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Scene 5 final final

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. 2 Characters Willie Willie’s Mother Ginny Shannon Peter Mike Supreme Technocrat Dr. Robert BY: Mora Miniussi, Victoria Patiño, Felipe Rolón, Agustin Fila, and Victoria Redigo.
  3. 3. 3 Scene 5 SETTING: Willie’s house. Ginny, Shannon, Mike, Peter and Willie were celebrating that they could come back from the City of Technos. They stayed at the party until 4am. When they were living, they saw a box in front of the door. Willie: What’s this? Ginny: Go and check who left this here. Willie: Ok… Shannon: I wish nothing bad will happen… Willie: (Afraid)… Nobody is outside. Let’s see what is inside the box. Mike: Sure? I think we shouldn’t open it. We don’t know if it is something bad. (Shouting)Now call the police. Ginny: (Touching Mike’s shoulders) Stop Mike, nothing bad is going to happen. Peter: Wait there is a note (Pointing at the note). Read it. Willie: (He takes the note) It says:
  4. 4. 4 Dear Science Club, We admire all your works. The investigation you did last year was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. To show that we appreciate what you do, here you have a present. Open the box and see… Your Fans Club Shannon: I think that’s not a good idea. (Frightening)Better throw it away. Mike: No, let see what is inside the box. It’s a present from OUR FANS!!. Ginny: Yes, come on. (Opening the box) Oh my god! I can’t believe it!! All: What it’s inside? Right now tell us! Ginny: (In a loud voice) It’s a DUCK!! Mike: Oh my god I love ducks. Shannon: Yes! (Looking at the duck) Ducks are adorable!!!! Peter: Will we keep it? If we keep it, we will have to take care of him… or her.
  5. 5. 5 Willie: Of course we are not going to keep it. If my mother notices this, she will kill me. Mother: Willie where are you? Are you awake? Come here please. Willie: Oh no! (Desperate) What I am going to say? Ginny: Just say you were taking a glass of water. Willie: Ok (Willie went out). Ginny: I have to say something, but I will wait until Willie comes back. (Willie comes back). Oh Willie, did she believed you? Willie: (Happily) Yes, yes. Ginny: I was going to said something. We will have to take this duck to the veterinary, to know if it is ill, and if it’s she or he. Shannon: (Yawning)Now it’s late, tomorrow we will go. See you tomorrow! All: Bye! See you tomorrow. (Everyone went to their houses, off stage. Willie immediately enters inside his house. Then he goes inside his bedroom, jump into his bed, and sleep) (Next day in the morning everyone was waiting, at the Coffee Shop, to take the duck to the veterinary).
  6. 6. 6 Ginny: Hello everyone. Willie how did you stayed with the duck all night? Did you hide it? (Looking at Willie with an angry face) Tell me that your mother didn’t find it and that she doesn’t suspect! Willie: Yes I live it inside the box. It didn’t bother in all the night. Mike: Good, so where is the duck? Willie: It is in my room, come on follow me. All: Ok, there we go. Willie: Here it is. I think it isn’t ill. Ginny: Yes, but take it to the veterinary to be sure. (They walk some meters, and arrive to the veterinary. They go inside) Willie: Hi, is here any doctor available? Dr. Robert: Yes. My name is Dr. Robert, I can help you. What do you need? Do you want me to take a look at your duck? Willie: Well yes, but is not exactly my duck. What really happened is that we were at a party celebrating; and when my friends were going to their houses, we opened the door and we found a box. (Smiling) When we opened it there was a duck inside.
  7. 7. 7 Dr. Robert: (Unconvinced) Ok…. It was a bit strange but well I will examine it. I will examine if it is in good conditions. I will tell you too if he is a female or a male. Please follow me. Dr. Robert: I can see that this duck is a female, and it is in very good conditions. She isn’t ill. You can take her with you. Please be responsible and give her the correct food and a nice place to sleep. All: Thank you very much Doctor. Goodbye. (They started walking back home. When they arrived there was another box in the door of Willie’s house). Ginny: Another box? Is this a joke? (Complaining. Then she took the box). Another box with the same note. (Opening the box) ANOTHER DUCK! Shannon: We just came from the veterinary and we have to go again? Willie: No, wait, I will check. (After checking) It’s a boy. Why didn’t we do this with the other duck too instead of going to the veterinary? Ginny: (Peevishly) We are so stupid!!
  8. 8. 8 Mike: Calm down Ginny. Now, who is going to keep both ducks? Willie…? Willie: Of course no. Again me? (Begging) Please select another one, we are five members. Shannon: (Trying to convince Willie) Please!! You already have a special place for them. Peter: Yes that’s right! Ginny: Come on guys Willie is going to keep them. (Everyone go down stage) (Next day. Willie’s mother woke up and gave to Willie a letter.) Mother: Willie somebody left a letter for you this morning (Giving the letter to him). Willie: Thanks mother. (Once his mother went out of the room, he started reading it). It said: Dear Science Club, Thank you for receiving the boxes with ducks we sent you. The ducks were spies, they had secret cameras. Now that we know what you do every day… be prepared because we are going to take revenge. See you soon, S.T
  9. 9. 9 (Willie immediately dressed up and called the science club members to meet at the playground. Everybody was afraid because of the desperation of Willie’s voice. Some minutes later, they were all together at the playground). Peter: What’s wrong Willie? Willie: Everyone now, read this note that I received this morning. Mike: Oh my god! (Crying) We are going to die!!! Ginny: I always try to keep calm… but this time we have to make a plan!! Shannon: We are responsible of a future war!!! We have to stop it, if not the earth is going to be a disaster. Willie: No. I am the responsible, I ordered the amplifier. This is my fight and I have to think for a plan. All: Yes! Please! Willie: (Thinking) Mmm… I have one! We can send back a letter, to the Supreme Technocrat, according a special place to meet, so that only that place is involved in this war. What do you think?
  10. 10. 10 Peter: Yes. But where? And how the fight will be like? Willie: Yes, you are right. It’s absurd. Well I will send him back a letter but saying something else… Mike: There is something that I don’t understand since this began. Willie: What? Mike: How letters are sent and received? Willie: Letters are sent by a kind of channel or something like that. Yes it’s strange, I know how because I heard it when we were at the City of Technos. Mike: Now I understand. Well go and write it. (Willie went back home. He started thinking how he could stop this war. Maybe just talking, or fighting. Finally he started writing a letter) Dear Supreme Technocrat, We don’t want war; we just escaped because we wanted to go back home. Our home is in the earth, not in the City of Technos. There in Technos people are slaves, there is no freedom; it’s obviously that everyone will want to escape. Please think about it, try to understand this people. Think what you will do if you were a prisoner there. Please let that people
  11. 11. 11 come back home. If you do that think that you will too live with freedom; because giving orders all day long is very exhausting. So if they are free, you will be relax. Hope you let them free, and cancel the war, Willie Willie: (Talking to the members of the Science Club on the phone) Guys I already sent, to the Supreme Technocrat, the letter. I mentioned everything, so that he thinks of it. I hope he understands. Ginny: (Angrily) Better hope he doesn’t prepared everything to attack yet, because he won’t cancel everything. Peter: Ginny, please, try not to be pessimistic. Mike: Peter, please, try not to fight. Peter: You are fighting!! Shannon: Stop! (Everyone go down stage. Next day when Willie woke up, he received a letter. Supreme Technocrat had answered. He took it and put it inside his bag. Again Willie calls his friends and accord to meet at the playground).
  12. 12. 12 Willie: Hello friends. This morning I received the answer of the Supreme Technocrat. Peter: And…? What did the letter say? Willie: I didn’t read it yet. Ginny: Why? Where is it? Shannon: Did you throw it away? Ginny: If you did that I kill you right now! Willie: Girls, relax. I didn’t say that, did I? Mike: He didn’t, girls. Shannon: So? What did you do? Willie: I was waiting to read it all together. But wait; first I want to tell you something. If the answer is something bad, I won’t know what to do. We will have to notice this to the entire world. Well the come on (After breathing deeply, he oppened the letter) It says: Dear Willie, I am a person too, but hiding behind a computer. I really don’t absorb minds, I just simulate to and then pay to people to live and work there. They only work when more people is coming, if not they had free time. That’s the truth; people live happily, but far away from their families. I had an idea. I will create different villages in the earth. They will be modern.
  13. 13. 13 People that lived in Technos will choose to live in the new villages or go back to their homes. Thank you for making me reflex. Love, Marqus Perxa Mike: So…is this the end? Isn’t he going to attack? Willie: Yes, this is the end. Finally yes! All: (They looked each other and shouted) Yahoo!! Peter: We resolved everything together! As a group working together! Now we will have to celebrate again! Don’t we? All: Yes! (Everyone started laughing. Quickly, curtain closes).
  14. 14. 14 d The end
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