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Tools releasedinnow


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Tools releasedinnow

  1. 1. Tools Released in NOW Since September 12 Lead Vicki McGarvey CADQ Moderator Elaine Swift CPLD
  2. 2. Tools • Sharing Beyond NTU Learning Repository • Insert YouTube & Flickr using HTML editor • Notifications • Document viewer in Drop Box • Intelligent
  3. 3. Sharing Beyond NTU • Share your learning resources outside of NTU • Each shared published so you don’t need • Colleagues are encouraged to mark their work with a Creative Commons Licence • Available to staff only
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  5. 5. Insert YouTube & Flickr Using HTML Editor • HTML editor is available in – News; Discussions; Content; ePortfolio; Dropbox; Custom Widgets & Assessment • Using this you can Flickr images & YouTube videos within NOW
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  7. 7. Notifications • Subscribe to a summary of activity of Learning Rooms based on the updates widget • Receive instant notification about Drop Box end dates; new discussion messages & news updates • Manage which learning rooms you can receive updates • Available to staff & students
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  9. 9. Dropbox Document Viewer • Available for staff & via the Dropbox Feedback link • View & download follow file types: – MS Word (.doc, .docx) – MS PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx, .pps) – Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) – Web (.htm, .html) – Plain text (.txt) – Images (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png) • View as text or image file • Early preview of Document Viewer in Content are in V.10
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  11. 11. Intelligent Agents • Allow you to keep up-to-date with student activity • Intelligent agents send email alerts based on a set of customisable criteria • If student meets the condition, email can be sent to staff, student or both • Agents can detect actions student have taken/achieved e.g. Dropbox submission; Assessment score/grade; Students has not logged-in • Agent email alert can be personalised e.g. supportive message; link to another learning room/tool • Cannot include attachments • Run instantly or scheduled
  12. 12. Intelligent Agents When setting up consider the following: • Purpose of the email alert & who will be receiving it • The condition that must be met e.g. viewing a topic; Dropbox submission • Content of the email that agent sends when condition is met • How often you want to run the agent
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