Medical Science Discovers a Powerful New Medicine: The Power of the Mind by R. Murali Krishna, M.D.


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Medical Science Discovers a Powerful New Medicine: The Power of the Mind By R. Murali Krishna, M.D.
R. Murali Krishna, MD, DLFAPA, noted and well respected Oklahoma City psychiatrist, has recently published his first book, VIBRANT: To Heal and Be Whole - From India to Oklahoma City which he coauthored with Kelly Dyer Fry, president of news at OPUBCO. For more information visit

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Medical Science Discovers a Powerful New Medicine: The Power of the Mind by R. Murali Krishna, M.D.

  1. 1. Medical Science Discovers a Powerful New Medicine: The Power of the Mind By R. Murali Krishna, M.D. Image credit: 765606561/sizes/c/in/photostream/
  2. 2. If you’re sick for a few days, chances are you’ll end up in your doctor’s office. >> When you’re examined, you’ll tell your doctor each and every way in which your body is isn’t working right. >> It’s our culture’s way, after all, to understand illness as a physical problem. >> When we’re sick, it’s due to a stray germ, a troublesome gene or an unfortunate chemical reaction, and we expect our physician to prescribe a medication or procedure to fix it. Image credit:
  3. 3. In the future, though, there may be another element added to standard healing therapies: a visit with a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker or therapist. Why? Image credit:
  4. 4. There is increasing evidence that the emotional states and behavioral factors in which mental health professionals specialized play a critical role in the prevention, onset and progression of disease. >> Most doctors have noticed that a patient’s attitude makes a difference in recovery. >> Now, though, it’s beginning to be realized on a much broader basis just how much influence the brain can have over the body. >> The proof is coming more and more quickly that the physical world and the human mind and soul are linked at the deepest levels, and each one influences the others. Image credit:
  5. 5. Research indicates that almost all visits to primary care physicians are in some way related to mental health. >> About a third of “medically ill” people have psychological problems expressed as physical symptoms. >> Another third have illnesses as a result of dysfunctional behavior, such as addiction to alcohol, drugs, chemicals or cigarettes. >> The final third suffer from physical illnesses in which the cure may be influenced by the state of the patient’s mind.
  6. 6. Slowly but surely, our nation’s health-care system is beginning to pay attention to the power of the mind. >> In part, that’s because researchers continue to provide evidence that the mind is a key player in disease and health. >> Economics also play a role. >> Every dollar spent in mental health services saves $3 in other medical costs. Image credit:
  7. 7. For consumers, that may mean the time is coming when the practice and delivery of medicine will routinely include attention to mental health and emotional needs. >> Until that time, what can you do to tap the power of your mind? >> A healthy, open and caring outlook lays the groundwork for a healthy body.
  8. 8. The first step toward achieving that outlook is to be able to recognize, process and share feelings as soon as possible with someone you trust. >> Unshared feelings leave an “electrophysical residue.” >> The longer you wait to share feelings, the more likely you are to experience them as a destructive force that leads to physical symptoms. Image credit:
  9. 9. You may also wish to adopt these approaches: >> Have empathy for others. >> Develop healthy human relationships. >> Have a purpose in life. >> Be interested in your community. >> Seek a balance in life between work, play, creativity and soul.
  10. 10. Does this mean you can cure yourself through the power of positive thinking or happy thoughts? Not at all. It is, however, a recognition that attending to mental and emotional states may result both in a sound mind and a sound body.
  11. 11. Dr. Krishna is president and chief operating officer of INTEGRIS Mental Health, that provides adult and child/adolescent mental health services in inpatient, residential, outpatient & clinical settings; an employee assistance program; and crisis intervention services. He is also co-founder and president of the James L. Hall, Jr. Center for Mind, Body and Spirit, an educational organization devoted to improving health through raising awareness of the healing power of the connection between mind, body, and spirit.
  12. 12. Author of VIBRANT: To Heal and Be Whole - From India to Oklahoma City, Dr. Krishna reveals the secrets to living a vibrant life while overcoming: • Anxiety • Trauma • Sleep dysfunction • Stress • Obesity • Emotional dysfunction • Depression • Addiction • Substance abuse • Loss • Anger • Unresolved issues • Relationship stress • Mental illness • Alcoholism
  13. 13. R. Murali Krishna, MD, DLFAPA Co-Founder & President, James L. Hall, Jr Center for Mind, Body and Spirit President & COO, INTEGRIS Mental Health President, Oklahoma State Board of Health Founding President, Health Alliance for the Uninsured Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Univ. of OK Health Sciences Center
  14. 14.