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Utilt evaluationv1.1


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Utilt evaluationv1.1

  1. 1. UTILT EvaluationArea ResponseReason for visiting resource Referred by colleague; exploring learning rooms in VLEEase of finding the resource 50% yes easy 50% shownResource organisation Confused that eLearning support is scattered; ok but tend to go to samebit; a bit of a document store after overview; volume of material could beoverwhelming; presents content in a clustered wayUsefulness of resource Most found useful in particular CBA & Peer Assessment; more casestudies; content rudimentary; more on pedagogic rationale; easier toexplore tools independently than rely on our guidanceStyle of Material Liked style not too techy or nerd speak; could be snappier over us ofbulleted listsOther places looked for guidance Personal network; Learning & Teaching Coordinators; Google; Journalarticles; NTU seminars & conference29 May 2013 1Stats Top 5 Areas visited(Resource 200 visits since launch Jan 11)Introduction to eLearning; eFeedback; CAA; CBA; PeerAssessment