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Vlesg roadmap review1.2


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Vlesg roadmap review1.2

  1. 1. NOW RoadmapReview 12-13By Vicki McGarveyPresented by Elaine Swift
  2. 2. Tools Rolled Out Roadmap 13-14 Tools Removed from RoadmapHTML Editor: Insert YouTube &Flickr Nov 12BinderNB: VLE SGP decide if want fast trackRubrics & CompetenciesReasons: Implementation would take awayresource from Assessment Project ; Contrary tostrategic requirements & approach of GBAPossibility Rubrics will be revisited parteAssessment solutionUser Profile: New fields forFacebook & Flickr Already ReleasedEportfolio Enhancements:import/export; push content; inviteextertnal users; presentations; chromeplugin; liked on Facebook TwitterMobile Web: Option to disableReason: Not available in version 10Notifications Dec 12 Manage Dates Course BuilderReason: Redesigned content area in v.10 will besuperseding thisDropbox: Doc viewer Dec 12 Multiple Tools Video Capture –attachments Discussions; Dropbox;Forms & NewsInstructional Design WizardReason: Focusing on templatesCourse Design AcceleratorReason: Limited value; lack of customisation tooprescriptiveIntelligent Agents Jan 13 Eassessment Related1. iPAD Grader2. Turnitin integration similarity score feedback area3. Core (System) User Information Privacy (allows anon. marking)4. Dropbox: Out of score from Grademark (don’t have Gradebook switched on )NB Do we manage the following as part of eAssessment SolutionCalendar settings review Jan 13Audio Capture: Mar 13Aggregated News:Upgrade
  3. 3. Review feature tool release: Let’s do the mathsNo. to release = 16No. released/evaluated before upgrade = 6No. released part of upgrade = 1No. already released = 1No. postponed 13-14 = 3No. removed = 5No. new fm. upgrade = 5
  4. 4. Review ResourcesRelease time duration = 1-2 mnthsTime taken = 3-5 dysNo. staff = 5 implementation(CADQ, CPLD, IS, LLR, LTSU)= 6 peer review(CADQ, CPLD, IS, LLR, VLE SG Staff & StudentRep;)
  5. 5. Where next ?• Review the process:– Successful but resource intensive – less peerreviewers/implementers?– Less tools new tools/features with upgrade mayspeed up process & make part of annual upgrade?• Prioritise Roadmap for next year, identifyleads & get sign-off• Review outstanding feature requests in thecontext of the Roadmap
  6. 6. Questions• Binder escalate release beginning of next academicyear?• Assessment related tools part of the eAssessmentsolution implementation or part of the Roadmap?• Do we want a process for turning tools off e.g. theBlog?• How do we evaluate tools we have not purchasede.g. Campus Life; Analytics?• Do we want to review Rubrics & Competenciesoutside of the eAssessment SolutionImplementation?