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Report of Launch of One Billion Rising (OBR) Function by Akshara, Mumbai on 28-11-2012

The OBR began as a call to action based on the staggering UN statistics that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. The campaign is growing every day in the lead up to February 14, 2013, with women and men around the world signing on. To date, thousands of activists, over 13,000 organizations around the globe, and 176 countries have committed to participate and hold events. When we heard of the One Billion Rising Campaign, we felt that it will help us in spreading the issue of violence against women and bring greater attention to it.
Akshara along with SANGAT lauched its OBR campaign on 28-11-2012 at Films Division, Pedder Road, Mumbai which began with Felicitation of Activists of the Women’s Movement in Mumbai who have over the years worked for the justice for women, by Shabana Azmi by giving the felicitation trophy to them. Seven Women and one man felicitated were: Anjali Dave, Flavia Agnes, Hasina Khan, Jason Temasfieldt, Jyoti Mhapsekar, Sugandhi Francis, Urmila Pawar, Vibhuti Patel. After this, the film festival was launched by Rahul Bose “Our Lives… to Live” with the premiere of Gulabi Gang, a film by Nishtha Jain, on a women’s group in dacoit infested Bundelkhand and their efforts to end violence in their lives. Prior to that, the first short film by Eve Enslar was screened on One Billion Rising that charged the atmosphere with gusto. Rahul Bose and Kalpana Sharma, senior journalist led the discussion on the film with a question answer session with the director Nishta Jain.

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Our lives...to live bombay

  1. 1. OUR LIVES...TO LIVE 7-9 DecemberNO! to gender violence 2012films of courage, protest, hope MumbaiVenue: RR Theatre, 10th Floor, Films Division, 24 Dr G Deshmukh Marg (Peddar Rd), Mumbai-400026FRIDAY 07 DECEMBERTime Film Duration Country (Min)11:00 am INAUGURATION 1011:10 am One Billion Rising Eve Ensler, Tony Stroebel 3 An inspiring music video for the One Billion Rising campaign: women worldwide rising up against all kinds of violence. FOCUS: Violence Against Girls and Young Women11:15 am A DAY IN THE LIFE OF RAHELA Dil Afruz Zeerak 27 Afghanistan 13-year-old Rahela lives on one of the steep hillsides in Kabul. Every day she hauls up canisters of water from the plains to help support her family and pay for her schooling.11:45 am KAVERI Shilpa Munikempanna 18 India 13-year-old Kaveri’s carefree world is threatened the day she reaches puberty. Her education will either come to an end or she will be married off.12:00 pm 1977 Peque Varela 8 UK Animation merges with personal photographs to tell the story of a girl in a conservative community struggling to come to terms with her gender identity.12:10 pm SARABAH Maria Luisa Gambale, Gloria Bremer 60 USA-Senegal Rapper, singer and activist Sister Fa, a childhood victim of female genital cutting (FGC), travels back to her home village in Senegal, where she fears she and her message against the practice will be rejected. Yet she speaks out passionately to female elders and students alike, and stages a rousing concert that has the community on its feet.01:10 pm Discussion with Sonal Shukla and Nandita Shah 2001:30 pm LUNCH
  2. 2. FOCUS: Women ANd public spaces02:30 pm IS IT JUST A GAME? II Shakuntala Kulkarni 3 India In this artist’s video, a game of kabbadi becomes a metaphor to address and challenge issues of power versus victimization, violence and viciousness, within the politics of gender.02:35 pm THE ghetto girl Ambarien Al Qadar 37 India In what is also known as India’s “Little Pakistan” in New Delhi, a girl searches for a lost home movie. The search takes her into the mapless lanes of the place she calls home.03:10 pm JOR SE BOL Samata Jadhav, Pradeep Paralkar, Amol 20 India Lalzare and Yashodhara Salve Street sexual harassment is experienced by the majority of women. Women feel harassed, angry and frustrated. There are laws against it, but it continues. This video explores the reactions of young men and women.03:30 pm Inside out Divya Cowasji, Shilpi Gulati 26 India Even in the 21st century, in a city as liberal and safe as Mumbai, women’s access to public space is limited. The film brings out the experiences of different women, and addresses women’s need to reclaim, or claim, an unfettered access.04:00 pm Discussion with Shilpa Phadke, Nandita Gandhi and 30 filmmakers04:30 pm MY LETTER TO PIPPA Bingöl Elmas 60 Turkey- In 2008, Pippa Bacca embarked on a hitch-hiking expedition France from Rome to the Middle East to promote world peace. She disappeared outside Istanbul. Her raped body was later recovered. In this road documentary, Kurdish director Bingöl Elmas undertakes to continue the journey.05:30 pm BREAK FOCUS: Taboos and Restrictions05:50 pm BEYOND THE WHEEL Rajula Shah 59 India The film takes a look at three women in Indian pottery, across rural-urban and modern-traditional divides, with reference to the taboo of the wheel.
  3. 3. 06:50 pm GOING UP THE STAIRS: PORTRAIT OF AN UNLIKELY 51 Iran IRANIAN ARTIST Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami When Akram, an illiterate 50-year-old Iranian woman, became a painter unexpectedly, she hid her work from possibly disapproving eyes. Now her children have arranged an exhibition in Paris, but she must obtain permission from her husband in order to attend.07:40 pm BREAK08:00 pm One Billion Rising Eve Ensler, Tony Stroebel 3 An inspiring music video for the One Billion Rising campaign: women worldwide rising up against all kinds of violence.08:05 pm THE SARI SOLDIERS Julie Bridgham 92 USA- An extraordinary story of six women’s courageous efforts Nepal to shape Nepal’s future in the midst of an escalating civil war against Maoist insurgents, and the King’s crackdown on civil liberties.SATURDAY 08 DECEMBER11:00 am The violence of systemic “forgetting”– remembering our 15 histories by Gita Chadha11:15 am FRAGMENTS OF A PAST Uma Chakravarti 54 India The ephemeral nature of memory and the importance of keeping alive our histories are both underlined in this film essay as it retraces the political journey of activist and writer Mythili Sivaraman. FOCUS: States of Mind (what makes “normal” normal?)12:10 pm THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE AIR Iram Ghufran 30 India A series of dream narratives, and accounts of spiritual possession as experienced by women ‘petitioners’ at the shrine of a Sufi saint in north India. The shrine becomes a space of expressions of longing and transgression.12:40 pm THE WINDOW Putul Mahmood 6 India One morning a mentally ill, vagrant woman peeps into a tailoring shop and gets fascinated by the colourful laces and material she sees there. The shop owner, also a woman, invites her in…12:45 pm CONVERSATIONS FOR THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON: TWO 20 India SISTERS & SHILPI Putul Mahmood A dialogue with two sisters who are inmates of the Lumbini Park Mental Hospital in Kolkata, and a conversation with Shilpi about her unnerving experiences with psychiatrists.
  4. 4. 01:05 pm Discussion with Ketki Ranade 2501:30 pm LUNCH FOCUS: Women in Conflict Zones (Redefined) from the continuing battles against caste and other discriminations to armed conflicts and war02:30 pm SHIT Amudhan RP 25 India A street in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. A woman who sweeps up all the shit. Her name is Mariammal and she does this every day of her life. The film raises critical questions about caste, working conditions, the indifference of the Municipal Corporation, and people’s lack of civic sense.02:55 pm India Unheard END CASTE VIOLENCE AND ENSURE FAIR RATIONS IN 2 India RURAL JHARKHAND Anil Gudia A Dalit woman who protested for her rations was brutally beaten up and left for dead by the upper caste owner of the ration shop. This video report led to the culprits’ arrest. But some of the neediest families in the village are yet to receive their rations. MICROFINANCE INCITES CASTE VIOLENCE 3 Varsha Jawalgekar A private moneylender disrupts a meeting of a microfinance group and brutally attacks a woman member. This video is currently being used as evidence in the case filed by the victim. DEFENCELESS WOMAN BRANDED ‘WITCH’ Mukesh Rajak 3 Women belonging to marginalized communities are often accused by superstitious villagers of indulging in black magic. They are publicly ostracised and abused. This video is the testimony of one victim against this terrible oppression.03:05 pm POSITIVE LIVING C Vanaja 30 India A story of women living with HIV who persisted on their journey in life, against social ostracism and with dignity and hope.03:35 pm KUSUM Shumona Banerjee 11 India Transvestite sex worker Kusum gears up for a regular night. Enter Purab, a troubled English literature teacher who speaks no Bengali. All hell breaks loose as the two struggle to negotiate the night in each other’s presence.03:45 pm TALES FROM THE MARGINS Kavita Joshi 23 India 12 women disrobe in public – in protest. A young woman called Irom Sharmila has been on a fast-to-death for years, demanding justice. The film looks at the grim human rights situation in Manipur and the extraordinary protests by its womenfolk for justice and peace.
  5. 5. 04:10 pm GOD SLEEPS IN RWANDA Kimberlee Acquaro, 29 Rwanda- Stacy Sherman USA Heart-wrenching and inspiring, this powerful film is a reminder of the brutal consequences of the Rwandan genocide, and a tribute to the strength and spirit of the women who are moving forth.04:40 pm Panel: Chayanika Shah, Vahida Nainar and others 5005:30 pm BREAK05:50 pm BOL Shabnam Virmani 4 India Made as part of a public service television campaign on the issue of domestic violence, these spots instigate a range of people to “speak out”.05:55 pm INVOKING JUSTICE Deepa Dhanraj 86 India In Tamil Nadu, family disputes are settled by all-male Jamaats which function without allowing women to be present. A group of women have established a women’s Jamaat, which works to reform a system that allows men to take refuge in the most extreme interpretations of the Qur’an to justify violence towards women.07:20 pm Discussion: Women’s Jamaats and other such initiatives 20 with Sabah Khan07:40 pm BREAK08:00 pm SCARLET ROAD Catherine Scott 70 Australia Sex worker Rachel Wotton specializes in a long overlooked clientele – people with disabilities. Her philosophy is that human touch and sexual intimacy can be the most therapeutic aspects to our existence. She fights both for the rights of sex workers and for access to sexual expression for the disabled through sex work.09:10 pm Discussion: Rights of People with Disability (including the 20 right to access sex) with Nidhi Goyal and Richa Kaul PadteSUNDAY 09 DECEMBER GODDESSES Leena Manimekalai11:00 am Three ordinary women who live extraordinary lives, 43 India surviving the darkest of times by going against society’s norms to live and work according to the rules they have set for themselves.
  6. 6. FOCUS: The Gendered Impact of Neoliberal Globalisation11:45 am AMERICA AMERICA KP Sasi 5 India A music video that cocks a snook at the great American empire and exposes the American war machine for what it is - global terrorism.11:50 am HOW GREEN WAS OUR VALLEY Fereshteh Joghataei 32 Iran A dam has been built and the water is rising. 63 villages will be flooded and the residents must be uprooted. People wait for a miracle at a holy shrine.12:25 pm BRANDED GIRLS Bijoyeta Das, Khaled Hasan 7 Bangladesh In Bangladesh, young women work in sweatshops producing clothing for the world’s top brands at less than minimal wages.12:30 pm Discussion with Ilina Sen 3001:00 pm LUNCH FOCUS: our bodies, our rights02:00 pm MERA ANUBHAV OP Arora 13 India Interviews of women across the country, about their experience of using the Loop as a family planning device in the 1960s.02:15 pm SOMETHING LIKE A WAR Deepa Dhanraj 52 India This classic traces the history of the family planning program and exposes the cynicism, corruption and brutality which characterizes its implementation.03:10 pm CAN WE SEE THE BABY BUMP PLEASE? Surabhi Sharma 49 India Medical tourism and commercial surrogacy have spawned a range of clinics and practices across big cities and small towns The film meets with surrogates, doctors, law firms, agents, and family in an attempt to understand the context of surrogacy in India.04:00 pm Panel: filmmaker Surabhi Sharma and others 4504:45 pm WE ARE FOOT SOLDIERS Debolina Dutta, Oishik Sircar 24 India In 2005, children of sex workers in Kolkata’s Sonagachi red light district came together to form their own organisation, Amra Padatik (We Foot Soldiers), drawing inspiration from the work that their mothers had been doing to demand their right to sex work as work. The film journeys through the lives of six Amra Padatik members.
  7. 7. 05:10 pm BREAK05:30 pm MORE THAN A FRIEND Debalina 30 India Rupsa and Ranja are in love with each other, and move in together. Their domestic help seems bemused. When Ranja’s mother comes to visit, all the characters must come to terms with the situation and with their own feelings. A docu-fiction work set in Kolkata, in the climate of greater awareness about same sex relationships.06:00 pm ORCHIDS: MY INTERSEX ADVENTURE Phoebe Hart 57 Australia Phoebe Hart knew she was different growing up – but she didn’t know why. This award-winning documentary traces Phoebe’s voyage of self-discovery as an intersex person, as she embarks on a road trip with her sister to meet other intersex people and hear their stories.07:00 pm Discussion: Understanding Intersex (and looking beyond 20 the gender binary) with Shalini Mahajan07:20 pm BREAK07:40 pm MANN KE MANJEERE Sujit Sircar, Gary 5 India The famous anthem about a woman rebuilding her life in the aftermath of domestic violence. Mita Vashisht as the woman, Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics, Shubha Mudgal’s voice. CLosing film:07:45 pm FACING MIRRORS Negar Azarbayjani 102 Iran With her husband in prison, Rana drives a taxi to support herself and her young son. During a journey to drop Adineh far outside Tehran, Rana makes a discovery that horrifies her. A story of prejudice, friendship and redemption.
  8. 8. PARTNERS DEPT. OF COMMUNICATION Kerala state MEDIA FOR CHILDREN Chalachithra SNDT WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY PUNE AcademyThis schedule is subject to change. For details log on to www.iawrtindia.blogspot.com