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Tool functevalvle steergrpv1.4


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Tool functevalvle steergrpv1.4

  1. 1. Tool & Functions Evaluation Vicki McGarvey CADQ Elaine Swift CPLD Presentation to the VLE Steering Group September 2012
  2. 2. September 9, 2013 2 Overview • Recommendation project for the rapid roll-out (implementation) of tools in NOW • Functionality integrated within the implementation approach • Evaluation post implementation
  3. 3. September 9, 2013 3 Rationale • To catch-up with where we should be • Preparation for upgrade to version 10 • Address strategic priorities e.g. eAssessment, Online Learning & Teaching Policy • Improve staff productivity • Enhance student experience • Encourage innovative learning & teaching
  4. 4. September 9, 2013 4 Rollout – Release Roadmap • The release of each tool will be assessed and timetabled with respect to whether the tool relates to one or both of the following: –NTU’s learning and teaching strategic priorities –A quick win enhancement to NOW
  5. 5. September 9, 2013 5 Rollout - Support Evaluation Each tool evaluated level of support Support Description Minimum support  Provide links to existing vendor user guides Links to any relevant internal policies and guidance Partial support As above min. support plus additional CADQ bespoke advice if deemed appropriate Additional links to HEA/JISC Guidance CPLD/CADQ/IS/LLR developed users guides/videos IS Sys admin support raise & actively manage through D2L Full Support As partial support plus additional •CPLD offer online/face to face support •IS helpdesk provide email/phone support •CADQ offer support and advice •LLR offer support and advice i.e. full support across the institution
  6. 6. September 9, 2013 6 Not included • API to allow custom development – for technical developments • Enhancement to seating chart tool – not appropriate • Mobile version, can view aggregated news – bring into CADQ Mobile Technologies Project • External Learning Tools - IMS LTI – we need to look at stuff we plugin e.g. Wordpress
  7. 7. September 9, 2013 7 VLE Steering Group Prioritise Tools Tool Rollout Process CADQ Draft project plan tools rollout VLE Steering Group Sign-off project plan CADQ Allocate EDs for tool implementation IS CADQ CPLD LTSU *LLR Requirements Gathering CADQ CPLD IS *LLR *SU Requirements Sign-off IS Develop Tool Healthcheck IS Release tool On Dev & Healthcheck IS Release tool On Test & Healthcheck CPLD Develop & Signpost Documentation IS Release tool On Prod & Healthcheck CADQ Publicise tool & id. Pilot opps. * LLR & SU Involvement if student impact For Each Tool
  8. 8. September 9, 2013 8 Roles & Responsibilities • CADQ – project owner – SED • to oversee the project; peer review each tool implementation; peer review requirements – ED • Lead for a tool – requirements; implementation; training & support; communication; identify pilots • CPLD – Technology & Learning Development Manager • Peer review project plan; peer review requirements – Technology & Learning Development Advisor • Lead on training & support • IS – Peer review project plan; Involvement in requirements; lead healthchecks & setting-up • LLR if required – Peer review project plan; involvement in requirements; involvement in training & support
  9. 9. September 9, 2013 9 Resources for each tool rollout Team Activity Comments CADQ Requirements – 3 days Training & Support – 1 day Communication & I.D Pilots – 1day Total – 5 days SED to peer review process ED oversee requirements & implementation CPLD Requirements – 1 day Training & Support – up to 3 days Total between 2 – 4 days Amount of time required to develop guidance will vary per tool IS Requirements – 0.5 day Set-up & Healtchecks – 1.5 days Total – 2 days Set-up & healthchecks is the total for all 3 systems LLR (if required) Requirements – 0.5 day Training & Support - 1 day Total – 1.5 day LLR will only be required if there is a student support issue
  10. 10. September 9, 2013 10 Recommendations 1. CADQ owns the project as the rollout is in within the context of learning and teaching 2. One project for the rollout of all the tools, that iterates with each upgrade 3. 50% tools released by Christmas 4. At the end of the academic year tools evaluated according to usage and existing practice 5. A rapid process, in partnership with IS CPLD, LLR, LTSU & SU, that aligns with the Institutional Academic Plan, which will achieve ambitious deadlines & place NTU in the best position for adopting v10
  11. 11. Recommendations from VLE Steering Group • To include Student Union with requirements gathering – Illustrative scenarios will be created to assist active engagement SU will be involved in peer review process • To liaise with eAssessment group – Roadmap shared with eAssessment group & priorities will be discussed • To include LLR with requirements gathering as well as peer reviewing – Vicki McGarvey to create a more detailed roadmap speak to Sandra Price
  12. 12. September 9, 2013 12 Tool Rollout Roadmap Tool Strategic Priority Support YouTube Flickr Staff & student experience MS FB Twitter User Profile Student experience MS Course Design Accelerator Staff productivity MS Course Builder Staff productivity PS RSS Feeds Staff productivity PS Notifications Features a. Discussions b. Dropbox deadline c. News item updated d. New news item available Student experience; staff productivity; assessment PS Intelligent Agents eAssessment; Personalised student experience; FS Redesigned Dropbox interface Staff productivity eAssessment FS Rubrics & Competencies eAssessment FS Audio Capture eFeedback; Personalised student experience FS Video Capture Student experience PS Calendar tool changes a. Manage content release dates (‘Due Dates’) b. Add multiple external ical calendars c. Task management feature Student experience; Staff productionivey PS ePortfolio enhancements b. Presentations can be liked on FB and Twitter c. Plugin for Chrome allows web images to be added as artefacts directly via the browser]ko Student experience FS Instructional Design Wizard Staff productivity PS Web Dav Staff productivity PS Manage dates Staff productivity MS