anything apart from loud meaningless laugh- ter; and then pointless action, action, action. Artificial voice and seashell ear-thimbles replaced genuine communication. There are too many of us. There are billions of us and that’s too many. Nobody knows anyone. Strangers come and violate you. Strangers come and cut your heart out. Strangers come and take your blood. But they leave you your emptiness. Who remembers how the grass looks? Who remembers how the trees look? People are talking about nothing, about new stuffs, about new cars, about frivolity. Mod- ern society is a huge cage where the prey comes willingly. But there are some smart birds. Some of them are fighting on the good side. They are our last hope for freedom. 3
  4. 4. I love you, LIFE! You are the only one whoThe clock is ticking, time passes fast will never cheat on me. Yes, sometimes you areAnd I am just thinking about our past… disgusting, sometimes you are boring, but some-With my heart full of joy I just want to say: times you are BEAUTIFUL. And I will keepMy dear friend, Happy Valentine’s Day! these wonderful moments deep down in my soul.When someone speaks about love I love you for the sweet memories because whenever IThey have a smile on their face; need it I can experience my past over and over again. I loveWhen someone speaks about love you for the family, for the friends, for the teachers. I loveThey think of a very special place; you for the spring, for a good rest after a hard day, for theWhen someone speaks about love green grass and for the smell of blank paper. I love you espe-The One saves them from despair; cially for the moments that I will experi-When someone speaks about love ence in the future. I think that our loveThere are butterflies in the air. will be reciprocal and long like LIFE.By the moon as I sit to seek your glory By Artiom LUPOIThe red roses I see create a new story.There may be tears, but reasons fewWhat remains is that I will always love you!And now, at this moment, far away from despair,My dear, be happy because love is in the air! By Virginia TACUS My piglet, my dream, my star….my love! I can’t say only in a word all that you are for me…I can’t find among so many words the right ones to explain my love for you…It is the strongest feeling that I’ve ever known. When I’m with you, I feel that I’m free like a bird…When I’m with you, I feel your every touch…When I’m with you, my heart beatsfaster and faster…You are present in all my dreams…You’re like an angel…Each wink is for you, each breathis for you…each kiss is for you…You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I don’t know which side of youI enjoy most. I treasure each side.........I always whisper your name when I’m alone or upset…and I think anangel tells you that I miss you and at that very moment you call me….Your voice is my favorite sound…I canlisten to you every single moment of my life…I want to spend my lifetime loving you….touching you….kissingyou….I don’t need anything else in this world but you…Nobody can break this wall of love that surroundsus….Your touch is softer than wool…your kisses are sweeter than honey…your eyes shine like dia-monds….your hands are so strong that can destroy the whole world only to protect me…Your smile is like alight at the end of a tunnel…I love you my sweetheart!! I need you my darling!! I live for you my life!!! By Crictina LUPESCU Love... This word My dear!contains the whole mean- Love is the best and, at the same time, the strangesting of life. There is love feeling in the word. However, only love will remain, afterbetween a husband and a everything has faded away. I think that our love is strong. Itwife, between parents helps us to overcome all the obstacles. And I want to tell youand children, between something:friends. Nowadays, the word "love" is perceived I love you! I thank you that you are in my life. Iincorrectly. There are people who dont believe want you to know that when you came in my life I began toin it, but there are others who are looking for it look at things in another way. I love you passionately. I loveevery day. Without love there would be no you tenderly. You are my support. When I am sad you arepeace in the word. Hatred leads only to evil. always beside me. You never leave me alone. You are alwaysWhereas love leads only to bliss. It is kind, it on my mind. I feel you support even if you are far away. Ihas no envy, it has ho pride. Loves ways are know our love is true.ever fair. Love has the power of changing I love you, my dear.things from worse to better. It makes people Thank you for your love!!!have faith, and hope for the better. By Anastasia POPTOVA By Marina CUGUT4
  5. 5. Dear Juliet. Romeo, my love. That feeling that lives within my heart is immortal A year has past since welike phoenix, strong like a tiger’s jaws, and deep like met for the first time. But Ithe boundless ocean. The feeling that I carry in my already can’t imagine my lifeheart is love, endless love; and I have no doubts – I without you. You became awill always love you. part of me, in spite of all When we’re together, the other people become un- obstacles, that prevent usimportant; I forget about everyone, I just enjoy your from being together. I remember all our secretpresence. You inspire me so much, that I can even meetings; every single detail is alive in my mind.write poems. Every date with you is like a fairy tale, because “When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I your presence makes me crazy and I forget aboutwould change, everything in this world, and I need nothing and Because you’re amazing, just the way you are. nobody, But You!!! Only You!!! And when you smile, the whole world stops and The only thing that bothers me is that we can’t bestays for a while. together all the time. You’re far from me. I know Because you’re amazing, just the way you are”. there’s e-mail and Skype – we communicate a lot. These are the lines you inspired me to create. But… I’m tired of this. I love you! And I want The only thing I want is to be always with you, to you here, alive, next to me, to feel your warmth, tosee your eyes, to touch your hands, to kiss your lips. hear your breath. Therefore, now it is time to makeThese things are priceless; nobody can give them to a decision at last. Let us part no more! Do you re-me. Without you I wouldn’t be happy, I would see member, at our last meeting you said, that it is sono reason in life, I wouldn’t love, and live. I love sad that it’s impossible to repeat beautiful momentsyou, my angel, you’re my everything. You stuck in my of life. So, I wish our beautiful moments never end.heart. I believe that we’ll find the way to make it. Today, when all the lovers celebrate Saint Valen-tine ’s Day, I want to ask you a very important Millions of kisses.question. I’ll be waiting for you in the park, exactly Yours,there, where we met first time! Juliet. P.S. I received your letter, my dear, and I’m very Love. glad you’re back, here, in the town. I’ll be there. Romeo Looking forward to our meeting. By Anna HARITONOVA By Ecaterina POPOVA A mad man’s letter By A letter is never a good way to say goodbye, but it’s definitely a better alternative than silence. A year ago, love was just another word in songs and commercials. A simple word the meaning of which Icould never fully understand. Then you came down into my life, painting old words with new colors…colors Iwas too blind to see before…colors I never knew existed. So I found love. I’ve been looking for happiness for my entire life. I’ve been looking for it everywhere. To my surprise, I foundit in your eyes. I never thought happiness could be so plain. And I had love and happiness. Perfection was never on the list of things I wanted to find… and yet, I found perfection in you. And I hadlove, happiness and perfection. What else could one want? Freedom, my love, I beg for freedom!!! I have to lose everything and find myself. And since you’re everythingI have, I must sink into my solitude to treasure every drop of happiness you shared with me. For many years I’vebuilt bridges over sorrows without knowing that happiness can be more dangerous. Happiness poisoned mydreams by creating the mirage of achievement. Happiness is nothing but insanity… the insanity of believing wehave everything we want… Now, wandering over the seas of past sunsets and future sunrises, I’ve decided to fall into the abyss of a world without you…and I’m whispering goodbye, my Valentine, I’ll look for you after I find myself. 5
  6. 6. DEATH PENALTY By Viorica CONDRAT And it was raining… The heavenly drops knocking gently on the windowpane echoed the hellish pain from my chest. I couldhardly breathe. My limbs were numb, so was my tongue. No speech! No motion! Just the clumsy raindrops crashingon the windowpane! Their life is soothingly short. It ends up in a spectacular splash, but unlike us, my dear, they willbe reborn to crash and resurrect again. I think they were sorry to witness the decay of flesh that day. So, there we were: two spectral guests in a hotel room and nothing more. Oh, no, there was something: thefuneral of our love! (How I wished my eyes were full of tears!) When one beautiful day one feels one has fallen out of love, the most intolerable thing to endure is the funeral of love.Could it have been anything more pathetic than that deathly, tomblike silence reigning in that stuffy hotel room when you sentencedour love to death? I wonder whether you felt the searing pain growing in my chest. It was not your futile excuse that made me suf-fer, but your insistence that you had once loved me. Oh, couldn’t you just see that no persuasion would ever help me get rid of therealization that our love had been stillborn. You blamed the hazards of life for committing a grisly murder. Poor hazards of life! Whyshould they always be responsible for our abnormal desire of killing feelings? The destiny’s whim – a made-up delusion to haunt usthroughout life and excuse our failures so that we persist in being frustrated geniuses! I remember you sitting on the bed that still echoed our oaths of eternal love and your hideous smile which disfigured youronce appealing face. Had you schemed all this to happen or was it another improvisation of yours? I desperately wanted to wipeout that cruel sympathy from your face. I think you liked the way you looked on our love’s deathbed. You were so immersed in con-templating yourself that you did not see what I saw: the corroded image of a contented, egocentric creature driven by vanity intothe mortality of the human existence. Again and again, I was seized by the acute pain of an agonizing mortal who blames himselffor having ever harboured dreams, faith, love… You said the extinction of our love was inevitable. So you had been lurking in the shadows expecting the perfect momentto stab me in my chest. I’d like to know who of us two was not apt enough to love. I am aware of the fact that I was as guilty as youwere: I believed in you. Looking at our love’s carcass, my first consideration was to kill you. Who would have the right to stop mefrom what you had done to our love. I could not get rid of the idea that you should perish together with our love. I really had a mindto do so. It would have been a blessing for the earth to get eradicated of such a parasite. But then I realized that nothing wouldmake this terrible feeling of loss banish. I was orphaned again. I did not kill you because I knew: there is no way out as long as lovecan be sentenced to death by mortals, my love. I don’t know whether my face betrayed my thoughts or you finally realized what you had done, but at that moment youlooked scared to death. I saw you shuffle, I saw you squirm, I saw you slouch. You were so naïve as to think that your surreptitiousglances at the mined clock escaped my vigilance. Was the other one already waiting for you somewhere in the rain? I felt queasy! I have to admit your lying prowess was the best I’d ever seen. There was nothing left for me but greet myteeth. All of a sudden, it dawned on me! From the very beginning I had been the underdog. This was a race I was doomed to lose. Then I smiled. You stood there gawping at me as if there was not such a scene in your script to see me smile. Actually,do you know what crossed my mind at that very moment: ‘Funny, our love has been killed but we escaped unscathed.’ That, hun,made you lose your temper. So you decided to trample on my bleeding heart. Definitely you wanted it maimed. I saw you speak, I saw you cry, I saw you shout. But I didn’t hear. You seemed to be squabbling over trifles. I pitied you,my pitiless assassin. Your performance was deplorable. Snuffling our love out turned out to be a cheap performance of a drunkenactress who forgot her soliloquy. Just go, go away, run, disappear! Spare me suffering from the insidious effects of love! How does it come that I hate tolove you. And it was raining… (How I wished my eyes were full of tears!) LOVE’S CONFESSION By Alina GAMUREAC I roamed the entire Universe for many millenniums, looking for souls that would shelter me. Finally, I found a wonderfulplace with lots of souls which needed me. This place was the Earth and the souls were the people inhabiting the Earth. I grew fondof them. I realized that they were the source of my existence. Sweet people, You make me to bud when I touch your hearts. Your smiles, your happiness, your beautiful poems and songs dedicatedto me - give me wings to fly and reach every part of the world in order to be closer and closer to you. I am here, I am there, I ameverywhere!!! Just look into your hearts and you’ll see me settled comfortable there. I will never leave you. You are my home, my kingdom. I like to see your faces everyday with shining eyes, with happyexpressions, your bodies that are attached one to another. I don’t have a physical frame; I can recognize myself in the mirror of your eyes! I need you very much and I am fulfilled only when you need me!!!6 Everyone is invited to contribute with their articles! Let our academic world hear your voice! Just send your contributions to one of the following emails: or