Disrupting healthcare with technology


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Extended talk about disruption in healthcare in general and the role played by technology (mainly 'omics') in this disruption. It is expected that this disruption will result in better care, better processes and better productivity in the already overwhelmed health systems.
Precision medicine and personalised medicine are also enablers for the organisational changes towards solution shops or Added Value Processes cliniques. This work is based on Clayton Christensen's 'The Innovator's Prescription'.

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Disrupting healthcare with technology

  1. 1. Disrupting Healthcare UPC 04/12/2013 Vicent Ribas
  2. 2. The tragedy What is the purpose of the Health System?  Keep us healthy and ‘fix us’ when we break down…  But what is the work-to-be-done (C. Christensen) in:  Hospitals  Primary care  Management of chronic patients? 
  3. 3. The tragedy II  Business model: Profit Formula: assets and fixed costs structure, margins and ‘stickyness’.  Processes: ways to work together to address recurrent tasks.  Value proposition: product or service that enables our ‘customers’ do more effectively, conveniently and affordably.  Resources: people, technology, products, equipment, …  Adapted from the Innovator’s Prescription
  4. 4. The tragedy III  Too many business models live under the same roof! Ambulatory surgery  Transplant units  ICUs  Pediatrics  Ob-Gyn  Oftalmology… 
  5. 5. The tragedy IV We urgently need to do – and I mean actually do – something radical to avert global catastrophe. But I don’t think we will. I think we’re fucked Ten Billion, Stephen Emmott
  6. 6. Disruption Maybe, and I say maybe, we’re not so fucked.
  7. 7. Disruption  What is disruption? An innovation that makes things simpler and more affordable.  When functionality becomes a comodity, convenience rules! 
  8. 8. Disruption in technology Disease Gene Analysis http://www.omim.org
  9. 9. Disruption in technology Gene list enrichment for IL-7 in Sepsis: Gene Expression Omnibus Enrichr
  10. 10. Disruption in technology Etofenamate and protoveratrine are respectively an antihypertensive and anti-inflammatory. These are very much related to the inflammatory role played by IL-7 and its subsequent effects in Blood Pressure like in the most advanced stages of sepsis.
  11. 11. Disruption in technology And now the graphical model for IL-7 in sepsis http://www.maayanlab.net/X2K/ http://www.yworks.com/en/products_ yed_download.html
  12. 12. Disruption in technology  Other disruptions: Medical imaging  Ubiquitous connectivity 
  13. 13. Disruption in business models  Technology is an enabler for personalised and precision medicine  But there are other ‘going ons’: Solution shops  VAP clinics  Networks (professionals and chronic patients). 
  14. 14. Disruption in business models   ALL of them need INTEGRATION between processes, systems and people. Virtuous Circle
  15. 15. Disruption in business models    What is your value proposition? What is your profit formula? What are your regulatory constraints?
  16. 16. Disrupting Healthcare