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InspiredWork: Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks


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Looking for a new job or want to start your own business? Check out this career happiness presentation by InspiredWork to find out how you can create work you love in just 8 weeks.

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InspiredWork: Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks

  1. 1. Best Tech Companies To Work For Where Employees Are Happiest VICKI MORRIS ©2017 InspiredWork® All Rights Reserved Create Work You Love in 8 Weeks #InspiredWork
  2. 2. 2 84% Unhappy at Work Source: 2017 InspiredWork Quiz Career Unhappiness Hits All-Time High
  3. 3. “Life is too short to be unhappy at work.” -Vicki Morris, Career Happiness Coach
  4. 4. We Promise Ourselves We Will Be Happy When…
  5. 5. But We Aren’t Any Happier Contracted Energy Expansive Energy “Just Getting By”
  6. 6. “We, mistakenly, look for happiness outside of ourselves and in the future. That’s the ‘Happiness Trap’.”
  7. 7. Career Happiness is ALWAYS an Inside Job
  8. 8. Doing Work That is Right For You ( Your InspiredWork)
  9. 9. InspiredWork is Work Where You: • Feel Inspired • Use Your Talent • Can Be Yourself • Successfully Earn $ • Love What You Do
  10. 10. Finding OR Creating Your InspiredWork is Usually a Journey
  11. 11. Step 1: Know Where You Are Now, Get Your Career Happiness Score
  12. 12. Step 2: Choose to Be Happy & Raise Your Energy Contracted Energy Expansive Energy Unhappy/ Fear Neutral Happy/ Love Energy/Consciousness & Happiness Are Correlated
  13. 13. “Raise your energy daily… You attract what you radiate.” - Cheryl Richardson
  14. 14.
  15. 15. Step 3: Select Your Career Happiness Path Existing Job + Happier Mindset New Job or Career Your Own Business
  16. 16. “To accomplish great things, we must first dream, visualize, plan, believe and act!” - Alfred Montapert
  17. 17. Step 4: Create Your InspiredWork in 8 Weeks Book & Workbook Now Available on Amazon
  18. 18. Experience InspiredWork
  19. 19. Learn More About Career Happiness at