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The 10 Commandments to Demystifying the Creative Process


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In an age where ‘content is king’ and everyone is trying (and often failing) to get a slice of the action, the way that ideas are generated, developed and eventually produced can be a crucial component to success. This presentation gives a brief overview of ten key aspects of the creative process, through the lens of several case studies and campaigns, aiming to deliver transferable tips and insights to help supercharge any creative process.

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The 10 Commandments to Demystifying the Creative Process

  1. 1. 10commandments Demystifying creativeprocess to the the vicke cheung @vickekaravan
  2. 2. where i work We are Distilled, an online marketing agency From SEO and technical consulting to creative content and digital PR, we help businesses make the most of the online world. We also love sharing what we’ve learned while doing this, via our blog, training courses and conferences.
  3. 3. distilled creative team
  4. 4. creative lead senior designers pr exec creative lead team manager
  5. 5. We’ll get together and chat until we have a real understanding of what you want to achieve. We’ll set some KPIs too. Then we’ll go away and write everything up before sending back to you for the final say so. This is where the magic happens. Based on the creative brief, a designated team of creatives will spend 4 weeks coming up with, stress-testing and validating a set of ideas that will knock your socks off. We’ll make a beautiful deck outlining the concepts that survived our rigorous stress-testing process. Then we’ll dazzle your key stakeholders with our creative know-how. You’ll be asked to select 1 or more ideas based on the contract. Creativity can be a bit messy so we’ll put together a brief based on your objectives. That keeps us on track when we start our ideation process. THE CREATIVE BRIEF1 We’ll put our brains together to come up with a bunch of ideas that not only suit your business needs, but hopefully excite you too. IDEATION2 This is where one of our Creative Leads will wow you with a presentation of our wonderful ideas. PITCH3 CREATIVE THE DISTILLED WAY ourcreativeprocess
  6. 6. this process has served us well
  7. 7. 10 the commandments creative
  8. 8. Question the brief
  9. 9. our brief template
  10. 10. campaign requirements the most important part of the brief
  11. 11. What clients ask for isn’t necessarily what they want or need really
  12. 12. keep and focused objectives KPIs
  13. 13. michael bierut problem “ “ solution The Thecontains
  14. 14. Assemble your A-team
  15. 15. TEAM MEMBERS primary Creative lead Copywriter Designer Developer PR executive
  16. 16. TEAM MEMBERS primary secondary Creative lead Copywriter Designer Developer PR exec Sense-checker Journalist Data scientist Video team Experts / Specialists “ “
  17. 17. WHERE TO look for additional resource freelancers YunoJuno Working Not Working — PeoplePerHour Upwork Mechnical Turk
  18. 18. WHERE TO look for additional resource direct fromclients PR teams Internal experts Proprietary data freelancers YunoJuno Working Not Working — PeoplePerHour Upwork Mechnical Turk
  23. 23. from anyone ideas can come
  25. 25. are an output ideas nothing of everything you have learnt to date if you put in will come outthen
  26. 26. david ogilvy “ “ Doing research can feel extremely tedious, but there is no substitute for it.
  27. 27. Research ...Then research some more
  28. 28. explore existing datasets recommended reading:
  29. 29. create an inspiration doc
  30. 30. mind-map the topic
  31. 31. right / wrong there’s no to research
  32. 32. not in practice work in principle but a great ideamay
  33. 33. validate before it’s too late
  34. 34. validate with your team 123meeting Present ideas to wider team Individually score each idea 1 = Great 2 = OK 3 = No-go Therefore best-loved ideas score the lowest
  35. 35. validate for feasibility question if... Check against... The data is available It is within budget There are tech constraints A journalist The ‘SUCCESs’ model
  36. 36. by chipand Dan Heath
  37. 37. people care about people, not numbers.
  38. 38. pUT PEOPLE FIRST
  39. 39.
  41. 41. elicits emotion Successful content
  42. 42. never underestimate the ofpower words
  43. 43. copy AS important design and development the right is as
  44. 44. copy design development
  45. 45. minimise risk maximise output
  46. 46. bigcontent piece can mean...
  47. 47. bigreward but also...
  48. 48. biggerrisk
  49. 49. reduce risk smaller pieces i.e. little and often with
  50. 50.
  51. 51. low production cost
  52. 52. all the same 36 links total DA = 1975 successful
  53. 53. 2016 2017
  54. 54. yourself plagiarise
  55. 55.
  56. 56.
  57. 57. the sun copying us (copying ourselves)...
  58. 58. your stuff shout about
  59. 59. build it they will comeand
  60. 60. build it they will comeand
  61. 61. ideation and production just half the battleare
  62. 62. make your content more promotable and shareable Journalists like: Exclusive content
  63. 63.
  64. 64. supplementary assets
  65. 65. make your content more promotable and shareable Journalists like: Exclusive content Video content
  66. 66. supplementary video content
  67. 67. the CReative commandments #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 @vickekaravan Question the brief Assemble your A-team Pair different people Research… then research some more Validate before it’s too late Put people first Never underestimate the power of words Minimise risk, maximise output Plagiarise yourself Shout about your stuff 10