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5 spooky halloween songs you should listen to


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Here are 5 Spooky songs you should listen to which will get you into the spirit of Halloween

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5 spooky halloween songs you should listen to

  1. 1. 5 Spooky Halloween songs you should listen to!
  2. 2. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t trick or treating on Halloween! Whether you are working, partying or home alone, throw on a mask, snack on some spooky beverages and download those Halloween songs onto your phones and ipods. Press the play button and start singing along to them and dance around the room to get into the spirit of things. Why not treat yourself to a nice bath bomb, bottle of wine and some of your favourite deserts or chocolates? Then end the evening with a scary movie or two! Are you celebrating Halloween?
  3. 3. Thriller! Michael Jacksons“Thriller” has to be one of the greatest videos of all times as well as being voted the most popular Halloween song on Spotify back in 2014. The largest number of people doing the "Thriller" zombie-dance routine, according to the Guinness Book of World Records: "13,597 participants in an event organised by the Instituto de la Juventud del Gobierno del Distrito Federal at the Monumento a la Revolucion, Mexico City, Mexico, on 29 Aug 2009.” Just months after the singers death in June 2009.
  4. 4. The Monster Mash! The Monster Mash was the second favourite Halloween track in the Spotify poll back in 2014. The song was originally released by Bobby Pickett as a single on Gary S. Paxton's Garpax Records label in August 1962 along with a full- length LP called The Original Monster Mash, which contained several other monster-themed tunes. The "Monster Mash" single was number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on October 20–27 in 1962 just before Halloween.
  5. 5. Ghostbusters! I remember this song being played at school discos. So I wasn’t surprised to see this song made the top 3 in Spotify after Thriller and The Monster Mash. It was also the theme tune to the programme Ghostbusters and the 2016 Ghostbusters movie. Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters," topped the Hot 100 in 1984.
  6. 6. Bark at the moon A Halloween favourite from the prince of darkness. This song made number 8 in the Spotify poll in 2014. Halloween just wouldn’t be complete without a touch of Ozzy Osbourne!
  7. 7. Devil Woman This track usually gets lots of radio airplay during Halloween season. Believe it or not this was an unusual Cliff Richard song, however, it clicked at the time, as films about supernatural horror like The Exorcist and Carrie were popular. In the song, a man gets jinxed by a black cat with evil yellow eyes, and he goes to a fortune teller, who might be a witch, to break the spell. But it turns out she put the spell on him