Bringing Passbook to Life – How to Drive Value for Your Customers


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Apple has introduced iOS 6 featuring Passbook, an app that allows consumers to save coupons, loyalty cards, boarding passes and digital tickets in their pockets. Listen to Vibes’ Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Alex Campbell and Chief Technology Officer, John Haro as they dissect the opportunities Passbook creates for mobile consumers and retailers, and reveal key strategies for leveraging Passbook to create and distribute meaningful mobile experiences. In this webinar, you will learn:
• Passbook 101 - What is Passbook and how does it benefit the mobile user in their everyday lives?
• Passbook Promise - What opportunities does Passbook create for retailers and brands? How can Passbook blend with current mobile strategies to improve ROI on mobile marketing investments?
• Passbook Activation Ideas - How can you use Passbook to increase audience reach, offer greater engagement and drive deeper loyalty with your audience base?

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