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Hack4DV Final Report


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Summary report of Vibewire's #Hack4Homelessness. Held 8-10 December 2017, this social impact hackathon was designed to tackle the social, technical, cultural and behavioural challenges of family and domestic violence.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Hack4DV Final Report

  1. 1. NCOSS #hack4DV Report, January 2018
  2. 2. HackDV Overview
  3. 3. HackDV Interviews
  4. 4. Contents 1. Background 2. Family and DV themes 3. Problem statements 4. Teams and ideas 5. Winners 6. Next steps We believe young people should create, not inherit the future. Vibewire is the launchpad for young changemakers.
  5. 5. Background Vibewire in partnership with NCOSS, Jewish House, Minerva Collective, Western Sydney University, MnM Institute and Academy Xi hosted #Hack4DV on 8-10 December 2017. Over 100 people participated in the hackathon including, coders, designers, entrepreneurs and subject matter experts from Western Sydney University, Aunty’s House, Films4Change and DV NSW. As well as people with lived experience of family and domestic violence (past and recent). More than 50% of participants had never been to a hackathon before - and only a small number of people had previously met. We were all swimming in uncharted waters. Over 36 hours, twelve teams formed and developed solutions that addressed the key themes and problem statements.
  6. 6. Impacts on Children & Young people Giving a voice and support to children and young people Themes Prevention and Early Intervention to deal with trauma, isolation, mental health and rebuilding lives Financial Inclusion and employment access to flexible education, training & employment Accommodation transitional, temporary and long term.
  7. 7. Despite billions of dollars of investment and long term commitment to addressing family and domestic violence, we continue to see rates and costs rise. Domestic violence: ● Costs the Australian economy $13.6 billion a year ● Costs the NSW economy $4.5 billion a year ● Is massive in scale with NSW Police reporting over 27,000 domestic violence assaults in 2014 ● Poses a bigger health risk to women aged 18-44 than smoking, diabetes and obesity ● Is 10 times higher in rural, regional and remote NSW ● Affects 1 million children and is present in 50% of households where children are abused. Moreover: ● Aboriginal women are 35 times more likely to be hospitalised as a result of family and domestic violence. Problem we are solving
  8. 8. Problem Statements JEWISH HOUSE Challenge: Supporting the child to disrupt the cycle of disadvantage. Children are often the voiceless and those impacted greatly as a result of family and domestic violence. Supports for children are needed to ensure they have the right opportunities and mentorship. NCOSS Challenge: There are many support services and structures in place across the community and government that deal with the support and safety of women. However, there are little services or support (accommodation or otherwise) available to men who commit acts of violence in their relationships. There is almost no early intervention support or emergency accommodation in order that women can stay safe at home and the violent party leaves.
  9. 9. Teams and Ideas SURVIVOR SUPERHEROES Helen McHugh and Nisha Gautam Problem you are solving: Prevention and Early intervention Survivor Superheroes By sharing stories on triggers for change, mental, financial and physical health of superhero survivors. Download Presentation
  10. 10. Teams and Ideas Safe Space (3rd Prize) Ballina Gee, Lesley Cooper with Yoomin Lee and Jamie Karthigeyan Problem you are solving: Impacts on children and young people Safe Space An online Sandbox open world game that generates data to help identify kids at risk and connect them to tools and resources to break the cycle of abuse. Download Presentation
  11. 11. Teams and Ideas 1x3 DV to None Hoang Nguyen, Warren Guillema, Jacqueline Forst, Daniel Choi, Elisa Lillicrap Problem you are solving: Prevention and Early intervention 1x3 DV to None Using untapped university counsellor data and machine learning to identify, diagnose and recommend victims of family and domestic violence. Download presentation
  12. 12. Teams and Ideas ManBot (Winner) Gopinaath Ragavan, Valerie Dobrelya Brandon and Kevin Problem you are solving: Prevention and Early intervention ManBot Using predictive analytics, identify men at risk of being perpetrators using a chatbot therapist to provide tips, tools and supports. Download Presentation
  13. 13. Teams and Ideas Help for DV Dominic Ng, Gagan Shrestha, Sangeetha Karthikey and Yuqi Wang. Problem you are solving: Prevention and Early Intervention Help for DV Messaging Platform - Chatbots (Facebook messenger & SMS). To remove barriers, encourage more reach-outs and capture useful data. Download Presentation
  14. 14. Teams and Ideas eDVate Hitha Raja Vatsavayi, Clarissa Montino, Savdesh Kaur Problem you are solving: Financial inclusion and Employment eDVate Skills, mentoring and education program for women to rebuild confidence, get work ready and become financially independent. Download presentation
  15. 15. Teams and Ideas Sanctuary - Modular Accommodation Solutions Matt Daly, John Barnett, Ian Lyons Problem you are solving: Accommodation Sanctuary - Modular Accommodation Solution Prefab modular accommodation using unused land on TAFE sites bringing survivors access to education. Download Presentation
  16. 16. Teams and Ideas The Dream Team Yawen, Amy, Kiah Hickson and Michael Liu Problem you are solving: Financial Inclusion and Employment The Dream Team Connecting women escaping DV with subsidised childcare and education and employment opportunities. Download presentation
  17. 17. Teams and Ideas WimWerk Yusra Metwally, Kate Reithmuller, Dominic Ng and Nazia Ahmed Problem you are solving: Financial inclusion and employment WimWerk Connect women escaping DV with childcare, structured internships and employment opportunities in companies needing to improve their diversity KPIs. Download Presentation
  18. 18. Teams and Ideas DV Detect (2nd prize) Jacky Koh, Daniel V Problem you are solving: Prevention and Early intervention DV Detect Uses social media profiles to predict probability of DV through social listening, and use NLP and machine learning, target people at risk with positive messages.
  19. 19. Teams and Ideas Indivisible (Bonus prize for most ‘techy’ hack) Vinod Ralh, Ignatius Widjaja & David Johnsson Problem you are solving: Prevention and Early intervention Indivisible Uses augmented reality and machine learning to help children and teachers identify red flags and predictors to end the pipeline of family and DV. Download Presentation
  20. 20. Teams and Ideas Team Spot Laura D and team Problem you are solving: Prevention and Early intervention Team Spot Helping counselors and teachers to identify family and DV behaviours and gamifying interactions to provide support.
  21. 21. NEXT STEPS FOR WINNERS INCUBATION WHAT DID THEY WIN ManBot 1st + $1,500 in cash + 3 months co-working space at Vibewire for up to 6 members (valued at $3000) + Academy Xi $2000 (Part time or Full time credit for the team to share or for one person) + Academy Xi $100 bootcamp ticket for each member in the team DV Detect 2nd + $100 JB Hi-Fi Voucher x 5 + Academy Xi $1500 (Part time or Full time credit for the team to share or for one person) + Academy Xi $100 bootcamp ticket for each member in the team Safe Spaces 3rd + $50 JBHIFI voucher X 5 + Academy Xi $1000 (Part time or Full time credit for the team to share or for one person) Indivisible - most techy Coffee with Tracy Howe and Raspberry Pi
  22. 22. NEXT STEPS Bonus Prize Bonus Prize courtesy of Ivan Kaye: ManBot - 10 month Diploma of Business with bsi (valued at $5000) to commercialise the app including a year of Business Builders Groups forums valued at $7500. - For all those others who are keen to be part of the Hackathon bbg innovation chapter - and do a Diploma of Business Ivan has arranged a subsidy from the government of $5000 to do this - but they will have to pay the $2500. - It is possible that the $2500 could possibly be funded by A vocational loan.
  23. 23. VIBEWIRE Presenting this report to government Working on a Social Impact Incubator Planning the next event Hack4MentalHealth 16 -18 February 2018
  24. 24. Vibewire is Australia's first skills gym designed to prep young people (aged 20-35) on how to hustle in 2030. We run intensive skills workouts for you to exercise, challenge and push your enterprise, creative and technology skills working on real briefs and problems. We have incubated and supported over 100 creative, social and tech startups, and helped to launch the careers of over a thousand young change makers since 2000. Check us out on About Vibewire
  25. 25. We couldn’t #Hack4DV without the support of our sponsors and partners who have all gone above and beyond to help us reach deep into our communities to create connection and change: We’d also like to acknowledge the support of our Start Some Good Crowdfunding Contributors: Mercy Hema, Anne-Marie Elias, James Bolster, Tom Dawkins, Mark Pesce and Gavin Heaton.