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  • Reorganisation of eLearning provision at NTU need to look at the way we support staff
  • In 2010 EDU resources divided into 3 services previous the Educational Development Unit based in the library had two teams Training & Support – training on the VLE & Admin support for our VLE Desire2Learn Educational Development Support guidance and consultancy on the use of technology in learning and teaching; curriculum redesign towards blended learning Services were split between 3 teams Quality & Enhancement Training & Development & Information Systems Moving away from supporting small scale project and focus on widescale impact projects
  • Looking at the challenges that were presented wanted to produce a resource that was self-supporting but we did not have a web presence because of the reconfiguration of the service so decide to use the VLE Where do we start look at strategy at what we know people want Thinking about NHS direct simple structure and replicate that is some way
  • Content written by eLearning Developers & Technology and Learning Development adviser userguieds Reviewed by Senior eLearnin Developer & Technology and Learning Development Manager Very detailed production process I oversaw the whole process Resource disaggregated into various parts each published to our learning repository with hashtag TELT
  • This is the homepage of our resources
  • This is the navigation of the resource
  • This is example of one of our pages
  • Use a variety of mechanisms for staff engagement with respect to TELT we held a webinar series to compliment the subjects covered with average attendance of 5 people content has also been repurposed for training courses
  • We have recently evaluated the resources and these are our finding it was very challenging getting feedback not all entirely favourable given the amount of work and resources that went into it we use the resource a lot to support our own work
  • Trying to making future production less resource intensive and making it easier to slip in quick guides we have a couple already that we have produce It has probably been most use to us to support our work in training and consultancy staff want quick access to up-to-date guidance on the VLE and contextual information from NTU
  • Altc12 v mcgarveyv1.1

    1. 1. TELT via TELT: Using Technology Enhanced Learning andTeaching to Engage Staff in Technology Enhanced Learningand TeachingVicki McGarvey Senior eLearning DeveloperNottingham Trent University
    2. 2. 24 May 2013 2“How to providesupport forTechnologyEnhancedLearning &TeachingwithdepletedresourceswhilstdemonstratingTELTbest Practice”That is the Question!
    3. 3. 24 May 2013 3Training &DevelopmentInformationSystemsQuality &EnhancementTRAININGSUPPORTEDUEDUCATIONALDEVLOPMENTThat Was ThenThis is NOWeLearningSupport
    4. 4. 24 May 2013 4Challenges & SolutionsChallenge Solution1. Loss of eLearning helpdesk &movement to supporting strategicprojectsEncourage a self supporting culture e.g.NHS Direct2. Change in web presence becauseof reconfigured servicesUse the VLE3. What eLearning areas to begindevelopingStrategic focus eAssessment & MinimumStandardsWhat we know people want DeliveringOnline Content4 How to structure the resource NHS Direct; Overview; Symptoms; Causes;Diagnosis; TreatmentTELT: Definition (What) Rationale (Why)Rationale Situations (When) How (Tools)
    5. 5. 24 May 2013 5StructureReview1stDraftWordReview2ndDraftWordConvertOnlinePublishLROnlineCourseProductionProcessElearning DevelopereLearn & Dev Tech LD AdvisereLearn Dev & Tech LD AdvisereLearn DeveLearn DevSnr eLearn Dev & Tech LD ManagerSnr eLearn Devr & Tech L & D Man
    6. 6. 24 May 2013 6
    7. 7. 24 May 2013 7
    8. 8. 24 May 2013 8
    9. 9. 24 May 2013 9
    10. 10. EvaluationArea ResponseReason for visiting resource Referred by colleague; exploring learning rooms in VLEEase of finding the resource 50% yes easy 50% shownResource organisation Confused that eLearning support is scattered; ok but tendto go to same bit; a bit of a document store afteroverview; volume of material could be overwhelming;presents content in a clustered wayUsefulness of resource Most found useful in particular CBA & Peer Assessment;more case studies; content rudimentary; more onpedagogic rationale; easier to explore tools independentlythan rely on our guidanceStyle of Material Liked style not too techy or nerd speak; could be snappierover us of bulleted listsOther places looked forguidancePersonal network; Learning & Teaching Coordinators;Google; Journal articles; NTU seminars & conference24 May 2013 10Stats Top 5 Areas visited(Resource 200 visits since launch Jan 11)Introduction to eLearning; eFeedback; CAA;CBA; Peer Assessment
    11. 11. Recommendations1. Improve signposting2. Simplify the structure3. Easier access to tool guides4. Cross-referencing with other academic resources in VLE5. Gateway to academic resources in VLE6. More multimedia content7. Name change8. Simplified production process24 May 2013 11