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Social Media Users & Usage in India 2014 Report


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The present report is a quantitative status quo report on the Social Media Users Demographics in India. The report acts as a ready for reference source for the digital media industry stakeholders in India as well as International players looking to address the digital market space in India. The report provides Social media users demographics in terms of; Social Media Site Accessed, Access Device wise, Age-wise, Urban vs. Rural Penetration, & Gender wise Social Media Users.
The report further elucidates the Adoption of Social Technologies in Enterprises vs. Consumer, amount of time spent on social media by users along with addressing the key question of how corporate houses are factoring Social Networks in their Online Ad Budgets? This report presents a status quo compendium on social media that will act as a ready referral source for the digital media industry.

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Social Media Users & Usage in India 2014 Report

  1. 1. Social Media Users & Usage in India 2014 Status Quo Report Report Published On: December 2013 By
  2. 2. 8 Social Media and Its Usage in India 2014 View Social Media adoption among Internet Users in India is around 84% today. This translates to around 110 million social network users in India. This includes users mainly accessing Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Other new and upcoming Social networking sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and Foursqaure are yet to take off in a major way in India. Facebook user growth will come fastest from Asia-Pacific, where adoption rates in India, Indonesia and Japan far exceed the worldwide average growth of 28.2% in 2013. The Middle East and Africa and Latin America will also post higher-than-average growth rates going forward. Worldwide social network ad revenues are still going strong and set to grow nearly 54% this year, according to our estimates. We expect advertisers to spend $9.2 billion on Social network advertising worldwide in 2013, including paid advertising on social sites and in social games and applications. India’s share of worldwide Social advertising is a mere 2.9% in 2013. Furthermore, a higher portion of users in emerging markets are turning toward Social media. The current set of web users in growing digital nations like India, behave like American youth rather than mirroring a broad cut of our web-using population. This is partly due to available technologies, commercial functions, and likely demographics of these young and urban users during this phase of adoption. India achieved a baseline of Internet access in 2002, but its per capita income is about USD 3,600, and its rural population, nearly 70 percent. Gender disparities, as defined by the gender gap index, are quite pronounced in India. While Male Internet penetration is around 10.6% of the overall population, while women’s and girls’ Internet penetration in India is around 9.8 % of total population today. Out of the total online population of Internet users in India around 52% males and 48% females use social networking sites in India. Social Media Usage in India 2013
  3. 3. 8 However it may be noted that social networking usage is still an urban phenomenon with around 84% of these social users coming from an urban and semi-urban background in India. In 2007 Gayatri Buragohain founded Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT) in New Delhi, India, with the goal of filling the gap in technical awareness for women by increasing their rights and supporting broader career choices through access to technical resources. FAT hosts a community tech centre in Lajpat Nagar with a female- only staff to help impart skills while providing a safe space for underprivileged girls to learn and experiment with computers and the Internet. If India has to leap forward in its digital future ahead more and more such efforts have to be made at the grass roots level not just in Urban India but in rural as well. India will have to take a call in near future to convert a large number of their billion fellow citizens from offline to online first; once that is done the digital ecosystem will witness a traction in the overall adoption rates of social technologies in India., defines Social Media Users/Social Network Users as users who accessed any of the Social network sites via any device at least once per month. Such sites include sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube etc, including all other new and upcoming social networking sites. Present report provides data cuts for all the social networking sites collectively. Social Media Usage in India 2013
  4. 4. 8 Social Media/Network Usage Trends Social Networking Users Social Media user’s penetration in India is around 8.5% of the entire population. Top 8 metros including lead 53 cities represent more than 80% of social media users in India today. Rest of India mostly belonging to the rural strata inclusive of smaller townships and villages is mostly devoid of any social media usage as of now. Social Networking Popular Sites Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are the most commonly used social networking sites in India. Relationship, Conversations and Sharing are key contexts and sub texts around which the social media usage revolves. High End Usage like Social Shopping, E-Governance, Elections etc. are picking up however at a slow pace. Social Networking Users Social Media adoption rates also depend upon device usage in India. India currently has high penetration rates for high end feature phones and Smartphone’s/tablets etc. and this is resulting in a positive impact on the growth of Social networking site users in India. Social Media Users Demographics The Social Media Users demographics are skewed in the favor of “Young and Urban Youths”. India is a country of youth on an average (with around 65% of its populace in the age group of 16 to 44 years). These youngsters are active on Internet and one of their past times is connecting with friends through social networking sites. However, off late research indicates a “fatigue” or inertia towards such sites creeping in among these users. Social Media Usage in India 2013
  5. 5. 8 Social Media Urban vs. Rural Splits In the Urban populace Social media usage among end users is higher vs. corporate users. In fact the Urban Internet Users access social media through multiple devices. At home they access Internet and social media mostly through their own Laptops and Smartphone’s while at work they access either purely through their own Smartphone’s/tablets or a mix of Smartphone’s and office Laptops. Social Media Users in corporate houses are yet to scale up to the levels of end users. Rural Users access to social networking sites is low as of now. This is due to lack of core and access network coverage in these areas and low device penetration among these users where device affordability due to high price points is a major issue for them. This problem is further compounded due to a difference in demographics between urban and rural users. Accessing Social sites is still a primarily leisure and entertainment destination for many users. In rural areas other online modes like listening to music, playing games and watching video clips are much popular than other core Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. Social Media Users Gender Splits Among gender usage Male Users of Social networking sites are marginally higher than the Females. This is due to a marginally higher usage of net among Males vs. Females in India. However Female Users are fast picking up and their Social networking sites usage is not just limited to search, share and shopping only. They are increasing making use of these sites for linking professionally, online recruitment and linking with their peers. Future Growth of Social Media The Social networking sites usage will grow in near future with most of the growth coming from virgin rural markets and huge pockets of rural townships in India. Urban areas will continue to grow with more and more users adopting social networking such sites coming from higher age brackets of 44 years and above. Social Media Usage in India 2013
  6. 6. 8 Social Media/Networks in India: Status Quo 2014 Social Media Users Table 1: Social Media Penetration in %; (as % of Internet Users) 2013 (in millions) Table 2: Social Media User Penetration 2012-2014 (% change) Table 3: Social Media Users* Growth 2012 - 2014 (Penetration as % of Internet Users) Table 4: Facebook Users* Penetration, 2010-2014 (% change) Table 5: Social Media Users 2013 as % of the Population (in millions) Table 6: Social Media Unique Users* 2013 (in millions) Social Media Users Demographics Table 7: Social Media Members* 2013 (in millions) Table 8: Social Media Site Accessed and Number of Times Accessed 2013 Table 9: Social Media Users Access Device wise 2013 (in millions) Social Media Users Splits Table 10: Social Media Users* Age-wise 2013 (in millions) Table 11: Social Media Users Urban vs. Rural Penetration 2013 (in millions) Table 12: India’s Urban vs. Rural Social Media Users 2013 (in millions) Table 13: Social Media Users Gender wise 2013 (in %) Table 14: Social Media Users Gender wise 2013 (in millions) Adoption of Social Technologies within Enterprises lags Consumer adoption Table 15: Social Media Functions Prevalent in Corporate Sector 2013 (in %) Table 16: Social Media Adoption; Consumer vs. Company/Employees Penetration, 2013 (in %) Social Media Usage in India 2013
  7. 7. 8 How corporate houses are Factoring Social Networks in their Online Ad Budgets? Table 17: Total Social Ad Spends in India ($ Millions), 2012-2016 Table 18: Social Ad Spends as %, of total online ad spends ($ Millions), 2012-2016 Tech Connectivity Figure: Time Spent Connected to Technology by Indian Internet Users, by Demographic, Dec. 2013 Social Media Usage: Latest Findings & Insights Our View: Table 19: Favourite Media-Related Activity According to Internet Users in India, By Generation 2013 Table 20: Social Media Users by Access (wireline vs. wireless), in % terms 2013 (In millions) Table 21: Social Media Activities Done on a connected device according to connected device Users in India, 2013 (% of each device owners) Table 22: Social Media Usage by % of Internet Users* 2013 (in %) Table 23: Social Media Usage by % of Internet Users* 2013 (in %) Table 24: Virtual Sharing by Social Media Users in terms of (% of Internet Users*) 2013 Social Media Usage in India 2013
  8. 8. 8 About provides business research insights and intelligence to the digital media and market space covering Internet, E-business, online marketing, digital media, telecommunications and other related emerging technologies. We are a go-to-market destination for latest filtered research reports and data cuts covering worldwide markets. You can subscribe to our digital media database, forecasts, trackers and other regular research outputs syndicated reports and customized reports as per your choice. Our advisory and consultancy services further compliments, our Business Information Research Services making us a 360 degrees research service company. ___________________________________ Report Research Analysts; E-mails: Vikram Bhardwaj; _______________________________ Contact Address: Internet Research & Consulting, New Delhi, India M: +91 9810474007 __________________________________ To know more about subscribing our databases and to access our research services; Call us at: +91 9810474007, or email at; _____________________________________ Social Media Usage in India 2013